A Los Angeles Bar Owner is crying out for help – who will listen? Mayor Garcetti has shut down outdoor dining as being unsafe for small business owners and in the next breathe he approves a movie company directly across the street to set up rows of tents and tables to feed their crew while they produce a film. I’ve been hearing some “big shots” shouting that we the people allowed this to happen. My answer to these idiots is WE DID NOT! Where was the law when all this started? Where was the checks and balances? We have laws in place…we were not heard, we were ignored. Now we don’t even know for sure if these crooks were not even legally elected! Fraud has been their ticket in and being evil assures they ride a long time.

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Help the Owner of The Pineapple Hill Saloon, ย Sherman Oaks California.

We the people have taken stands at no avail. The constitution prohibits tyranical acts against our rights, yet most citizens aren’t equipped to resist arrest or fight the illegal mandate enforcers, pay the steep fines, serve jail time, etc. when they have families that need them now more than ever at home. People are trying to hold on to what ever they have left and keep going, even if that one thing left is their sanity! It is time for some sort of intervention to take out the corrupt, lawless, treasonous Governors and Mayors and all those who are committing treason against the people of the United States of America. I keep hearing politicals tell us – “This is not the banana republic.” Well, I have news for them…in some areas IT IS!

Maybe it is time for Martial Law to be called so the proper steps can be taken to remove treasonous enemies of the state who hold offices. If not that… what can be done to halt their treasonous actions on a free civilized law abiding society? For those in power who can actually do something to defend the people to do nothing will result in people taking to the streets to take care of it themselves. It will lead to anarchy and that is what those who devised the fake plandemic have in mind. It is their list of things to do to create angry citizens so they fight. It’s all in their Lockstep Covid-19 take down the world Hunger Game manual.

President Trump and all involved know this and more. So, at this point what exactly are the law abiding people to do?


NO business can operate with a NOT OPENED sign for any length of time. It’s time to stop this abuse and freeze some treason players assetts and pay back the peoples losses!

IS ANY BODY LISTENING? Will any one advise the millions of non essential people of what they are to do during this horrid nightmare aside from acting as lousy as the left? If that is the only option…can someone with a white hat give us a green light as what you expect us to do? Can a white hat general give us some direction on what direction to take first, second, third? Otherwise will a white hat general do something. Some of these governors and mayors need removed ASAP. That is a fact.

If we defend ourselves, we will need a lawyer because in these states and cities there is no law. It’s all made up as you go mandates complete with the Red Queen from Alice In Wonderland holding court. It’s all inside out.

We are all watching how this works. Those that have defended themselves in life and death situations are jailed while ANTIFA and others are allowed to burn, kill, steal and destroy and set up autonomous zones. Now we have the good guys fighting court battles because the treasonous cabal have cheated and allowed foreign interference and EVERYONE KNOWS THIS WHO HAS A BRAIN. Then we have Fauci and Birx reading their mad scientist death scripts as though the people are stupid and haven’t figured out they want to control us and RESET our nation into the new world order. These people are getting away with literal murder.

I’m looking at A.G. Barr who has the power to press some charges to PRESS SOME CHARGES AND SEND IN SOME GUARD TO STOP THE TYRANNY!! A.G. BARR ARE YOU LISTENING?

Dianne Marshall


For those that want to help there has been a go fund me set up. Here is the link to the information.Fundraiser by Angela Marsden : Help The Pineapple Hill Saloon (gofundme.com)

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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