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It is very interesting That NASA docs show that the shape of the earth was not known in 1948. They have patents that work based on a flat earth concept, because that is what they believed it was. In 1961 documents they still have missille patents that work relative to a flat non rotating earth. In June 1971 in documents, they still have idealized assumptions based on a flat nonrotating earth. I thought they told us that we went to the moon in 1969? And even completed six crew missions from then unto 1972! So I was surprised that they lost the technology to go there… but they are now going to Mars? But they can’t get past the Van Allen radiation belts, they forgot where they filed that technology? Or something like that. But…it won’t interfere with getting to Mars? Maybe they found their lost papers or maybe they figured out something better?

nasa report

The number one assumption is the earth is flat and not rotating. Documents show they continued to use these principles in 1988 and beyond. In 1997 with the new aircraft, they still have all working on a flat, nonrotating earth.

nasa 33

In the year 2000 document above, guess what? Yes…still based on a flat non rotating earth! The only places they have to account for curves are in where the earth terrain is not level. Mountain ranges, higher elevations, hills, rolling ground.

image 87

But what is most priceless is this page from 2001……..

image 88

So we can be sure in stating that they know, and now we know that they know. And they know we know.

image 89

This document is from 2010….and I am sure nothing has changed since 2010 except they know they can’t hide it much longer.

But they keep trying to feed us ridiculous excuses, and ignore all the videos proving it was filmed in a studio and the entire thing appears to have been a big fake show. We are now learning how shows go.

But, they have put their technology to use in Space Based Death Star Weaponry.


When we look at the new Death Star patents and solar rays….we understand why they want to turn all the farmland into solar panel fields. The documentation on the way the lasers work with the mirrors in the death star in the skys above….light works with direct beams… and because the earth is a flat base and not a curve, it works well. Yet they give us a spinning globe concept and have these death stars spinning among space debris following along the globe like a train on a track. These weapons are Direct Energy Weapons….also known as DEW. I believe these have been tested and work fine. Based on looking at California and the trees that burn inside out. This is a microwave technology designed to incinerate anything. It’s great for starting fires that will level a neighborhood and leave the trees alone.

Like this. This is what we are fighting folks. And our guns are moot in this type of war. God is our only source. Pray unceasing that the White Hats end this evil. It has to be stopped.

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Check out the toys: US8757552B1 – Dispersed space based laser weapon – Google Patents

But NASA is calling anyone who believes the earth isn’t a ball and we never went to the moon crazy and in denial. They love to tell us ridiculous things like they lost technology and show us really, really stupid things. Remember the demonstration where the astronaut showed us that a feather will also hit the ground with the same speed as the hammer and prove gravity…on a moon they tell us has no gravity? Watch the famous footage where the astronaut bouncy, bouncy’s over to get in position and then drops the hammer and feather at the same time and they fall fast at the same speed and time. The hammer thugs and kicks up some moon dust that settles fast, and the feather just lays on the moon ground, while the astronaut does his bouncy, bouncy as he bounces off for there is little gravity and he is obviously lighter than that feather that fell fast to the moon ground… Oh does your head hurt?

Watch him bounce in video above …maybe he should pick up the feather to hold him in place?

But then, many believe there was no big bang, and there were no moon landings and there are other things they are doing up above and there are limits to how far they can go.

In all fairness….think about it people… the world watched this and most all said wow…they are on the moon and anyone who said anything to the contrary was called the nut case. Kinda like….nope….the very same thing as what is happening today with the fake Covid Tests, and the toxic jabs. I guess it worked then and it has worked all along the way so they stick with the same tactics. All I can say is wake up and discover the truths!

We are rediscovering how to research, comprehend what we read, see, and hear for ourselves and have the Holy Spirit discern what is true and what has been not true. It’s a whole new world!

It is Biblical!

The Flat-Footed Failure of Flat Earth “Christianity” | Veracity

The earth is not an orbiting ball spinning so fast it appears to be still. The universe was not created by some cosmic big bang from out of no where. It is designed with intelligence and as the Bible describes it.

The book of Enoch explains the sun and the moon and how God said the eclipse is made. This video explains it and below this is the book of Enoch on how the Lumanaries and the heavens perform their functions. I make no claim other than what was written by the seventh of Adam, long ago before there was a thing called science. Today, science is discovering things that were told long ago. To me this is a fascinating subject to explore. Especially since our numbering of days, seasons, and length of days in a year were first established by the writings of Enoch as told by him.


ABOUT THE VIDEO Above: August 21, 2017, Solar Eclipse absolutely proves that the book of Enoch and The Bible’s own cosmology to be true! An amazing 360-degree VIRB video revealed AMAZING footage that matter of factly – shows that NASA lies and has lied all along about the heliocentric model. The book of Enoch PLAINLY states that the sun and the moon both grab their light from a common source light. As for the sun’s light source, that was plainly shown in this video. A projection of the sun is what we see on earth – not the sun itself. The rainbows, sundogs and other such things as all seeing the same sunrise direction on equinox dates are ALL explained by this phenomenon.

