Find The Truth In The Show…

The invisible enemy emerges when enough light is shining in the world in which they hide. One man was chosen to shine that light! His name is TRUMP!

We know in part and each one finds a piece of the truth in part. Some are led by the Holy Spirit and some are led by dark principalities and powers. This is the bottom line of Spiritual Warfare. Put on the whole armor of God. That is what God’s people are told to do. Fear not and have faith.

There is a world history that most don’t even know of and few even consider.

We are living in the most anticipated time in history… the time proclaimed by the prophets!

Pay no attention to the facts. Listen to the narrative and move along. Nothing here to see. Just ignore the bored rich people who fantasize about ruling the entire world in their own visionary ideology to bring about a Lockstep RESET.

Kim Clement prophesied of the days we are living right now. And in the end, God’s people win. Fear not and stay in prayer unceasing.
Documentary video was shot in the aftermath of the riots, protests and looting in California, New York, Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio Texas.

What we know and no one is accepting very well, yet the thieves are shaking with fear because of it!

Hypnotic November….. hold on and keep on pressing forward!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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