In order to go forward we have to have faith in God. When we look back at the first followers of the way and their “calling” to spread the gospel we see the greatness of faith they possessed to boldly continue the task of spreading the word of God, even at the risk of losing their own lives. We have been blessed to be passed over and yet, in this very hour many do not realize that there are Christians persecuted and killed in 2021 for believing in Jesus as their savior. How great is their faith that they stand on the Word of God when at the very same time in America, an angry Pastor can get a church member to sit down and shut their mouths for questioning anything deemed unorthodox by a council of men.

Scriptures on Anger Management, King James Version

We all need to ask the Lord to guide us in our searching the scriptures for understanding and meaning. God, and God alone will strengthen each person. No man can do that for you. Even to seek understanding of the madness of the wicked. Ecclesiastes 7:25 I applied mine heart to know, and to search, and to seek out wisdom, and the reason of things, and to know the wickedness of folly, even of foolishness and madness.

We are to pray for our leaders, and even pray for our enemies. King David had some bold prayers, even asking God to search his heart and if it was wrong punish him, but if his enemy was wrong, to avenge him.

David and Goliath – A Story About Context – Leadership Platform
David slew Goliath, and God was with him to do it.

And so at all times, the only stronghold is God and God only. In this all who love the Lord can all agree.

To search out our history to see what has been done under the Sun… we can only sort the truth from the lies with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is not just for guidiance in the scriptures, the Holy Spirit is our guide through our daily lives, our dealings with others, and our interpreter of any lie be it about our origin, or the news. God has sent us the Holy Spirit to comfort us and to open our eyes to danger, deceit, as well as knowledge of the truth in all things. The living source of God inside all who believe and call on the Lord. It was a promise to all. Call on the Lord to understand it and watch how he moves you and opens your eyes to see it.

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The 2024 signs of Trump is what is the most disturbing. To me it is a shot across the bow from the Black Hats that they were successful in their sedition. To think that gaslighting a people with a Trump 2024 campaign sign in lieu of addressing the overthrow of the government and voter fraud that was off the charts is anything but a bone of contention is amazing. I am all for Trump 2024, but also for Trump 2020 of which he won by a historical landslide. I am not putting Trump in front of God as an answer to the issues, but I am putting him as the leader the people chose to continue to usher in LAW AND ORDER. I must say the part to return to IN GOD WE TRUST, is in the hands or the people. Each individual must put God first and foremost and trust in him and receive his Son as their Savior. It is an individual thing, and no one can do this for you but yourself.

I have faith that God will right this sinking ship, and do believe the war we can not see is a HUGE ONE. We are to look at all things, and uncover our true history, all the good and the bad in order to learn from the lessons of it. When we look to the fragments of man’s early recordings of history, such as documents found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, we glean from it a looking glass into the past and see things more clearly. Man has always censored untidy details of evil, and put in its’ place a menagerie of words more pleasing to those they choose to sway. We see it in our own geography and history.

Big Fight Over Big Dinosaur Bones – Courthouse News Service

For example, we are taught that the dinosaurs were destroyed by fire from asteroids. Burnt to a crisp. Yet, their fossils are found in sediment, many whole complete bones all in the same vast area. We chip away at the sediment and harvest the bones and put them together on display in museums. No one seems to question that the sediment is formed by flooding, and these whole animals with their young somehow all died at the same time and their bones lodged in the mud and not burned to a crisp. Dying by being trapped in the mud of a deluge of water is more reasonable a conclusion, but not the story archeology wants anyone to think about.

If you’ve ever visited a cave to see the stalactites and stalagmites, you will see signs telling you it took 100 years to develop one inch. Some will show you the wonders of their formation, generally along the lines of how limestone stalactites form extremely slow – usually less than 10cm every thousand years. We are told that radiometric dating has shown that some are over 190,000 years old. Yet, the Lincoln Memorial has to be cleaned out below every so many years because of the formation of these cumbersome stalactites.

The “cave” under the Lincoln Memorial: Washington, D.C. | RalieTravels
So until we demand more truth and solid answers to what we see with our eyes, we are forever learning and never coming to the knowledge of the truth. Just as the scriptures tell us when we follow vain philosophies and deceit.
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The search for truth is not limited to the Bible scriptures, the truth is about all things in our daily lives. The Lord said not to tell a lie…he said, Satan was a liar and the author of it. The Bible tells us Satan is the ruler of this world and we are to come out from her my people. We are not to believe the lies, yet our text books are filled with skewed imaginations….and lest I say lies, I will leave it at this…our history needs updated and corrected. Even at the sake of having to rewrite them all. For where there is smoke, there is fire and before all the pages go up in flames…let’s just try and clean it up with more truth than fable.

Verse of the Day - John 8:32 KJV - Highland Park Baptist Church - Lenoir  City, Tennessee

The truth shall set you free, and we are experiencing a giant dose of truth serum right now as we awaken from a long slumber in the land. All the nations who were sleeping are waking up at the very same time and thanking all of those who woke up early for all their work that is now being read. There have been many pioneers in this great awakening…we can all list our favorites.

Washington Post slammed for fabricating quotes to frame former President Donald  Trump | Arab News

But the one who woke up the most, the fastest in America, about the truth in corruption, was none other than PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP!

Hold the line and keep the faith. God is always listening, talk to him. Amen.

Stay strong!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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