Florida is ruining everything…

And just look at Trump in Mar-a-lago… he’s making Biden look bad on purpose. Yea, that’s what he’s doing.

It’s all Trump’s fault that Biden looks dumb in his green screen administration and his little white house that now belongs to a bankrupt corporation. Geeze…. and Pelosi and McConnell are sick and tired of hearing Trump Supporters shout he’s still their president. Good grief…wouldn’t one think that by now the sore losers would be over it all and enjoying the green screen show with the Biden bots and doubles, whose hands can magically go through fake news microphones and everything can be where ever Biden wants it to be, even if it was never there before? So yes, Florida is ruining everything because that is where Trump is and where people who love America are going without masks and not complying to jab mandates.

Which brings us to….

What is wrong with Florida…they are not masking, not jabbing, and their governor is standing up for the constitution…and dang it, Fauci just can’t stand it that Governor DeSantis is actually saving lives with therapeutics and not forcing Big Pharma toxic hydra jabs!

The cabal driven Biden et al is going nuts trying to STOP constitution states from saving people with life saving treatments!

If other states catch on to this…it may ruin the RESET plans to destroy America…what will the cabal do then?

DeSantis isn’t stopping with citizens of Florida, he has promoted incentives for Police Officers in New York City to relocate to Florida and continue their careers there! Offering $5,000 cash bonuses for them to relocate and welcoming them to the Sunshine State!

Florida is the new home of President Trump and General Flynn and the land of the boat parades – which are now a new tradition put on by all the great patriots who love freedom!

Florida has great patriots who are not letting up on their stand for freedom and are a beacon of light for other states who are out to push and press forward, following their foot steps….and boat motors!

The Biden et al cabal driven puppet show is pushing to kill, steal and destroy America from within… the more states like South Dakota, Arizona, Texas, Virginia et al…keep pushing forward…the faster we push the evil puppets out of the puppet booth! Never forget, Governor Kristi Noem kept South Dakota open and did not close it down because she said her people liked their freedom! She also showed the rest of America what power a governor of a state actually holds and what it looks like to listen to the people and not a science leprechaun and his sell out fire flies.

Now, more than ever we need to take a wide eyed look at all the evil in every industry that makes the world go round….it’s time to flatten it out and let the real GPS show us what direction to go! Many things we were told just don’t make sense and they never did. Other things made sense if we listened to what was said, but to many people it sounded so bizarre that they thought they didn’t hear it right and so the truth was ignored.

Where is crazy COVID taking us – what’s on the horizon for the medical field?

One of the promising outcomes for the medical industry is to have the politics and Big Pharma exposed for the billion dollar industry it is, which a lot of it has been designed to keep people from having optimal health. Now, let me clarify that I am not talking about doctors and nurses. I am speaking of Big Pharma and Big Medical Research Donor and the Big Donor to Medical Schools who dictate with BIG MONEY what is researched, and how studies are to be conducted with their BIG MONEY. Remember, Big Pharma makes new drugs and they teach the doctors what the new drugs do and how to prescribe the usage of their big new drugs and a vital part of the doctors education is on what is available to prescribe in the BIG PHARMA INDUSTRY.

Over the years in my spa, we hosted BIG PHARMA AND DOCTOR EVENTS where BIG PHARMA would come in and set up their slides and materials on the new drugs in the client lounge area and the doctors would invite their doctor clientele to have a day at the spa and rotate classes to learn about the new drugs in between their services. They were given spa services and free lunch to listen to the spills on the new drugs by BIG PHARMA REPRESENTATIVES. It was such a success they hosted this regulary. I have seen how this works first handed and watched in action the INTRODUCTION TO NEW DRUGS…. “Here have a hydrotherapy treatment and a massage, nibble on some lunch and get ready to learn after your facial….if you are in a rush Doctor, here’s your gift certificate to have a spa day later, just give us an hour of your time and hear about the new wonder drug and nibble at our lunch buffet.” I also heard a lot of doctor feedback on it too…not all of it was good. I heard a lot from some of them how they only came for the services. Smile. Oh the irony of learning about chemically compounded synthesized drugs in a natural spa setting using herbs and aromatherapy?

