Election 2020 Facts and Truth – Wake Up!

President Trump had everything from the beginning from his Cyber Command at Space Force. He said it then, and he said it many times…”We have everything.” 

For some reason, we have drifted away from the facts and into a bunch of swamp goo. In the beginning was the facts and the facts were with us all. After the gaslighting and show began the clouds gathered and it began to rain skew and wake up sauce from many who had infiltrated as Q experts and podcasters in the know who popped up from out of nowhere… all to save the day…or to bring a few clouds to block out the light of it. 

On January 8, 2021, the Marshall Report brought you this article: ITALY-GATE – FOREIGN ELECTION INTERFERENCE – SEAL TEAM SIX HAS THIS ONE! – The Marshall Report (diannemarshallreport.com)

Which was a compilation of previous information and facts, old and new.

That being said… it is time to go back and look at a few of the key points that we all knew then… but few wanted to see it because even then… people were sick and tired of being sick and tired during COVID and all the loses endured with that mess in and of itself.

So let us look at some of the real facts that happened before there was ever a J-6.

Obama Orchestrated Election Steal in Italy – AFFIDAVIT SHOWS PROOF FOREIGN ELECTION INTERFERENCE IN ITALY! Election results switched from Trump to Biden and foreign interference in ITALY DID IT! President Trump knows and has everything!

image 409

Exhibit A…. We have a sworn testamony from Arturo D’Elia, who is the former head of the IT Department of Leonardo SpA, who was charged by the public prosecutor of Naples for technology’data manipulation and interference on November 4,2020 US elections.  Under sworn testimony, he stated that under the instruction and direction of US persons working from the US Embassy in Rome, he undertook the operation to switch data from US elections of November 3, 2020 from the significant margin of victory for President Donald Trump to Joe Biden in a number of states where Biden was losing. D’Elia testimony stated that he was working in the Pescara facility of Leonardo SpA and utilized military grade cyber warfare encryption capabilities to transmit switched votes via military satelite of Fucino Tower to Frankfurt Germany. 

image 405

The defendant stated he was also willing to testify to all individuals and entities involved in the switching of votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden when he and his family were placed in total protection.

Now this was signed on January 6, 2021.

When this surfaced the internet with many eyes… fake news began fact checking and saying this was not true. They said that this was actually from 2016 and 2017 and not 2020 as though it would be okay to hack in the 2016 election and not in the 2020? Good grief, these people are not real good at making up excuses to shut people up but… then again, all they had to do was ban them from social media like they did President Trump, Lin Wood and all who spoke truth. Free speech was denied which was another unconstitutional thing among all the things they did unconstitutional. The fact is they have been messing with elections for a long time and that is why President Trump wrote his executive order to take action on their election fraud foreign and domestic.

The truth was, has been and still is suppressed by fact checkers and script readers who most have now gone by the wayside, been fired as Musk has recently done with Twitter, or gone to GITMO like Zuck…but some say he’s still in charge of Facebook…so whereever that clone is… he has participated in voter fraud with the democratic party on a level so high it is called treason.

image 407

Remember in the Executive Order 13848—Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election signed by President Trump in 2018 regarding election fraud and interferrence both foreign and domestic… assets will be seized. Wonder if that’s how Elon got Jack’s stuff? Just asking… being appointed to oversee is par for this game of goofy golf.

The executive order not only applies to campaign infrastructure interference but also propaganda and misinformation. See: Executive Order 13848—Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election | The American Presidency Project (ucsb.edu)

Nothing is as it appears, yet…. Recall Esper was fired in November and Miller was appointed by President Trump as head of the Department of Homeland Security. There were many heads rolling at that time and the NASM act was in play and CIA and FBI and all paramilitary departments were no longer allowed to work independently in foreign affairs. They from that day forward were to operate with permissions of the military and not operate independently with their own agendas.

We also learned then, From the The Eric Metaxas Radio Show that Barack Obama was the one who master minded this plan:

“The theft of the election was orchestrated in the Rome embassy by an employee Stefano Serafini, foreign service officer of over 20 years. He retired the day before the election to ensure he would not lose his pension unlike what happened to some of the FBI agents who betrayed our country in 2016 and did lose their pension just days before their retirement. Stefan Serafini coordinated with a general Claudio Graziano, who is on the board of Leonardo SPA (an Italian aerospace defense contractor). Leonardo used their military satellite uplink to load the software and transfer it over to change the votes from Trump to Biden. The plan was orchestrated by Barack Obama with the help of Matteo Renzi, the former prime minister of Italy. The Italian intelligence service supplied intercepts, photos, phone calls, and (shockingly) pictures of the CIA agents who have been involved in orchestrating this. Italy did it. Senior IT Expert at Global Defense Contractor Testifies in Italian Federal Court that He and Others Switched Votes throughout America in the U.S. Presidential Race.”