Excerpts from the BOOK OF ENOCH

From-The Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament
H.R. Charles Oxford: The Clarendon Press

[Chapter 80]

1 And in those days the angel Uriel answered and said to me: ‘ Behold, I have shown thee everything, Enoch, and I have revealed everything to thee that thou shouldst see this sun and this moon, and the leaders of the stars of the heaven and all those who turn them, their tasks and times and departures.

Take what you will from this tutorial. Leave what you don’t believe behind. As for me, my eyes are wide open and there are a lot of questions that still have not been answered.

2 And in the days of the sinners the years shall be shortened, And their seed shall be tardy on their lands and fields, And all things on the earth shall alter, And shall not appear in their time: And the rain shall be kept back And the heaven shall withhold (it).

3 And in those times the fruits of the earth shall be backward, And shall not grow in their time, And the fruits of the trees shall be withheld in their time.

4 And the moon shall alter her order, And not appear at her time.

5 [And in those days the sun shall be seen and he shall journey in the evening on the extremity of the great chariot in the west] And shall shine more brightly than accords with the order of light.

6 And many chiefs of the stars shall transgress the order (prescribed). And these shall alter their orbits and tasks, And not appear at the seasons prescribed to them.

7 And the whole order of the stars shall be concealed from the sinners, And the thoughts of those on the earth shall err concerning them, [And they shall be altered from all their ways], Yea, they shall err and take them to be gods.

8 And evil shall be multiplied upon them, And punishment shall come upon them So as to destroy all.’

Rob Skiba. is very much missed, he recently passed away in October of 2021. His work for the truth was and is still monumental, he is missed greatly.

[Chapter 81]

1 And he said unto me:‘ Observe, Enoch, these heavenly tablets, And read what is written thereon, And mark every individual fact.’

2 And I observed the heavenly tablets, and read everything which was written (thereon) and understood everything, and read the book of all the deeds of mankind, and of all the children of flesh 3 that shall be upon the earth to the remotest generations. And forthwith I blessed the great Lord the King of glory for ever, in that He has made all the works of the world, And I extolled the Lord because of His patience, And blessed Him because of the children of men.

4 And after that I said: ‘ Blessed is the man who dies in righteousness and goodness, Concerning whom there is no book of unrighteousness written, And against whom no day of judgement shall be found.’

5 And those seven holy ones brought me and placed me on the earth before the door of my house, and said to me: ‘ Declare everything to thy son Methuselah, and show to all thy children that no 6 flesh is righteous in the sight of the Lord, for He is their Creator. One year we will leave thee with thy son, till thou givest thy (last) commands, that thou mayest teach thy children and record (it) for them, and testify to all thy children; and in the second year they shall take thee from their midst.

7 Let thy heart be strong, for the good shall announce righteousness to the good; The righteous with the righteous shall rejoice, and shall offer congratulation to one another.

8 But the sinners shall die with the sinners, And the apostate go down with the apostate.

9 And those who practice righteousness shall die on account of the deeds of men, and be taken away on account of the doings of the godless.’

Enoch Chapter 82: 1-6 And now, my son Methuselah, all these things I am recounting to thee and writing down for thee! and I have revealed to thee everything, and given thee books concerning all these: so preserve, my son Methuselah, the books from thy father’s hand, and (see) that thou deliver them to the generations of the world.

I have given Wisdom to thee and to thy children, [And thy children that shall be to thee], That they may give it to their children for generations, This wisdom (namely) that passeth their thought.

And those who understand it shall not sleep, But shall listen with the ear that they may learn this wisdom, And it shall please those that eat thereof better than good food.

Blessed are all the righteous, blessed are all those who walk In the way of righteousness and sin not as the sinners, in the reckoning of all their days in which the sun traverses the heaven, entering into and departing from the portals for thirty days with the heads of thousands of the order of the stars, together with the four which are intercalated which divide the four portions of the year, which lead them and enter with them four days. Owing to them men shall be at fault and not reckon them in the whole reckoning of the year: yea, men shall be at fault, and not recognize them  accurately.

For they belong to the reckoning of the year and are truly recorded (thereon) for ever, one in the first portal and one in the third, and one in the fourth and one in the sixth, and the year is completed in three hundred and sixty-four days.  And the account thereof is accurate and the recorded reckoning thereof exact; for the luminaries, and months and festivals, and years and days, has Uriel shown and revealed to me, to whom the  Lord of the whole creation of the world hath subjected the host of heaven. And he has power over night and day in the heaven to cause the light to give light to men -sun, moon, and stars,  and all the powers of the heaven which revolve in their circular chariots.

Stay Strong! Keep Pressing Into The Kingdom….Press, Press, Press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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