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You have got to be kidding me that Fox wanted to hold another GOP primary debate!  What on earth for?  It’s obvious Fox wants more ad money and a bit more fun at trying to poke sticks at the giant of a man “we the people” support.
While the silent majority applaud Trump’s decision to ignore the last minute decision of another Fox debate (for there was no advanced notice, it was more like a “if we build it they will come” idea), Fox being unfair and unhinged canceled it. Kasich blabbed an idiotic blurp and Cruz added his own junk….guess the ratings weren’t going to sell ads for the two losers?.   Alas, to save face and hoping no one heard that Fox cancelled the debate since Trump was not going to attend, Kasich quickly shouted that he wasn’t coming unless Trump the frontrunner attended. And of course lying Cruz whined about it with liar attacks that sounded as pleasing to the ear as finger nails screeching down a chalk board.  Then taking aim he tweeted, “Ducking Donald strikes again. Tell @realDonaldTrump to debate –> 
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I say this…they all know that without Trump there is no reason to debate.  Neither Cruz, nor Kasich serve any purpose nor do they have anything to say that could convince anyone that they even have a purpose…so what would they say?  Without the Donald there is no debate, there is nothing.  And that is what will happen to our nation.  Without the Donald, there will be nothing.  There will only be more of the downward spiral.
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John Kasich was emboldened after holding last place throughout the entire race – he finally won his own state of Ohio last night – and definitely not by a landslide. If you looked at the “RED ALERT” postings flooding social media yesterday (all day long) you would have seen that the republicans were having problems in the voting booths – unable to find Trump’s name on the ballot in many precincts. Others were saying the machines were not working and they could not get their vote to go to Trump.  The word being shared was that many  Trump supporters left the booths angry and frustrated at the mess.   Kasich’s leading edge of his home state of Ohio  certainly lends the appearance of funny games going on.  I mean, how can the name of the front runner be left off the ballot in entire districts and no one notice it until the day they are to vote?  How can they run out of ballots?  Well, they did.
So while the losers grumble with cheap shots, no one is talking about why Donald Trump really isn’t attending. It appears that Fox did not give any notice about their last minute debate until Monday night March 14th, and Donald Trump had a previous commitment to address the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in Washington D.C., on the same night.  The debate  happened to be in conflict with his schedule.
AIPAC had announced last Friday that Trump was to be at the conference. For some reason Fox News didn’t pay attention to the news or just wanted to poke a stick or two one last time? It does make one wonder, especially since Fox made its debate announcement on Monday. I am sure they knew about it. The way they watch each move the man makes and every word he says. It is obvious they knew for the AIPAC event will also feature speeches from Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and House Speaker Paul Ryan.
Yet, the loser commentators still dug around looking for dirt asking Trump  why he would not be at the debate instead of the conference, he answered, “I’ve committed to it. I’ll tell you one thing, when I make a commitment I keep it.”  He added that he wouldn’t mind going to the debate but felt, there have been enough of them already.
I agree with Trump. I say shame on Cruz, Kasich and Fox for even suggesting that Trump the GOP Frontrunner not follow through with his commitment especially when it has to do with Israel and knowing the Prime Minister of Israel will be attending as well as his opponent Hillary Clinton.
So let the losers do what they do well, and that is mouth off and throw rocks. And let the frontrunner do what he does well, and that is meet important people and speak out with sound, common sense values and standards that make sense and offer solutions to a world out of control.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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