Fall of The Babylonian Debt Slavery…


One would think that if Oligarchs that ran the western world were having their puppet leaders of nations go out to raid homes, villa’s, yachts, bank accounts, expensive cars and other property from the rich in another land, then they must have some worthy cause or poor in mind to give it to. Surely it couldn’t be for themselves, could it? I mean why on earth would the world’s richest oligarchs and royals need to seize their neighbors goods?

Don’t tell me it’s about Ukraine. Not after all the political toppling, president appointing, law making, bombing, killing, pilfering, bio-labs, oil production, illicit trafficking and money laundering they’ve done there over the last 8 to 12 years or so. Surely they have already taken enough, at least one would think so.

With all the Western nations gathering together to think of ways to steal from Russians who have wealth, one would think they need some money? Isn’t that why thieves steal? It all seems odd, that the same ones who have gotten illegal gains off a nation rich in minerals and resources and easy prey to bribe and blackmail that they would have invested such gains more wisely. So where did all the wealth go?

Did things disappear into thin air? Things like their fiat mining money? Did their crypto mining plans fall short or was there something else that took place? Or did they underestimate the losses that their wrecked economies would have internationally with their shutdowns and mandates?

The Bank of England, Threadneedle Street, City of London: Four Per Cent  (later Old Dividend) Office | RIBA pix
Bank of England, Threadneedle Street, London (Look at the sculptured symbolism)

Maybe they need a war… but not one with nukes. Putin, it’s all Putin’s fault… that is what the news is yelling and Go Brandon. Benjamin Fulford who was asked to join the Oligarchs in their One World Plans a while back and answered them with a quick no… has said these banksters are all but broke. They don’t have the trillions needed to ruin…I mean run the world anymore. In a podcast interview with “MichieMe315”, Benjamin exposes the powers and plans behind the 2020 to 2022 nightmare we have been living in.

“The Oligarchs that are the puppet masters of Trudeau, Macron, Johnson, and others are broke. They don’t have the money they had before. We are dealing with a fall as big as the Soviet Union was.” Stated Benjamin Fulford who is originally from Canada.

He said Justin Trudeau was removed, and under investigation but it was not revealed for it would have created a leak the Oligarchs did not want and unrest among the people.

“The number one problem we are dealing with is 65% of the world’s population is in Asia and most of the world’s GP is there now and the west has been running a deficit for decades. Especially the United States who have been running a trade deficit for 40 years. And now they can’t pay their bills,” said Fulford. “I’ve been lobbying Asians since way back to stop financing these criminals. All they do is start wars, they steal resources, they’re a bunch of gangsters and we want them removed.”

“They were sick and tired of hearing these nation leaders saying Iran is going to get nuclear missiles and they’ve been saying that for 30 years. And they’ve been saying North Korea is going to get nukes for 30 years. They’re evil and they need to be removed from power. And that’s the process we’re working on. Unfortunately they’ve infiltrated the very top levels of government. It’s always the prime minister, the finance minister, the central bank chiefs, these are the people they control.

“The method they use is a combination of bribery and black mail. They’ve been very carefully and slowly infiltrating governments.  And they’ve taken decades to do it. For example, let’s talk about Canada. Between 1938 and 1973, the central bank of Canada worked for the people. Canada was able to pay for WWII, and build the trans-Canada highway, build the canals connecting the great lakes. They were able to pay for health care, and pensions and universities without taxes and without debt, just by issuing Government money. Then in 1973 Piere Trudeau handed over that power to these foreign criminals. This is one of the greatest acts of treason in Canadian history. Then he had his wife get impregnated by Fidel Castro and had their son raised as a long-term communist sleeper agent.  So, they slowly took over the key positions and they were ready to turn Canada into a totalitarian state.

What’s happened with this fake pandemic is that they went ahead prematurely, they weren’t quite ready to do it but they had no choice. They were hoping for, this was like a hail Mary to stay in power by using the fake pandemic as an excuse for a complete totalitarian system. They were going to make it where you needed a vaccine card to access your money at the ATM, for example.  

“Basically, they had different types of vaccines. So obedient sheeple would get a saline injection, a placebo. But people they perceived to be problematic would be given something that would cause cancer or some other thing that would harm them. They were going to cull the herd of dissidence. This was the plan, incredibly evil.”

Fulford painted a scenario where they faked positive tests and pushed the narrative and used the positive testing to put people away. We all know how that is, was and still is done.

