Gee… Sometimes You Just Have To Go…What Did They Just Say?

Where on earth have these news people been all of their lives?

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Why are Used Clothing and Vintage Shops now in the news like they just suddenly appeared? Good grief, these have been around for a long, long time! I was going to say decades but, when I thought about it… it did rather appear much, much longer, and before that, there were garage/yard sales, and before that Churches used to hold events where people could donate clothing for those who needed them. What person hasn’t passed on good clothing, barely worn, and unworn onto friends and family? And today, as though the news is just now finding this out, there still are all of these.

But, that’s not to say that Biden’s policies suck…for they do, but can they look at getting some better reporting? Perhaps they should have done a story on the fact that there are some good buys for people at secondhand clothing shops and the fact that these have been around for a very long time and it hasn’t just been poor millennials that shopped at them. That would have been a much better endorsement of these great shops!

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In fact, today a lot of people look for cool stuff at second hand stores and even the good will. It has in many cases replaced the garage sale. I wonder if Fox has ever heard of Craig’s List? Do they know there is a thing called “E-Bay”? Makes me wonder.

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But, to put this as a bright idea of millennials and sustainable development is rather overkill, if not misleading. Most people love to go see what someone has for sale at a bargain… that is why E-Bay was a boom overnight and even had some people bidding higher than they should have for certain items. But, everyone wanted to be the winner of the items they had their eyes on. Or so it seemed.

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I wonder if they ever heard of the Daily Classified columns in newspapers where people can sell used items? That’s been around for??? Let’s just say a very long time, and it seems to have always done very well.

And then we’ll see if used furniture catches on? How about used appliances? Hey how about a used book store? Will millennials be game for used bikes? Toys, collectibles? This could catch on!

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While they are at it, they should have talked about used cars. How many people are buying used cars? Wow… they could even talk like that is an odd, strange thing that has never caught on until now too!

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And follow up with people buying used houses!~ Now that is another great idea we can say millennials are doing… or shall we just keep them in the basement or push smart apartments?

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House for sale… barely lived in!

You’ll feel safe in this lovely three bedroom, two bath boomer built home! Bedrooms hardly used as the owner traveled for a living and was hardly ever home! During COVID lockdowns, owner was stuck out of town, but still had housekeepers sanitize this spacious floorplan daily!

It is all in how you phrase it that makes it seem okay to use other peoples used stuff.

The fact is Americans have always been resourceful. They are not the throw away society that the left wants you to believe that they are.

So…. now back to the life of war between good versus evil….

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By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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