Virginia has set the pace in the midst of the storm!

Attention all gun grabbers…meet Winsome Sears the new Lt. Governor of Virginia!

And this is just the beginning….keep on pressing forward…the tide has gone out and will return as a tsunami for FREEDOM!

There is help coming to Seattle…. Congratulations to Ann Davison!

Ann Davison takes early lead over Nicole Thomas-Kennedy in Seattle City  Attorney race

Law and Order candidate Ann Davison (R) will defeat Police and jail abolitionist Nicole Thomas-Kennedy (D) to become the next Seattle city attorney and will succeed current city attorney Pete Holmes (D). She will become the first Republican (actually, moderate democrate) elected in Seattle since 1989!

Davison has said that she is non partison and more of an independent thinker. She’s a Seattle mom, not an activist ideologue. She stands on that as being vitally important to implement their laws and to ehnance public health and safety. She has said she believes the political extremes (and trust me the RINO’s like McConnell, Graham, et al are a prime example of that), seek to make cooperation a dirty word and solving problems nearly impossible.

She also stated that as a “moderate democrat” she voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012; and caucused for Hillary in 2016 and voted for sleepy Joe. But, on Jan. 6, 2021 she found what took place as disgusting, dangerous, and democracy threatening and everything she believed in and valued in the nation. It sounds like she woke up. But don’t be hard on her past opinions…remember we had 8 years of gestapo Bush and the preplanned 911 and roll out of the Patriot Act with war on terror’s laundry list of nation toppling based on George W’s world view which was his daddy’s thousand points of light global order tied in with most of his daddy’s administration leading in his.

These are the days of new independent thinking and time will tell what her thinking is. Perhaps that is why the old Dems who have exposed their global tyranny are losing even with all of their election fraud, of which Sidney Powell stated there has been a lot of and the republican wins are forging ahead in spite of it all.

Sidney Powell asked today, “Were you afraid to go to bed last night?

“Afraid that, when you woke up, mysterious ballots had appeared at 3am to give the elections to the Democrats? High turnout overcame the cheat. And believe it, there was cheating. We will let the dust settle and have much more about Election 2021 in Good News Friday! Because, there is a lot of good news. Americans are fighting back against all the left has shoved into our lives.”

So we will wait and see what dirt surfaces when all the dust is settled, votes are tallied and all the winners are announced along with all those that shout they want a recount. Wonder if any Dems will shout for an audit?


It appears there are only two choices to run for office…Republican and Democrat. Running as an independent seem to just cloudy up the margins and divide votes, whether they are R or D. The real hard truth is, neither party is what they appear to be. Both have been compromised and both parties are influenced by the Great Merchants of the earth.

The Republican party is no longer the party of Abraham Lincoln…they are a group of puppets controlled by the elite who support RINO’s or whoever the globalists tell them to support…we saw this in full swing with Trump and all of the push he got from the Republican Party and their control hands. If you don’t remember…do a Google deep dive.

On the other side of the ballot, the democratic party of Kennedy is long gone. In its place is a progressive facade of democracy that is controlled by the same globalists who control and fund both parties. We have a great merchant globalist controlled election process and that is what we have been exposing and what has to end. They stole 2020 through dominion machines and election fraud in our face and now all eyes are on the audits and the current election. They do this world wide and have for a very long time.

All of the agencies have been under the globalist thumbs and until all of the global controls are exposed and kicked out of the government…we will have the same Babylon the Great that is controlling the world through their Lockstep RESET plandemic and tyrannical mandates.

What is emerging is Americans who want their freedom and rights found in the constitution. They want law and order and are sick and tired of all the corruption and sci-fi world the evil ones are building. It is time to throw the FAKE GLOBAL OWNED PARTYS off the bus and MAKE ROOM FOR PATRIOTIC AMERICANS!

While eyes are on the local elections…other eyes are on the tyrannical mandates of those still in office.

Stew Peters interviews an Investigative Reporter, Edward Szall, who takes a look inside a hearing conducted by Senator Ron Johnson, where REAL VICTIMS of the jab are telling their stories, along with testimony from a military flight nurse who says injected pilots should not fly.

Keep on exposing all of the evil….and remember…voting in a person is just one part of the process. Keeping the person you elected honest is the hardest part!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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