The president is right – foreign interference took place and this is now being dealt with through the proper military channels.

See this link to hear about historic hack in Italy – Maria Zack | Seal Team 6 | Italy stole the Election #Italydidit Maria ZACK (rumble.com)

image 410

Read: https://lacrunadellago.net/2020/12/29/italygate-is-the-italian-government-directly-involved-in-the-us-election-fraud-against-trump/?lang=en

image 411
image 412

The fact checkers have always been out on their “Disinformation” campaign. It is in their playbook and how they save their democracy. Quite simply, they lie.

image 413

Our job is to figure out what is truth and what is a lie. That is where we all must dig and find the truth and generally it is right out in plain sight. When you ignore the fact checkers and fake news… you will find the truth for that is still out there, you just have to dig around for it.

Read about Ukraine’s WW 3 Tricks:

image 414

Click: Ukraine’s New WW3 Tricks (dagnyintel.com)

Remember…. Obama’s moves were outlined by his puppet masters in a series of preplanned events.

image 415

Obama was placed and he obeyed. Trump knew this better than anyone did. He had eagle eyes set on him from the start. Meanwhile, many nation leaders have had enough of the New World Order and will no longer comply to inhumane mandates! America you are not alone, the people of the world that make up all humanity have said enough to the evil ruling globalists!  But the evil ruling globalists will never tell you that, nor will they ever tell you they are losing.

image 416

Something is taking place and it is not what the media and those inside the capitol want you to know. Something on a world scale and huge. On January 20, 2017 President Trump made a historic speech at his inauguration. In that speech he addressed the issues America was facing and laid out his promise step by step that he and his administration held the commitment to forge and succeed at achieving. Please listen again closely at the words.

Or read them here. President Trump’s full Speech written transcript: Full text: 2017 Donald Trump inauguration speech transcript – POLITICO

Borders….and Walls

President Trump has stated many times that a nation without borders is not a nation, and a strong military will keep America safe and out of war. Why? Because when you have a show of force that is bigger than all others and will defend your nation, no one will dare to fight you. President Trump has forged peaceful relationships with the rest of the world. The only ones that don’t want to do business with him are those that want global one world government and that is not what the other people of the nations want, nor what freedom loving patriots of the U.S.A. desire. This is also why the globalists hate Trump and want him gone. Each day he continues is one more day that progress for peace and prosperity is allowed for all nations who want sovereignty, peace and harmony for their nations. The plandemic has laid the world in a mountain of pain and despair. There is a remedy for this and it appears it is about to be poured out over the wounds of America and the rest of the world. That is what I believe is taking place behind the scenes.

For those who may not be aware, during the Trump administration, Secretary of State Pompeo had been busy working with many countries…I believe all but two at the end of the administrations term, were on board to establish global peace and reformation. Fair trade and peace that allows the money spent on wars to be spent on the people of the nations.

This is still in progress now.

image 417

Photo below, Pompeo tweeted on Jan. 3, 2021, “My counterparts in the democratic nations of the Arctic Council helped turn the corner – recognizing the threat posed if we let the authoritarians dominate and spoil this geography.”

image 418
Arctic Council

In photo below: In June 2020, we reopened our consulate in Nuuk, marking an important milestone in our relationship with Greenland and Denmark — thanks @USAmbDenmark & team Copenhagen.” In the tweet below from Jan. 3, 2021 he states, “@jeppekofod, you’ve done so much to strengthen U.S.-Kingdom of Denmark ties. Thanks for the close collaboration and friendship”.

image 419

The question is… “How much of this has changed since Biden took office?” Has it strengthened or weakened?

image 420

Photo above, Pompeo tweeted on Jan. 4, 2021, “The Trump Administration pushed for a #HemisphereOfFreedom. We didn’t side with dictators, like the last Administration.”

In photo below, he tweeted, “Let’s talk Venezuela. The @StateDept team worked tirelessly to build a global coalition of more than 60 countries taking a stand against the illegitimate Maduro regime and supporting @JGuaido@AsambleaVE, and the Venezuelan people.

image 421
image 422
image 423

On January 4, 2021 Pompeo tweeted, “James Baker taught me that tinpot dictatorships look stable, until they’re not. Have to keep the pressure on Maduro. Appeasement will only embolden his criminal crew.

image 424

January 4, 2021 he tweeted, “Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua: The outliers in what is otherwise now a #HemisphereOfFreedom

Are you seeing why the deep state and KM Oligarchs plotted their coup and why they undoubtedly plotted it way in advance of the elections knowing they might get caught?  Their plan to steal the election was in full swing and this time it also included a preplanned coup against the voters of Trump and their MAGA terrorist agenda just in case something went wrong, which they knew there would be?  They were full aware of take downs during COVID and arrests but the KM Oligarchs were not going to just sit down and stop their evil plans to have their new world RESET order. They were moving ahead with their full force of gaslighting propaganda hoping they would be able to create the chaos that Albert Pike and the illuminati have planned for over a century to carry out.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration continued to build a coalition and alliances with those who desired freedom and prosperity for their nations.

image 425

#SoMuchWinning. Our relationship with Brazil is at an all-time high. Together with the @jairbolsonaro Administration, we signed a new 3-part trade deal, designated Brazil a major non-NATO ally, and launched the U.S.-Brazil Environmental Framework Dialogue.

