Election Oddities That Are Normal To Some People….

Pennsylvania elected a dead state representative who died last month… so does that mean the opponent won? Since the other one was dead? Or do they get to have the governor pick a replacement? Even though he was dead a month before the election? What is the call on that one? Was the republican running unapposed?

image 129

And then there is the new governor …. Not sure who will be operating his puppet ropes. (The strings broke a long time ago.)

image 130

So… something don’t look right?

image 131

Veritas trying to make sense out of a blatent election tampering situation… or possible situation. What happens with this one?

Gaslight isn’t working Arizona… you are busted!

So this one is interesting… the Trump DeSantis thing is looking like a set up or a distraction. Another oddity.

Funny how enforcing voter laws can make it harder to commit election and voter fraud.

image 132

And now there is Stacy…. looks like Creflo Dollar’s Mega Church endorsement didn’t help. But I suspect she didn’t spend all those millions on the election.

image 133

Odd that Ryan pops up finally after a long, long time… is that a C.G.I.? Another distraction or just an oddity?

image 135

Now that is something I can understand!

image 136

Now that is something to take note of. Finally someone put it into the correct science block. Always was good. From grade school used to be taught that is… long long ago…. plants produced oxygen and we breathed it in and breathed out carbon dioxide in return plants flourished with it.

image 137

So now instead of Russia, Russia, Russia…the RINO GOP and DEM globalists are gearing up for spaghetti throwing contest to see what sticks and where. So, it’s not enough red candidates or it’s DeSantis, or it’s …. fill in the blank. This will backfire on the gaslighters.

image 138

Meanwhile…. the future is dancing….Smile.


Keep on pressing into the kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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