The Theory behind Aromatherapy | Aarti Shah

The truth is, when people are healthy they don’t need drugs and if society does not need drugs, Big Pharma doesn’t make billions. I forsee the coming of the Kingdom where we have clinics that actually show people how to eat foods that assist the body in healing, and get rid of the foods that cause a lot of aches and pains. Clinics that test to see what nutrients the body is lacking. Are they alkaline or too acidic? A clinic where people will learn how to detox the body for a healthier digestive track and colon cleansing for better absorbtion of nutrients.

I also forsee a food industry where poor diet is almost impossible because of the elimination of toxic goos like high fructose corn syrups, GMO vegetable shortenings and corn oils, processed sugars, artificial preservatives, which are consumptions that contribute to autoimmune disorders like arthritis, and other physical illnesses that can also lead to disease and unwanted surgery.

Family experience influences diabetes risk, m | EurekAlert!

It will be a time to eat healthy without genetically modified franken foods and the farming industry will grow whole foods with seeds again. Foods that our bodies are designed to thrive on.

And wouldn’t you just know it that Florida has such a food industry right there in Naples. It’s called Seed to Table owned by Alfie Oakes where they grow all their produce organically and sell it fresh from the field! Check it out at: Seed To Table Market – Oakes Farms

Business Owner Alfie Oakes Takes a Stand Against Radicals Trying to Destroy  America

Our body is designed to repair and heal itself…

Our entire bodies are made up of cells that divide and multiply daily. It is always at work replacing, repairing, and restoring itself. As damaged cells die off, new ones take their place. It has what we call B cells to fight infection, T-cells to fight cancer cells, and many names for every cell that has a function great and small. Many with complicated names, but the basic histology of how our cells work is this: cells make up tissues and tissues make up organs. Cells have memory so be good and talk positive to yourself about your wonderful, healthy cells. It truly will make a difference in your well being.

Poor diet, pesticides and frankenstein GMO foods contain harmful free radicals or floating atoms that attach to healthy cells and do damage, this leads to cell death which leads to tissue death which leads to organ death which leads to surgery! At a certain point…it can lead to death. (This is also true with floating atoms and nano particles we consume directly from the air we breathe in, and contaminated water.)

The one thing that a toxic free-radical cannot survive in is a highly oxygenated enviornment. So deep breathes taken in through the nose and let out through the mouth is a good exercise to do daily to keep your body oxygenated and is a plus for good overall health. Deep breathes through the nose also helps your body produce nitric oxide which is needed as a precurser to produce glutathione, your body’s own natural antibiotic. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a good source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and many contain the same nitric oxide obtained by breathing techniques, that are needed for the body to make glutathione which is the strongest antibiotic known to man and the only way our body gets it is to make it internally in the liver. So when you take in long deep breathes and feed your body foods that have nitric oxide in them, you are giving your body a big boost to build the biggest free radical fighter it can possibly have.

Bungee workout systems surge across country from Cape Coral

Exercise, especially bungee exercise such as Astro-Durance Bungee Fitness is another way to assist your body in building its’ immune system. With bungee exercise your heart rate is revved in under a minute and your blood and lymph move throughout the entire body, with no added pressure on the joints. The bungee gives you support so even people with physical limitations can get their body moving fast enough for the blood to reach the brain to release nitric oxide and a host of other hormones like dopamine, and serotonine which enhance your mood and assist in overall good health. For more information see: Welcome – Astro-Durance (astrodurance.com) Wouldn’t you know it, their home offices are in Florida too!

Nitric oxide is a vasodilator, which means it promotes effective blood flow by relaxing the inner muscles of your blood vessels. That means it helps the inner muscles of your blood vessels to relax and widen, enabling your blood to move freely, delivering oxygen and nutrients to your whole body more efficiently.

What Is Clean Eating (Essential Tips + Clean Eating Meal Plan)

Much of the popular processed foods eaten are processed and riddled with toxic chemicals, additives, and preservatives. These are not healthy food choices and cause a host of health problems.

