Nothing is as it appears. To find the truth we have to take the show apart and the only way to do that is to see what they are showing us in the show and look behind the veil.

That veil has a history. A secret past that is filled with a pattern and a track record. Fake news tries daily to change history in order to confuse the viewer looking for answers to what is happening in their city, state, and nation. They can’t figure that one out, let alone what is taking place in the world. We have a disadvantage because we can’t just drive over to Ukraine and see what is taking place and we can’t row our boat over to China and check out what they are or are not doing to their citizens. So forget going throughout the world to find anything out.

We are now looking at a world where we attend an event and hear and see what someone is saying and turn on the news and hear a totally opposite set of words of what was said and seen. So, since we can’t be everywhere what do we do? The first thing is to STOP LISTENING and STOP SUPPORTING THE FALSE NARRATIVE.

Whereas, we have to listen to the lies in order to find the truth. It sounds like a huge contradiction, but it is the only way to get to the truth.

So, in a nutshell…below I share how truthers navigate through the sea of lies in a little row boat…. learning how to investigate and discern. We all must pick up our oars and paddle upstream and it isn’t always easy. The day is here where we must all become investigative journalists… or shall we call it… critical thinkers?

The Federal Reserve: How It Works, What It Does, Why It Matters


They (those who deceive) always present a fictious reason for another thing they are doing to cover up the lies they have told, and the evil they have done. That is the number 1 purpose for false flag events. Generally these are created to cover up a naughty thing they have done and are getting caught on, or a naughty thing to distract you from a bigger naughty thing they are doing and don’t want you to see.

So, what is going on with the Central Banks and the Federal Reserves? I suspect the truth is they (the Banksters) simply created fiat dollars from their fiat mining calculations based on world GP and created more money than they should have. They in fluxed this fake money into the economies and in the process lost control of the trade. Their home base which is the United Nations and the European Union have always devised situations to move the pawns on the chess board into scenarios where gain can be made to achieve one world goals and push their sustainable development plans for the 21st Century, Agenda 21. This agenda includes a one world government with a reduced population somewhere between 500 million to one billion people. This information can be found on their own sustainable development Agenda 21 websites and their plans shared in Rio at the World Summit in 1992. Maurice Strong wrote this for the Oligarchs who push the one world order government agenda. This is not a conspiracy this is a fact and up until recently, they who push this have called those who peeked behind the veil conspiracy theorists and tin foil hat wearing nut cases. And have fact checked many of them as all out liars. If you question COVID plandemic … welcome to the world of truthers who are nut cases and other names.

So like building blocks one presidential puppet to the next has placed the framing and infrastructure needed to pass onto Obama… our placed winner of the 2006 election. We all must remember that it was Nancy Pelosi head of the Democratic party that vetted Obama and authorized all of his birth certificate lies, and also who decided that it would be he and not Hillary to be the candidate of the Democratic Party. Exhibit A: Democrats nominate Obama by acclamation- POLITICO Exhibit B: Clinton may run again, Pelosi says – CNN Political Ticker – CNN.com Blogs

Shock and Awe': The Truth About America's Invasion of Iraq – Middle East  Monitor

The Obama “God dam America Presidency”

We all remember the 8 years of Obama and his mocking of Christianity and the under the rug sweeping of Jeremiah Wright, the paperclipped family album where Obama is obviously photo shopped and given a life. If not…google it. It is everywhere and not hard to find. Now at the time no one knew of false flags and all the sins of the puppet presidents past. They believed 911 was Al-Qaida and they believed the news always told the truth, especially Fox News.

We watched shock and awe and the toppling of Iraq, and year’s of Caylee Anthony and her mother Casey as though that was the only child that ever went missing in America. Everyone was tuned in and no one questioned, nor did a story on child trafficking…only Caylee! (See how they do it? It meaning distort and distract from real big problem and single it out into an isolated issue?)

We watched in horror Hurricane Katrina and ignored the real news that the dam burst due to explosives, and watched the people stuck in the Stadium with horror while CNN and fake news was always able to go in and out. Then we saw the terrible formaldehyde trailers in the FEMA camps for the victims of Katrina and no one seemed to believe anything was wrong here. We heard of the FEMA Pastor Programs where Pastors would get special favors for disasters for their flocks in case there was another emergency like Katrina….(see how they move in and convince others why their program cooperation is needed?) Tent cities went up everywhere and the next thing we know it’s time for another election…so here comes Obama and Hillary.

