It’s not just George Soros funding all the world chaos it is his puppet masters at the House of Rothschild! To drain the swamp we must cut the United States free of the sticky web of corruption that holds the swamp in place.  That sticky web includes the United Nations and all of its’ world order agenda 21 organizations, including the World Monetary System!

The Rothschilds’ have a proxy vote in the UN and all their matters.  They also help fund all the “matters” for all the liberals.  Now just how does one cut themselves free of such a powerful and rich horn on the forehead of the beast?  I say by cutting off all their blood sucking mosquitoes from the arm that feeds them the most.  The United States all but is NATO and has fed the whims of the United Nations and all their sustainable development up until the election of President Trump.

Our President is in the process of blocking all their projects that were in full throttle and we must help him continue to block these evil things by exposing what they are and who reaps the benefits of these evil projects.  It is not the citizens of the US nor the world.  In fact the citizens are the fodder in the equation.  We are the ones they are depopulating and crushing.

It is time to ask the serious questions like what can be done to expose the evil acts that harm innocent people throughout the international world?  Who can bring the evil corruption to world courts…and if brought up, will anything be done about it?  Is this a matter that needs to be taken into the hands of the people or is there a lawful way to address this?

Maybe something is being done behind the scenes.  According to Jones….things are seriously in play. Check the video below.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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