What we smell can trigger our emotions, including fear…

Our nose is a direct line to the Hypothalamus of the brain that contains the brain stem, limbic region and the amygdala.  This part of the brain is developed from birth and is responsible for basic functioning like – breathing, blinking, heart beating, flinching, digestion etc., and Innate responses such as – fight, flight, freeze, flinch, etc.; and for producing our emotions such as love, calmness, happy, hate, anger and fear.

The amygdala is a small almond shaped structure located within the limbic system of the brain and this is the part responsible for processing and expressing emotions, especially anger and fear and is always on the lookout for danger or times when we feel threatened.  When the amygdala senses danger, it sends a message to the main part of the brain and takes over, enabling us to act before we think, it’s like a knee jerk reaction, and it is our survival response. If can also be counter productive and a danger to ourselves. For example… a smell associated with a bad traumatic event can cause a person to go off on a tangent that is nonproductive when no real threat is present. Smells can be a trigger for those who suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorders)…something as simple as a smell, can trigger a very unpleasant trauma as though it were happening all over again. Or it can trigger a pleasant memory, For Example, the smell of fresh baked bread, can send you back to a pleasant childhood memory of grandma baking home made bread and all the joy those gatherings gave to you.

Why Smells Can Trigger Powerful and Emotional Memories

So in these trying days, we are not only dealing with the present propaganda to instill fear, we are dealing with triggers that these horrible mandates and propaganda lies are bringing to the surface. For example, someone who had an experience with suffocation as a child can be triggered into an anxiety attack by wearing a mask and feeling like they can’t breathe. Adult survivors of child abuse can be triggered by the mask associating it with a hand over their mouth to silence them, and trigger how they couldn’t breathe and the entire abuse surfaces as though it were happening all over again. They can be triggered to the point of anger at not being able to breathe, or depending on the trauma, they could be pushed to a mental break down.

These are the things that are not being addressed by Fauci or any of the medical jab pushers and certainly not of any concideration by government officials pushing the cabal mandates to RESET into their new world disorder. There are people having mental complications that no one is discussing. We need to become more aware of the many things that this horrible season of insane mandates is having on others. No one knows what causes a person who knows the dangers of the vax to crack and cave in and take it, only to find it made them sick, or disabled. It is all to easy to say..they caved and they knew better. The truth is…. we don’t know what baggage they have been carrying or what triggered them to reach the point of caving in.

Our children are a seperate issue. They need protection and it is very trying for one to try and understand why some people think getting their children jabbed is what they have to do. We do not know what they are having triggered in their memory banks…but the sad thing is, many are believing they have to vax their children. They are believing lies.

Masks are terrible for many reasons, one of those is cutting off your ability to breathe in oxygen through the nose and let the bad air out through the mouth. Masks become moist and a breeding ground for bacteria that can actually cause respiratory issues and the skin to break down and become infected.

Unlucky 13: The first 13 years of Genetically Engineered Crops | The GAIA  Health Blog

I recently saw this cartoon of a man spraying crops wearing a hazmat suit and a critter asking, if they are to eat the foods with the same mask on? I think I know the answer.

It’s time to end the crazy show we’re all out of popcorn and we’re ready to leave the live theater!

It’s time to get America back to work and change the entire infrastructure…out with the old cabal and in with the original ideal of a land based on “IN GOD WE TRUST!” It’s time to look forward to good health, whole food, clean water, Tesla energy, law and order, and God first in our lives! It is the most exciting time in history to be alive and we are here. What are we doing with this time? What can we do different to make it the most fantastic memoir for those who read it in years to come in the new kingdom? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for each one of us!

Make your moment count! What would you say if asked what you did to help save America? It’s not to late to get a long list of great things….every little thing to press forward is a big thing. Think of all the people who one by one gathered to push forward…it began with one, then two, then three…then it grew into millions. For those who say…oh they don’t need me, I’m just one little person….the answer to that is THEY DO NEED YOU BECAUSE NO ONE HAS WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER….GOD GAVE EACH ONE TALENTS THAT ARE UNIQUELY DESIGNED FOR US TO USE TO SERVE HIM! WHATEVER IT IS, NOW IS THE TIME TO PULL IT OUT AND USE IT.



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By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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