During this lull, or waiting time… the fact that we are at war with the three corporations also known as the Cabal Run- World Order of Everything, has not changed one iota. They are still operating in London, the Vatican, and the fenced in District of Columbia. They are over confident and believe they are too big to fail. They believe humanity is a drain on their ideology and have always identified them as empty containers and useless eaters. Humanity are slaves that they allow to function within the world they own and operate from their lofty towers.

To the ritual partakers, who desire to RESET the world, humanity is merely a labor force, and when they are no longer useful… they deem them disposable. Children are delicious to them for their rituals and beyond that… they don’t have a use for them if they are not marked as one of their own to excel in their world for they don’t need all the billions, they want to rid the care of them down to millions or a controllable billion or two. Bill Clinton once stated that a population of 500 million was sustainable. Now these are some cold, hard claims and may sound like I am making them up. But, one need to look no further than their own literature that describes their plans to achieve their prison planet. Most have never read any of it. A lot of people still believe everything will be normal if we just elect new government officials.

To those, I say Good luck with the blinders and make sure they match the color of your mask. I have some sanitizer for sale if you are running low. The cold hard truth is many in the cabal attend rituals to bring Lucifer out in the light and sacrifice children, drink their blood, eat their flesh and harvest their adrenochrome. Human trafficking is big business and organ harvesting is a billion dollar industry. So they keep us breeding for the product we produce.

Maid was sold to couple | HUMAN TRAFFICKING INDIA

Gathering product from poor underprivilidged regions like El Salvador, Guatamala, etc., is easier because the starving are willing to give or sell their children in hopes that they will have a better life, for they have little food, let alone a future to give them. They have no idea they are sending their children to slaughter. Some make it across and survive…they can’t ship them all out to rituals so they put them to work for pennies and it is hard labor for kids. The US Government had quite a racket going where they have total control over the product. They have a built in foster system, and organizations that take in the product and ship it out when and where needed.

5 Ways to Reduce Human Trafficking | ecospirituality resources

The entire thing sounds made up, but it is the horrible truth. It’s an international business. Big money and they control the ports and the entire arrangements function with what we now call Black Hats which are evil ones who do the bidding of the cabal on the inside of military and all departments from Homeland Security, Department of Defence, ICE, you name it they have infiltrated it. President Trump worked hard to set the world stage in order to clear the Black Hats out, they are all still hard at work. They have not stopped.


Draining the swamp was not a matter of ousting a few politicians, it was a matter of taking out a world wide spider web full of spiders. The fact that this is a spiritual warfare between good and evil spirits has not changed at all. We have reached the point in this swamp draining where all hell is shaking and about to break loose. So, we are about to enter into a hot summer of everything thrown at the wall. God will intervene… he is intervening right now and has been.

We are all being tested as to our faith and our works during this terrible time. Remember that and stay close in prayer and put on all the armor of God for the hissing is everywhere. It is loud. The hardest thing is to remain in faith and not let fear and anger take over. Negative thoughts and actions are destructive to your mind, body, and soul.

Patience and tolerance is being testing on all people. The evil that is being done is hard to imagine let alone watch and go through without doing something to try and fix it. The devil is shouting in the ears to get angry and pointing fingers, and mocking his best pitch at the failings of all who are thinking prayer is an answer. At the same time the Holy Spirit is shouting, have faith, stand strong, read the word and know God Almighty is in control. It is a challenge and a testing especially for those who have lost jobs, homes, and loved ones to COVID, suicide, and crimes. Those whose children are missing is heart wrenching. The devil laughs and mocks thinking he is winning… but all he is doing is manifesting the WRATH OF GOD! The world is about to be shaken and sifted out as God sets up his Kingdom. A Kingdom that will last forever and has no end.

Stand strong and behold the salvation of the Lord!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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