Fulford said in Japan it’s pretty normal, and those that wear masks always wear masks for cedar pollen and a few other things, but other than that, no one is going along with this whole thing.  He said they are reluctantly paying lip service to it and they are keeping their borders closed because they understand it is foreign agents who come in and try to stir up this pandemic.

In Japan, Fulford said he informed the police that all the positive test results were coming from kits provided by the hedge fund KKR (Kohlberg Kravis Roberts) Hospital.  It was at the hospitals owned by KKR that all the people were testing positive and dying from COVID. The police investigated KKR and shut them down, and overnight, COVID disappeared from Japan.

Fulford was asked to join their depopulation efforts.

“They actually asked me to join them and they were destroying 90% of the world’s population. The story they gave me was they (the people) were destroying the environment and in order to save the environment they had to get rid of these people (humanity).  Especially what they called useless eaters. So, people who chop down rain forests and grow tubers to feed their families, the war wasn’t destroying them so they were going to start using disease and starvation and I said, this is criminal, and you can save the environment without killing 90% of the world’s population just with proper economic management. I pointed out how Japan had been able to have a very high middle class and everyone a good standard of living and they have wildlife and the rivers in downtown Tokyo and that’s what you can do with competent economic management. I tried to convince them to change the system away from one that was basically rewarding personal greed to one that was to work for the greater good. Unfortunately, they didn’t want to lose power and hand over economic control to competent people they wanted to keep this magic power to create money out of nothing.

“It turns out they were religious fanatics. They really, really believed it was their job to make Biblical prophecy come true and have an Armageddon and have the story about Gog and Magog fighting – two great nations and have 90% of the world’s population die and the other 10% become slaves of the Jews and each Jew would have 2,800 slaves or something like that…it was just crazy but, they actually believe this and they actually are going to make it happen.”

Fulford explains how the Central Bank plans failed them-

“Money is not stuff. You’ve heard the story of King Midas haven’t you where whatever he touched turned to gold and he starved to death?  So, there is a real world out there with factories and mines, and farms and they don’t really control that. They lost control of that.  And that is what led to their undoing. So, for example, Africa has been sending all of their minerals and commodities over to the west, and not really getting paid for it except for bribes to a few leaders who retired to Switzerland…and so suddenly the Africans are saying…hey why don’t you pay for this stuff? And they are getting help from the Russians and the Chinese…that’s what’s going on now. The Russians are coming in and kicking the French out of all those places in Africa and that’s what’s bankrupting France. Now, they don’t get all this free stuff from Africa.

“I told the Chinese, buying US bonds is worse than buying opium because opium gave you pleasure. What you’re doing is paying them to kill you and you have to stop doing that. And they did once. They tried in 2008. Remember the Leman crisis? China said, we’re not going to finance you anymore and they turned around and said…look we’re going to have a black president, Barack Obama, who’s also communist and we’re gonna do good from now on. So China financed them again.” Read the scandal of 2008 Yohannes Riyadi, terkait $ (obengplus.com)

“They financed Obama who turned out to be nothing but a house slave for the Bush family, and at that time they (Federal Reserves Central Banksters)  created 23 trillion dollars. What they did was convince an Asian royal by the name of   Yohannes Riyadi to hand over 700 tons of gold and they used that gold to create 750 thousand tons worth of GOLD BACKED BONDS which created 23 trillion dollars which kept financing their whole lunatic show for the next decade.  And it is that money that has run out. And that’s why we are having the new crisis.

“It ran out in January 2020. And what they did was pull out this fake pandemic.  It’s their stay out of jail card. So now they are trying to start World War III and the military will not go along with it. NATO can not do anything without the American military. The Russians would run NATO over in a matter of months without the US military and … the military knows a full-scale war will destroy everything in the northern hemisphere and they won’t go along with that. So…we are not going to have WWIII in the way of nukes.”

And now you know the truth behind the mess.

Fulford speaks of the removal of Trudeau and the investigation under way right now, for various reasons, including election fraud. The same as Biden for his election fraud. He speaks of avatars of people in power, such as Putin and the fake Biden and Macron. He explains how these are used. And explains Great Britain’s canceling of Covid.  Digging a bit into Boris Johnson.   Australia has stopped the COVID scare but it hasn’t been announced again.  New Zealand is about to end it. We are watching avatars and waiting for the new structuring of world existence of free nations.

This sure is looking like the Biblical Book of Revelation Chapter 18-19. The part in God’s timeline where the nations of the earth take their crowns back from the beast and the great merchants of the earth weep and wale for no one buys their goods anymore.

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom – and Pray unceasing!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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