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I believe when the Bible tells us to pray for our leaders, it means to pray that they are guided to do the Lord’s will for the people.  To protect them, to honor them, and to lead the way to do the right things throughout the land for all the people.  When a nation is without righteousness in leadership and corruption fills the halls of government, it is a time for much fasting and prayer.  It is also a time for battle.  Each are called for a different purpose but all are called to do something.
These words from Isaiah stood out and made me wonder.  Especially, “at the trumpet call”.  I believe these are the days of Elijah and the Trump-et is blowing.  Not all will come forward to the call, but there will be enough.  A leader has been shown that can lead the way with boldness, strength, and determination to lead.  God will do the rest.
I am voting for the one that I believe has been called and tried through the fire for this very purpose.  That one is Donald J. Trump.  I have never made such a claim in my life like  I am making now.  I must for it is “at the trumpet call” that I do such a thing.

I pray daily.  I’m not much of one to fast.  I sure have my share of shortcomings, and I am definitely not the perfect example of sainthood.  I am however, forgiven and blessed.  I am a warrior and armed with the sword of the Lord (scripture).  I do not like to use it as a weapon to harm or belittle….it is a sharp sword and a precious sword.  I wield it to defend at the time needed.  It is always in my sheath and my heart is wrapped around it.  I don’t have to wave it wildly in the air to prove anything to anyone.  I respect it and pray only for wisdom in when and how to use it.
So, my discernment is the gift I am told to use.  That is what I wield at the moment.  Defending the evil lies and attacks unjustly thrown at my Trump.  My leader, and my future president of the United States of America.  That is the part that I can do.  Each has a gift that can be used.  It was given to them for such a time as this.  I encourage you to pull it out and wield it.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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