Forfeit Your Property To The Crown?

The threat of military force to squash independent people protesting is real and taking place!

Yet, as of today, Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, Norway, Finland, Ireland, and Switzerland have removed all Covid mandates and restrictions! Why aren’t we hearing this?

President Trump has come out in support of the truckers along with “We The People”!

Meanwhile, as we all watch the biggest uprising of action against the tyrannical world RESET mandates and restrictions there is not a peep about this coming from some of your favorite podcasters and star heroes. Why is that?


Instead you get ROAD SHOWERS stuck on pointing fingers at each other and repeating the same old stuff that they have been making up for two years now. They are stuck on the same disinformation program they started with. We see more of this kind of crap…. from a burnt out looking storyteller, who is now making his rounds with his new army of fake podcasters and drawing in the honest ones with stupid stories he has concocted in order to deceive and keep your attention on stupid stuff instead of the search for truth.

Something does not sit well with these jerks doing their liar programing. Byrne has no idea how bad he looks and sounds … or does he? This is called creating a distraction. What’s next Patrick? Streaking through the streets?

Yesterday Trudeau said one has to be very cautious before deploying military… but he did not say he would not send them. He did say he would remain strong on the mandates put in action. He stands by science and full mandates.

Earlier in the week we saw the actions of the city officials move in alliance with the new world RESET order and not in favor of their citizens who want their freedom and lives back. This is a serious situation and the trigger button on a civil war worldwide, yet, podcast grifters are stuck on the Byrne led clown show?

Today, we are watching the push to have force of action against the Truckers who are protesting and finally talking about the limitations of the Canadian Federal Government and letting people know the bulk of the mandates are regulated by their local governments. The same as in the USA… people keep shouting at Washington when the real source of mandates are coming from their own cities and states. How many times do people have to be told that it is their own local politicians that are doing the dirty work for the world RESET?

How many times did President Trump tell us the very same thing about our government!

The hold up of the $10 million go fund me dollars was done to entice the truckers to end their protest. Yet, the truckers told them to shove it! To the political leaders everything is about money, and they don’t know what to do if a cause is about something that can’t be materially seen like FREEDOM!

Meanwhile, beyond the politician’s propaganda the local news is showing the struggles. And showing some of the critical disruptions that are really taking place. They state protestors are in this for the long haul.

Alberta is to announce a plan to lift the COVID restrictions…we shall see what comes of this. Looks like they took that video down… but they left this one below up… so I put it in its’ place. They really don’t want any truth to get out. They are losing!

Real Canadian’s voice is the same as all voices! It’s time for the world to stand together!

Military remains on standby. I’m sure Trudeau is hoping the locals call for them. Pray that the local governments use their heads and keep Canada free!

Meanwhile the Freedom Convoy 2022 has a press conference.

Keep on trucking!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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