Enough- Take America Back!

They are throwing all the scream factory into the ring of fire, from false flags to real events. The screams are louder in fake events, the real ones are getting people angry and they are now shouting back and organizing. The deep state is running out of time and running out of lies. When this happens…they burn down the house and add lots of false flags to do it!

They hype it up, give you the SCREAM CANISTER scenario, then they ramp it up as they get ready for the wrap up smear…..all to do a man made disaster that you, the gaslite humans, swear was all natural and as real as COVID vaccines are good. This leaves the gullible all sitting ducks as they believe all the lies and call any who show the truth and how they do it with their space based weaponry liars.

So here we go…is it happening or not happening? If happening…did it have a man made push? Or is it being magnified by those who own the magic machines? Regardless…something is taking place and of course it is time for a major distraction. Are they going to pull their volcano Illuminati card? Or just instill extra fear since their Fear bottles are getting low at their Monsters Inc. Covid lab.

Interesting that he says this was all man made. Of course it is. They have all the toys and want to play dangerously.

SCREAM FACTOR ….HIGH. (But don’t scream as the Aleutian Islands are a chain of active volcanic islands constantly smoldering and errupting 24/7.) But, who knows what the evil RESET button pushers will help it do?

A volcano erupted on the Spanish Canary Island of La Palma on Sunday (September 19)

Jets of lava and a plume of smoke and ash have been filling the air from the Cumbre Vieja national park in the south of the island. Authorities had begun evacuating the infirm and some farm animals from surrounding villages before the eruption at 3:15 p.m. (1415 GMT) on a wooded slope in the sparsely populated Cabeza de Vaca area, according to the islands’ government. Two hours later, with rivers of lava edging down the hillside, the municipality issued a mandatory evacuation order for four villages, including El Paso and Los Llanos de Aridane. Soldiers were deployed to help, and residents were asked to keep mobile phone use to a minimum.

Spain’s Civil Guard later tweeted that it would take part in the evacuation of between 5,000 to 10,000 people from villages near the volcano, including El Paso and Los Llanos de Ariadne. Video footage showed fountains of red molten lava shooting into the sky, and plumes of smoke could be seen from across the island. “In no circumstances go near the lava flow,” the municipality warned residents. “If there is volcanic ash, stay in your houses.” Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said he had postponed his trip to the United Nations General Assembly in New York and was on his way to La Palma.

So is there or is there not a big eruption in La Palma, or will there be? Are they creating a distraction or is there really something dire taking place? Tick Tock….what is coming or what are they manufacturing in their scream factory? Either way, these evil scientists are lovers of man made destruction. Expose them all.

The question is this: Is it man made false flag event (some are saying it is?) Is it as bad as they say? Worse or hyped up? Will it cause a tsunami that engulfs the entire state of Florida and up the east coast? Are we screaming yet? Are we supposed to be distracted? Will they use this to create their own man made cloud seeded destruction and blame it on the volcano? They can, you know that don’t you? Well, now you know it. So, what then will we do? Will we run away and hide or run toward these disaster creators and expose them all!?

This is in another language, but the footage is telling. Besides, with the lies told by fake news…the language barrier really doesn’t make any difference.

Isn’t it incredible that we have all of this footage, all ready to go…during a tragic time of fear and destress? How does that happen?

It’s time to turn their scream machine back on them! The devil thrives on fear – faith starves fear and the evil dies! It’s time to use our Super Power of the Holy Spirit!

MTW I see girls doing the Kylie Jenner lip challenge - GIF on Imgur

‘Why Would We Draft Young Women?’: Marjorie Taylor Greene Promotes NDAA Amendments In House Hearing. Are you screaming yet?

Just scream into a brown paper bag….save it for later! The next time you feel the urge to scream…just open the paper bag and let it out. Save your energy… it is too valuable to waste on their man made fear!

Laugh Floor Comedy Club Queue Area Photo Gallery - AllEars.Net


We are now immune to their scream antics and no longer fear. We are now full blown ANGRY and when we are angry we END THE STUPID SCREAM GAMES!

My first quiz by Tvore on DeviantArt

‘I WANT THEM NOW!’ Sen. Ron Johnson grills DHS Sec. Mayorkas over immigration numbers

THE BUS STOPS HERE – 1984? What’s Rand talking about?

So get ready to scream some more when you find out the money made from the graphene production for the vaccines and boosters!

Now that we are so far into this RESET and eyes are opened. Can you see what Monsters Inc. was really about? What they were really telling you? Well, how far are you going to let them go before you crash their canisters?

They can make anything look real. Trust me, they have the footage all ready to roll out and all the fake news scripts have been written and handed out. They are just waiting for the director to say…”Lights, Camera, Action, Take 1!”

Stop fear and praise the Lord Thy God, for He is our Avenger and Our Savior in all things!

Don’t scream, instead get angry and press forward to expose all their evil lies and evil man made destruction! This is all out war! God is not impressed with their magic and neither are his people! Expose them all!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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