We know the game… so do we go around pulling on peoples faces to see if they are real? Or do we have another plan?

They have infiltrated into government seats by invasion and what I call “RmL disorder”!  That is the scientific term for those wearing rubber masks that have lines and cracks and other irregularities that show up while pretending to be a person they are not. Those who die are replaced…and some are replaced before they die. The question is….who is doing this?

Are both sides doing this?  Or is this the another form of infiltration into blood lines via masks?  We know and have known that Mike Pence was removed while in the air with a SAM 239 code and was replaced with a double on July 4th of 2019. Along with his wife Karen. The couple reemerged younger, more vibrant and obviously fake. The longer people watched them the more they accepted them as real. All but a few who kept calling them out. But, people were sleeping very soundly, even back then.

image 213

How gullible are we? Hello??? Below is the real Mike and Karen Pence.

image 215

And then, just like that we have the new and improved Pence and the Mrs., they said…she just lost a few pounds and got a makeover?

image 214


Mike’s RmL has also spread to his hands.

image 216

The same with Hilary and Bill they look so young in the funeral photo of Albright below. But, all it takes is for people see a C.G.I. interview and believe they are who they are said by fake news to be…and they believe it. Why?  Because aside from it just sounding so crazy, many never paid attention to them before and now they really believe they are who they say they are. If everyone in public and news keeps referring to them by name… so will you eventually return to calling them by their names and then you begin the game within your own memory. For your memory is recording every thing you say as though it were facts. That is why I call them by what they are…Joey avatar, Hillary double, or simply the fake Joe, the fake Pelosi, etc.

Once you know…never feed a false truth into your memory or they succeed in the brain washing.

image 212

Kissinger and Albright were removed from the Pentagon Foreign Policy Advisory Board … and Albright was never publicly heard from again… a year later she had a funeral. Kissinger was sighted in a C.G.I. interview… and after a few of those vague spots… no one has heard from him. Why?

We’ve seen this picture and concept floating on social media…but I have to ask, “Was Mother Theresa a woman or a man?”

image 220

Who were these ones in charge of the orphanages? They do not look anything female. I don’t think Fauci is a son of Theresa…it appears they are all simply ugly men doing a secret work.  It was set up so no one would dare say anything bad about Mother Theresa.  And no one did. How convenient. Ask the hard questions… and get the hard answers. Will we ever know?

As far as Princess Diana and her death. I wondered how she could fake her death and allow her sons to stay in the monarchy’s clutches. As I thought, I believed she could never tolerate that and live. She would just not be capable of it. Emotionally or mentally…she would not be able to do that. Not for 25 years! She just wasn’t wired that way. The only way she would be able to do such a thing would be to also take the boys with her into a witness protection program. And that could have been done only by removing the top monarchy… or some plan of switching them out.

Otherwise the pain of leaving her boys in the care of such bad a place would have killed her the same as a car wreck. So… that being said… nothing is as it appears and we are watching a big show that is revealing how fragile the earthly flesh is. We are seeing how this world for humanity is but a moment of all time. We are here for a fleeting moment in this flesh. What we do while we are here and the choices we make with our free will, determines our final immortality and where we shall go to spend it. No one is immortal by wearing a rubber mask for years and years.

But now we are shown how the fake news works… and it appears the tables are turning. But then again… it is all a show and when you play the game with the same weapons it changes things….

Has anyone asked where the loud mouths are? The ones who kept flapping their iron jaws for a Democratic win for Joey? And now… the likes of the loudest are not saying a word? Like Debbie Wasserman Schultz… Maxine Waters, what happened to the squad?

image 211

Wasn’t this supposed to be their glory hour? Where did their big fat mouths go?

Why is Feinstein so quiet?

When a big funeral and pomp is made… people shame others who point out the obvious truths… and the lies get cemented in time. The blind truly do lead the blind and they both fall into the ditch. Just as the Lord has said they do and will.

