Fake News Exposed In Ukraine – NATO, EU, US Responsible!


Khazarian Mafia’s World Puppet Leaders Commit War Crimes and Fake Press Goes Along For The Ride With Wrap Up Smears!

In a nutshell: Obama Regime has blood on hands, blames Russia, Russia, Russia. World turns blind eye on Eastern Ukraine since 2014 (and before) – Orange Revolution created by KM US/NATO led political coup, Giuliani investigates, Trump impeached, Election stolen, Biden Regime continues Obama’s Ukraine on Fire as usual. Fake news blames Russia, Russia, Russia.

People catch on due to the persistence of independent journalists, and fake news narrative falls apart. Truth emerges and WAR CRIMES NOW COME INTO FOCUS!

And now the UN has sent teams to investigate war crimes in Ukraine. That is like sending out Nancy Pelosi to investigate Nancy Pelosi. Wait for a wrap up smear equal to that of the CIA confessions to push a narrative since they’ve been caught by Russia. What a U.N. team has seen while documenting possible war crimes in Ukraine : NPR

The White Rabbit on Telegram stated:

CIA has finally admitted to having military personal in Ukraine and training groups and soldiers and Ukraine Nazis for war against RUSSIA and for creating proxy wars with East UKRAINE sectors over the past 8 years .

As Russia Was planning to release the documents and footage of CIA training facilities and training operations through UKRAINE …. The PENTAGON panicked and released the story first… portraying the CIA as Heros training Ukraine MILITARY forces.

What isn’t told in the CIA released documents is CIA had been training UN Ukrainian West Nazi FORCES since 1950 and covered up the extractions of the Nazis leaders in west Ukraine who never faced War crimes or Nuremberg trials and was deliberately silenced from the Nuremberg trials from talking about the West UKRAINE financed backed German Hitler> Prescott Bush > ROCKEFELLERS

3reich regime from EXPOSING the OPERATIONS of creating NAZI regimen in west Ukraine…

The new documents and mainstream Media story is painting CIA as Heros ….



Coming in waves….Telegram (https://t.me/WhiteRabbit_Q)


Since 2015, Investigative Journalist Anne-Laure Bonnel has been capturing the terrible images of a deadly conflict and an unprecedented humanitarian disaster.
‘Donbass’ is an immersive road movie, a gripping documentary film in a torn country. In essence, Donbass and the eastern Ukraine region is being bombed by their own government.
Ukraine is split in to two ethnicities – the Northwest being Ukrainian, the Southeast Russian. The President at the time of this video was Petro Porochencko and wanted to reclaim Donbass region as non-Russian. He is currently facing multiple charges by the Ukraine government.

So what is left for the Democratic Communist Party – create their own color revolution in the USA! Do this by starvation, inflation, push fear and create false flags! They push lie after lie, after lie and push fake narratives. These are crimes against humanity and the Biden Regime is committing them against its own people right here in the USA! Nuremberg type crimes! COVID, TOXIC JABS, LOCK DOWNS, MANDATES, CONTROLING FOOD AND WATER RESOURCES, DESTROYING INFRASTRUCTURE, NO BORDER CONTROL, STOLEN ELECTIONS,

image 11
image 12

A recent article states:

Pope says NATO may have caused Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Pope Francis says transatlantic military alliance was ‘barking’ at Russia’s door. Read: Pope says NATO may have caused Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – POLITICO

From Cesare Sacchetti: who is an Italian journalist who has written for several national Italian newspapers, such as Libero Quotidiano and Il Fatto Quotidiano. His main topics of interest are globalism, the EU, economics, and geopolitics. His blog is The Eye of the Needle (lacrunadellago.net).

Vigano ritorno
Arch Bishop Viganò:”Those Who Resist the NWO will have the Help and Protection of God” Cesare Sacchetti writes that he has seen the recent events as the fall of the New World Order. Viganò:”Those Who Resist the NWO will have the Help and Protection of God” – Complicit Clergy

“Bergoglio’s statement on Putin is quite interesting. The “pontiff” said he wanted to meet Putin and also added that NATO provoked Russia. This statement by Bergoglio comes two weeks after Orban’s visit to the Vatican. Bergoglio was extremely friendly with the Hungarian prime minister, and this certainly appeared anomalous. Orban opposes everything Bergoglio claims.

“Orban can be considered the champion of the defense of national borders without which a nation and its ethnic, cultural and religious heritage cease to exist. This openness of Bergoglio towards the leaders of international sovereignty suggests that the Jesuit clan of Santa Marta has understood that the game for globalism is over. If one of the most prominent exponents of the New World Order slips away in this way, the ship must have leaks so deep that its sinking is inevitable.”

That being said… pictured are two peas in a pod committing crimes against humanity. The truth shall be revealed. This is a wrap up smear committed by those drunk on the wine of Babylon the Great who is falling, is falling. Every lie shall be exposed!

image 13

Live, happening now… UN- Russia talks on Ukraine. How will this work out?

Fake world and local news is desperate to save their narrative. They shall be exposed for the liars that they are. Pray the truth is revealed!

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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