They didn’t pay attention to war on terror as a free pass to topple nations…now, I am not condoning Mr. Wright’s sermons, I am merely pointing out that they were filled with truths that many didn’t know. Now these types of sermons also cause racial divide. There is a fine line between doing the right thing and being misguided by doing the right thing. This is called confusion and God is not the author of confusion. Many made lots of money off of racial divide and discrimination. (That is another story but we have watched it.) Exhibit A below.

There was a lot of things that took place in-between – but that is several books with sequels to each…so we will move along to the primary at the DNC for 2008 election.

We will summarize the Obama years as the years where manufacturing failed, climate change was pushed, Obama care took you away from your doctor and later became a tax. Fast and furious gun running and cartels, Arab Spring and the Ambassador to Libya drug through the streets, ISIS was created and ISIL, war, war, war… and America’s oil prices sky rocketed, and the oligarch manipulated housing bubble busted, the smelt took over the rich fertile farm ground in California and the land that fed a third of the world turned into a dust bowl…we saw the world trade acts sign into place and Rubio made a blundering vote for it to pass… the RINO’s were now becoming easy to spot and manufacturing had almost all moved out to other nations. Yet, people thought everything was normal. We almost had a Swine flu plandemic but Burgermeister thwarted that in an Austrian court almost single handedly and Dr. Tenpenny was sounding alarms not to take it.

So Obama read his scripts and did his part to help the banksters set this all up, they never thought Hillary would lose. But then the most terrible thing took place. Donald Trump won the election and took the office. Among doing many things to undo their evil such as shout to build a wall, he shredded a very important piece to their puzzle. And that was their new world trade agreements that weakened America and sent manufacturing, mining, such as coal…that beautiful coal Trump talked about, and farming to other nations which was designed to place free trading into the hands of elite/great merchants of the earth.

During both Bush and Obama we saw our manufacturers go to Mexico, and overseas…China, India, etc. and Trump came into office and BOOM!  He ended Obama care, took us out of Climate Change, removed us from the UN Rights of a Child, started a wall, and ruined their evil plans they were banking on with the world trade agreement. Trump took us out of it, he torpedoed the oligarchs North American Union fiasco and renegotiated contracts with Mexico and Canada, he placed tariffs on China, brought manufacturing jobs back to the USA, opened up coal mining … clean coal… signed the Keystone Pipeline agreement and actually set up plans to place us on a gold standard and got a blank check from the Feds during COVID to help businesses and all the people during shutdowns. Our little checks…recall?

This was all going in the direction of the Oligarchs up to a certain point when it began to all cave in. They no longer controlled mining, manufacturing, and farming. They were left with money made from thin air and no gold to back it. (And now they are trying to grab everything tangible they can at no avail, even private property from their enemy oligarchs!) President Trump totally woke up the masses and exposed Fake News. In retaliation they did everything they could think of to disgrace and dispose of Trump but he kept on going. They finally threw a fake pandemic at the world and poison mRNA gene therapy, and stole the election smack in our faces and put their puppet in office. In the midst of all the lawlessness they can create, they are now making a mad dash to reclaim their grubby hands-on manufacturing, mining, natural gas and oil, farming and destroying humanity.

They simply weren’t ready to fast forward their game plans (they needed a few more years to mandate into submission) and by doing so prematurely…they are falling, falling. And now… intelligent leaders are looking at the failed EU and Biden and know the gig is up. So they are scrambling trying to regain a grip on their tyranny, and the little people of the earth mean absolutely nothing to them at this moment, as power and winning is everything. Many of their worker bees have been taken away, and we the people are supposed to act like their avatars are the real deal, even when we know better. That is the real deal going down in a nutshell.

This is what is taking place as we read between the lines. So we need the information true or false in order to analyze what is true and what is skewed and rearrange the puzzle pieces. And patterns are repeated if you know what those are. History tells us how they have done their banking gangster moves in the past and now we see how they operate in broad daylight behind the veil.

Keep on Pressing Into the Kingdom of God! PRESS, PRESS, PRESS~



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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