Now the masks are off… and shall we also say on. 

So the question is… who is doing this immortal masking to keep what is dead alive to continue to sit in seats of power?  Dead people are just not being removed. The old puppets who were appointed and controlled through election fraud are now simply being rubber masked and or doubled and continue to operate. They were never needed at all to think and or to do anything but follow orders and commands.

We were never supposed to see how they work their puppets from behind the veil. For when you see how the master plan of controlling government leaders works and has worked for the last hundred years and more… you see the world of paper clipped puppets and now immortals who are rubber masked never existed at all. The RmL disorder is telling on them. The disorder is giving away their game. Sooner or later they were bound to be caught and now they are.

Have we been watching and living an illuminatti projected fairy tale world of events?

From the beginning of Disney and mindwashing techniques… generations have been fooled into wars, banking systems, schemes, taxation and licensing on everything imaginable…and now they have gone over the top and turned their Hollywood Films into the scenes on the streets. These wicked puppet masters are directing the world show from their triangle shaped tables.

image 217

It appears President Trump has stepped out with the generals to play the game back at them with their own style of infiltration. Let the masks come off.  The masquerade has gone on long enough. But, these people love dressing up and pretending…that gives them delight. They have all day to sit and think of things to entertain themselves… but they have no love for humanity, nor do they love God. They are building their own Babylon the Great and have become their own gods….and they are falling, falling.

image 218

Were William and Harry replaced long ago with doubles? Was the Queen really taken out before 911?  If so, what else was able to be done? And if they weren’t…what kind of a ride are we about to take?

image 219

Back in the day there were always rumors… and now here we go… with many more and in the day of holograms, CGI, and RmL Disorder… what are we possibly in for as many await to hear from the one whose right it could be to sit on the throne? Who would even want to do such a thing in this day? Knowing how it has operated and all.

image 221
image 222

So the rumor now is set and so it does spread… for who can tell what is up and what is down… that the news is soon to come that will be shocking. This is coming at a time when Computer Generated Images are easy to do, along with voice sounding exactly like the person. So prepare to see some sort of show… and stay grounded as not to get carried away.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The day has come! Tomorrow, I am starting to expose EVERYTHING and EVERYONE! I AM TAKING THE CROWN BACK, COMING BACK STRONGER!

My own husband Prince Charles WANTED ME DEAD! He wanted me dead because I was the only LOVED person in the ROYAL FAMILY! As years went by, I saw a lot of BAD THINGS happening in the ROYAL FAMILY! From PEDOPHILIA to MURDERS, the ROYAL FAMILY has done it all!I didn’t know that my HUSBAND was a PEDOPHILE! As soon as I started FIXING the ROYAL FAMILY, they started PLANING MY MURDER!

I found out about Charles’s PLAN when I went to New York and met up with John F. Kennedy Jr.. Most people thought that I was having an affair with John, I WASN’T. I met up with John in New York multiple times because he was the man who SAVED MY LIFE!


image 223

Be warned that C.G.I. is easy to do. Even a live performance…with projected viewing. Remember the interview of Biden where his hand passed through the microphones? That was a C.G.I.!

We need to ponder whether or not JFK and Diana alive has not been a part of a larger conspiracy against the patriots? These two and their questionable deaths with no true investigation could be the combination to turn those resisting to follow the world order into a false illussion of reality that like a pied piper leads them astray. If true…it would be a marvelous call to victory. If a lie… it can be the achille’s heal.

At the same time… we must look at all things. What we know for sure is that the technology to create something out of nothing and project it at you through the air is real. The technology to move techtonic plates and cause earthquakes is real. The technology to manipulate the weather is real and they use it all the time. The space based weapons are real…and it the space station and deathstar..(yes that is what they call it) is exploded out of the sky…their games are all over!

So pray unceasing and be not deceived. Look at all things and let the Holy Spirit show you the way to go and know the Lord is in you and you in Him! You are never alone. Amen.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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