A Patriotic song titled, “Let This Glory Shine”, dedicated to American Veterans and fallen soldiers, is now under the all seeing eye of Facebook as an ad related to politics and issues of national importance that requires special authorization to post.
glorys gate
The song was written and performed by a Marine Veteran, J.T.  Marshall, the lead singer of the Christian Rock Band- “Glory’s Gate”.  J.T. was asked to write a song to create awareness for a new volunteer fitness and wellness program designed to help veterans with PTSD, and other disabilities. Fitness programs are the number one treatment for PTSD and the unique motion-based exercise that uses G-Force principals via an Astro-Durance Bungee System has been helping veterans with physical limitations be able to exercise pain free, where many could not use regular gym equipment.
Presently the Glory’s Gate song was posted to a wider viewership to create awareness for Veterans and was halted until he goes through a process of authorization that consists of a number of time consuming steps that appear to be designed to discourage following through….with no guarantee that permission will be authorized. After J.T. paid to push the post out to a wider audience and purchased to do so, with his credit card authorized in seconds, Facebook gave their notice ….
“We require Pages to be authorized to run ads related to politics and issues of national importance. You can read about how we define this group of ads to understand why your ad falls into this category. To continue please complete authorization. Request review.”
J.T.  is complying with patience. He posted on his page:
J.T.  Marshall, “OK I have nothing to hide so I’m obliging. FB needs a copy of your Passport, DL or State ID. A phone number and confirmation code with a mailing address. They will send a letter to you in the mail with another confirmation code to verify you live at the address. I did not go through this much verification when I signed up for the Marine Corps. They even need to verify sibling relationships. No Kidding. So now I have to wait for the letter to come in the mail and enter my final code before I can boost any post with “Let this Glory Shine”.
Private sector charitable efforts that create awareness to help others should not have to go through the social media police and mountains of red tape.
let this glory shine 7
Part of the proceeds of the song will be donated to the Veterans Are Foundation to help provide housing, and rehabilitation services for disabled and displaced veterans.
Click here to hear “Let This Glory Shine”.
Disabled Veterans are not a political issue.  However, it could be said that it is indeed an issue of national importance.  President Trump issued an executive order to help provide programs for veterans and asked the private sector to get involved now to help our veterans and raised attention to the high suicide rates in among disabled veterans who suffer from PTSD and depression.  I guess Facebook didn’t get that news report.
So now, it is a waiting game and many people are hoping the mail arrives and someone at Facebook cyber space responds in a timely manner and it doesn’t get lost somewhere in Silicon Valley.
In closing a comment made by J.T. on his post says it all, “Yeah they can vote, flow through the border and find sanctuary in Chicago and Miami but there is no way they are getting through this wall. Hey Donald Trump Hire Zuckerberg! He’s the best wall builder ever!”
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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