Today, Brazil is fighting against the same election fraudsters that have selected their puppet leaders and Bolsonaro is fighting the good fight!

The truth is always right in front of your eyes and it has been all along the way!

image 426

Jan. 4, 2021 “We have worked hard to improve ties with our Caribbean neighbors, who were basically ignored under prior R and D Administrations alike. China took advantage. We took action”.

image 427

And the accomplishments go on and on with all but two nations. China and Russia. President Trump has been laying the ground work for America and the World to live in a free, prosperous world community that is polar opposite of the communistic regime rule of Tyrants who want to own everything and depopulate the world while punishing those they don’t like.

Which bring us back to January 6, 2021

On that day, President Trump met with patriots on the Capitol grounds giving encouragement and promise to the millions who came in support to stand for liberty and freedom for an honest and fair election for all Americans. That great event to exercise their first amendment rights was overshadowed by great evil forged by wicked people in high places who coordinated a Trojan Horse. The media has spun this into a giant web of lies in order to stop what Trump was doing. And that is exposing their cheat, lies, deceit, their coup, and in short their treason.

It always looks the darkest before the light, and it always looks like all is forsaken just before the grand finale in any good story. This one is Biblical and it does have a good ending. President Trump did not come this far in establishing relationships and deals with all nations except two that will restore world peace and be a reformation for nations from the inside out to just stop now because of cheaters and liars. He did not form alliances for prosperity with a league of nations who are eagerly on board to thrive and end the tyrannical central bank cabal who want to buy the entire world leadership with their money vaccinating, depopulating stealing their mineral rights, and keeping them enslaved and in debt.

They are about to find out the world is no longer for sale to the highest bidder. And America is not going to hell in a hand basket just because the three stooges went to Washington by stealing the elections with a voter fraud machine operated in foreign countries. So while it may seem to you today, that it will never happen, I am here to tell you it already has been taking place.

Stay focused on the truth and the facts, and don’t let misinformed podcasters and politicos fill your head with fear and opinions they have formed… stay with the facts and go back and look at everything that was done, and everything that they are all trying to hide. Look at histories of individuals, and their fruit. Remember the Lord said you will know them by their fruit and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.

We are looking at some very rotten orchards and the call is….COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE!

I am beginning to see that when President Trump made the remark that people haven’t hurt enough yet… that remark was given to the blind following the blind…. It was never directed at those who have been staying the course.

image 431

On January 6, 2021, The Marshall Report showed what had taken place that very day. Many of these videos, and facts were removed along with President Trump’s tweet for the people to go home in peace.WHO HELPED ANTIFA STORM THE CAPITOL? – The Marshall Report (diannemarshallreport.com)

image 428

Once the media began their disinformation and downright lies… it was a runaway train for the truth to be heard against the mocking bird media full of script reading parrots.

The truth is the truth…and facts are the facts. It was a staged event by the deep state. This is now a proven fact and the tables of the coup starters are now flipping over. 

Who helped ANTIFA and others storm the capitol?

image 429

Those who were there see what went down and they know there was a coordinated attempt to not only steal the election, they have paid off all those on both sides who could be bought and that is looking like quite a lot of them. They have coordinated a break in and staged a false flag inside the Capitol Building and blamed it on the Patriots. Trust me, if the Patriots were going to rush the Capitol they would do that in a different way. Patriots don’t climb on buildings like moneys and give out hollars and woop woops. ANTIFA does that. Their style is a give away! ANTIFA left their signature on this event as big as their graffiti!

image 430

The last and only breech on the Capitol was over 200 years ago (1814) during the war of 1812 and that took more than breaking a window to get into…which…by the way is not possible to break with a stick. This breech had to be assisted with lots of coordinated inside help. Pelosi et al involved I am sure. Why else was one of them inside Pelosi’s office? Even when told they could get inside they said no and could not believe others went in past police.

Since that day we the people and the world have been bombarded with lies, fact checkers, disinformation, and corruption even within our own patriot social media and road toad shows. There have been swamp critters among the frogs in the trickling ponds and many a wool pulled over the eyes of the sheep grazing in many pastures.

As someone commented on another post, this has been a good example of the wheat among the tares growing together until the time of harvest.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God….Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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