Finding Tartaria It Did Exist…

Well That Didn’t Take Long…

If you will have it, Tartaria is no longer a mystery. It did exist as a great empire for 600 years! And not in a time warp. It was right here on earth, in this realm!

The largest contiguous empire in history took place when the Mongol and Turkish tribes united under Genghis Khan. It was called Tartaria, and also known as The Mongols, and as The Ottoman Empire. It was one of the mightiest and longest-lasting dynasties in world history. Genghis Khan is said to be Scythian. The Scythians or Scyths were an ancient nomadic people living primarily in the region known as Scythia, which today comprises the Eurasian steppes of Kazakhstan, Russian steppes of the Siberian, Ural, Volga and Southern regions. Genghis Khan changed the name of Scythians and Scythia to Tartarians and Tartaria. 

Terelj National Park and Genghis Khan Tour from Ulaanbaatar 2022 - Viator
Tomb of Genghis Khan, Emperor of Tartaria – That’s huge!!!

The Armies of Genghis Khan, who was the first emperor of Tartaria, were rulers of the largest empire ever in the region for 88 years until the Tartarian empire was divided into three divisions…but even after that division, it reigned for 600 years.

Tartaria began in 1227 and at its greatest extent in 1279, after that date it was divided into three sections due to Genghis Khan’s descendants squabbling over the line of succession.

During the reign of Khan’s Tartaria (Ottoman Empire),  it was noted for conquering land all the way across Persia defeating the Parthians (Iran/Persians) who had been a strong force no one could reckon with, not even Rome in all its’ glory days of battle, and for taking down the Byzantine Empire – gaining victory by taking over Constantinople in 1453.

The invasion started when the Shah of Khwarazm (Persia/Iran, also known as the Parthians) Muhammad II, broke a peace treaty that he had agreed to with Genghis Khan. On the Shah’s orders, the governor of the city of Otrar arrested and put to death all the members of a Mongol trade caravan; when the Khan, trying to avoid open war, sent three diplomats to the Shah at Urgench, one was beheaded and the others were publicly humiliated. Outraged by this, Genghis left the wars he was fighting in China, to attack Khwarazm.

Genghis, leading a force of around 100,000 men, exploited existing weaknesses and conflicts in the Khwarazmian (Persia/Iran) Empire to isolate and massacre his enemies. The three leading Eastern Kwarazmian cities (Bukhara, Samarkand, and Urgench) were successfully besieged and plundered; the citizens of the western cities of Merv and Nishapur were put to the sword in one of the bloodiest wars in human history. Shah Muhammed died on an island in the Caspian Sea, exhausted by the loss of his kingdom, which was absorbed into the Mongol Empire.

The entire battle lasted less than two years, resulting in the Shah’s empire annihilated by the Khan’s armies.

So now when we look at the old world maps which at the time were current…even if the boundaries may have be off a little? Or maybe they weren’t? The Tartaria Mystery doesn’t look so baffling any more.

29 Tartarian ideas in 2021 | history, old world, ancient

Now it just looks like a regular map, comparable to looking at a map of the British 13 colonies. Which today looks entirely different on the map and is now called The United States of America. Which brings us to the real dilemma and that is….it isn’t always a problem because they changed history…it is a problem because we don’t know history. And when you don’t know history, you don’t know if or what has been changed. Therefore… research, deep dive, and discern. Take all things to the Holy Spirit and you will find the answers very quickly.

So even though the winners often write their own version of history…they generally get the names right…and just because we were never taught the names, and the events does not mean they did not happen. Nor does it mean that every new name on a map is some big mystery…it simply means we have had things hidden, or deemed not important to learn, and so much study of things historic can’t be crammed into an hour classroom agenda during a class room curriculum. Some things have to be learned on one’s own initiative… of which many who see something and decide a thing, do so because they believe it…and others do so to mislead and confuse. Today we have to look at everything because so much has been twisted and hidden.

I love to find out secret and untold history, so this deep dive was one that once I pulled my head out of the mud… I remembered about the Khan and the Mongolian Empire which was also the Ottoman Empire, but, I did not know it was also called Tartaria. So now it all makes sense…all but the mud flood buildings. At least we know the mystery of Tartaria….and it doesn’t really have to do with the mud flood thing. So…back to who built the grand structures? When we look at archeology and remains of other architecture…it’s obvious it was long ago…how long ago is the real question.

image 3
The Empire lasted until 1920 when it finally dispersed and what was left was Turkey.Collapse of the Ottoman Empire, 1918-1920 – The Ottoman Empire | NZHistory, New Zealand history online

So here we find the mystery of Tartaria… any empire that lasted 600 years was sure to find their name and the name of their Empire on the maps of old. The empire met its’ end with the Japanese.

Note: The Mongols were the first to fight with the Chinese invention of guns and gunpowder this is how the west was won…literally in Europe!

image 4

It lost some of its excitement. But at least now many of the far out questions are answered and many no longer apply. But that ice wall thing… that’s going to be addressed. Sooner or later that will all be revealed. They can’t keep that hidden much longer.

I think we need to do a deep dive on historic architecture and see who did what. We can look at the Capitol Building and shout Mud Flood or we can look at the artisans they brought over here from France to do the work.. and look at the mason and artisan skills of men past. We do have famous sculptors and artists and artisans…let’s look there and see more about them. At least let’s see what is possible and what is not possible. Remember King Herod rebuilt the Temple and those were massive stones and they didn’t even have high powered tools. But it took them a lot of years to do it. So…let’s look at this again…some things are definitely preflood…and some things are man built. So…what is what?

Stay focused on the truth…and look for why they want us to go down this rabbit hole…what else are they afraid we will find? Could it be tunnels? Underground tunnels? The world has many tunnels.

Or do they want us to chase cartoons so they can later point at us and say….look these guys are misleading you? They do that you know. They want the truth to be muddled up in the psyops…that way they can discredit everything a lot easier. So we must discern all things.

Meanwhile…this is interesting…Freemasonic Halls and Lodges on fire around the world!

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom…press, press, press.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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