Executive Order 13848 – A Trump Card!

Do you really believe that President Trump would have been preemptive in writing an executive order to investigate, halt, and seize assets of election tampering foreign and domestic two years prior to the 2020 election and then ignore it?  Do you really believe that he, President Trump, who, watched from his special bunker the real time votes coming in, along with the fake news calling states, and all the election fraud that was in our faces… complete with stopping the ballot counts, only to later have the fake news call the winner of the election and just let the obvious (in our face) stolen election (which he won by a landslide) go ignored?

No. He would not.

They had the proof, they caught them all and he acted accordingly. How? Of the things we could see, and not considering all that we could not see that was also taking place, we watched President Trump on November 9, 2020, fire the Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper and replace him with Chris Miller. At the same time, former Secretary of State Madeline Albright and Henry Kissinger were permanently booted off of the Pentagon Foreign Advisory Board and just like that, no one has heard from Madeline since, nor Kissinger aside for a C.G.I. or two …other than that …he has vanished from the political arena he has always dominated.

The next thing we see is a special appointed military task force entering the CIA center in Frankfort Germany. We are told the Dominion servers that counted the election ballots were in question of election fraud and Gina Haspel, Director of the C.I.A. has some explaining to do.

INTEL: US Military Raided Scytl Servers In Germany For Evidence After Vote Switching Scandal - GreatGameIndia

Retired General McInerney later stated his sources told him that the U.S. Army Special Forces, raided the CIA-run server farm in Frankfurt, Germany.  5 soldiers were killed in the ensuing firefight, as well as one CIA paramilitary. After that we learn CIA Director, Gina Haspel was removed from her position and rumors of her immediate arrest circulate, along with rumors of her death a short while later. We hear she was arrested and died in her cell, killed at GITMO, and some say found dead from natural causes…fact checkers tell us she is alive and well, but no one can tell us where she is or what she is now doing. They also tell us no servers were confiscated in Frankfort. They also tell us Biden was elected fairly and there are no US bio-labs in Ukraine. Unless you are talking about the ones Nuland is talking about. Then there are.

See how honest reporting is not wanted… this is a propaganda war and I would say these poor gaslighters are now losing big time. Finally, there are now as many  people searching for the truth as there are people lapping up the lies like a cat with a bowl of warm milk.  The fact is…Haspel is gone.  Many people are gone. Regardless of shoving a double in our face… many of the originals are gone.

Next, we see all the new heroes who take up the mantel to save America all on their own and the people cheer. They begin a round of maneuvers to take to court these dastardly election fraudsters. Although quite the show it went nowhere…at least from the public view. I am sure things took place behind the veil… yet, not sure exactly what, but, one thing is certain… Space Force Cyber Command knows everything that went down and they were definitely on top of all of it. They took the executive order seriously.

Remember the saddest day that was supposed to be the happy celebration… the inauguration day where Biden had to arrange his own flight from a friend’s private jet and we had a lot of disgruntled looking faces? I do.

Biden's First Day - The New York Times

And they got to the White House and there was no door man and the door was locked? Remember that?

Bidens Reportedly Left Outside White House When Trump Sent Staff Home

Meanwhile, the sheep were following the newfound heroes out to save America and keep us Free…remember all of that?  I do. I wrote a lot about that. So, as the original things we wrote about got morphed little by little with remarks- here a little there a little, distracting away from Space Force Commandos and reestablishing our new saviors (so they were dubbed), speaking great words at the Thrive Time Carnival show with the “self-anointed carnival barker out to save America” (of whom won’t be named here). While this distraction raised funds to kept people believing they were saving America…and had people asking all the wrong questions politically, the President and  Space Force did their work.

Now I ask you all, do you really believe President Trump would place his entire presidential future in the hands of a man he fired for reaching a critical mass point in lack of TRUST?

And then risk, some yahoo.org company out of Sarasota Florida, instigated and hired by Flynn and Byrne’s new foundation “America Project”, specifically “Cyber Ninja“, with the fate of his presidency and future fair elections? Especially when he had the Military and Miller taking care of the real issues involving special military task forces?

No. He would not.

So we must go back and look at the bankrupt corporation called U.S. Inc.,  and ask the most serious question of all. And that question is:

Why haven’t our heroes talked about US, Inc.?  Why have they not discussed this in their rallys?

Why haven’t they spoken of the fact that the Bank of London, the Vatican, and DC were all corporations working together collectively to serve a one world governing project?  Why?

At this point, all I can say is …”I smell some deep state and it stinks.”  Either that or “they too are not very smart”, or “They are distracting purposely to confuse the deep state.”  Or “This was all planned from the beginning as part of the show that Don Jr. said to enjoy.” You can decide which one you believe it is. I have been trying to figure out my choice, with knowing one important factor… nothing is as it appears. Regardless as how it started out, it has definitely taken some far right turns and lots of twists. It is definitely infiltrated and quite the basket of goods. It has become podcast central for Byrnes and he is quite the CFR clown. The entire road show is a distraction, that is the only thing that is certain. 

On the positive side, they have had good doctors and others speaking their truths and that has been a good thing. It is up to you to sort out who is a teller of truth and who is not. That applies to the entire show on all platforms.

That being said, before you make any final decisions, know that the executive order number 13848, dated September 12, 2018, was never ignored. Read it to see what it has to say. Then, weigh out what you have seen, and are seeing that is taking place and remember many things are being done in secret for there is a very real deep state war taking place. It is on a world scale and we are watching the entire NWO pyramid of oligarchs firing up their best propaganda machines into full throttle.

READ THE E.O. Federal Register :: Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! PRESS, PRESS, PRESS!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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