There is a lot of speculation on Evergreen, and a lot of truth to the FACTS that surround it. The question of the day is…where do we find our facts? Do we rely on fake news? Well, according to many, until fake news will announce what is taking place, then it isn’t taking place. To others, until President Trump makes an announcement, a thing hasn’t happened. To some, the truth has to come from adequate sources of which I am still waiting to find that list.

So what we have as facts from people who know, supposedly, because they have worked in this field of secrecy and alligence are their statements and one of the most reliable sources is Michael Jaco. Who states at approximately 22 minutes into this video that the CIA controls Evergreen Shipping, and that also includes Air, land and sea. It is also notorious for drug and human trafficking. The Black Hats versus the White Hats.


CIA controlled Evergreen moves secret stuff via their shipping containers. “Human Trafficking, Drug Trafficking….” Jaco says those with eyes to see can see the little things that are happening…and even he is not going to disclose everything he sees going on because that would put the mission in jeopardy. But, things are there to see for those who have eyes to see.

At this point in the war we are in…I really do not care who believes or not believes what. The truth of what is being seen is for those with eyes to see. All the others can sit back and watch. They can wait for their president or reliable source to tell them what is taking place. Reliable sources are pushing vaccines, fake COVID charts, false flag events, making Trump supporters more dangerous than ANTIFA, and a host of things. Reliable fake news sources deny adrenochrome production, deny child and human trafficking, promote open borders, a fair election and your elected president breaking all historic records is President Biden. So good luck waiting for any of their updates.

image 10

Meanwhile, for those with eyes to see, we look at the maneuvers of Russia and the USA taking place at the exact same time the Evergreen went sideways in the canal, only after making a crazy formation in the larger part of the canal prior to entering into the narrow area where they somehow wedged in the canal sideways.

image 12
The ship was freed on March 29, 2021. Where did this CIA operation go to? It does not appear likely that it simply went on about its’ original route, and it is also highly unlikely that they announced where they were going. We do know their original destination was the Netherlands.

So, this post is for those who want to know what others believe is taking place.

You are free to believe mainstream news reports. These never lie to you.

Meanwhile….nothing here to see, move along and call anyone with eyes to see disinformation and praise the CNN reporting along with the BBC. And while you’re at it, get ready to vote for your next politicians in a fair election under the Biden Administration which was all legal and those who say differently are just full of hot air.

As for me, this is not just a typical ship going sideways into the Suez by accident. And Before It’s News is a collection of reports from individuals who they report and you decide. Most of what is reported is more accurate than any main stream news channel. Investigate their batting average and you will find they hit more home runs than strike outs. Just saying. As far as the Evergreen article previously posted, I did weigh it out before posting it…that is why I included Jaco in the report. He suspected something in the containers as most all who are watching the progress have suspected. Whereas there is no way to know where the ship went, or fact check the truth of it…I posted what the author reported for you to decide.

Stay Strong!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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