Drain The Swamp? Easy Right?

The world just keeps getting more and more complicated. A lot has happened since 2020… we have so much in our faces right now… who’da thought they would grow so bold just because we left them alone to do it ?

The question is…how does a president clean this all up? What does he do first, second, third, and fourth? How many steps does it take? Who is willing to go all the way up to a million steps and two million things to do? Does the one cleaning this mess up go out and say…”I’m coming after you NATO?” Does he say and next I’m coming for you Bilderberg? CFR you will be next right after I clean up the Military Industrial Complex… will they all just sit there and wait for that one to come after them next? When he says…ok all you in the world who deal in the occult…now I’m coming after you? Does anyone think they will just sit and wait? What do you think would happen if he said, “Okay Wall street, now it’s your turn…and hold on you nasty secret societies- your’re next right after I disassemble the MK Ultra machine?”

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The nature of the beast is very complicated and it is intertwined in every town, home, and government both domestic and world wide. It is in all of our systems from school, church, medical, shopping, TV, work place, technology…and every system is working in tandum 24/7 to try to get you to think like they want you to think.

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Club of Rome’s Report on their so called ‘new enlightenment’ for a one world order. It’s a book!

The Club of Rome’s Report is out that gives their views on their so called ‘new enlightenment’ for a one world order. Obey and have nothing and be happy after you are bot-tized in the name of the cotton swab!

Picture it… a think tank leader at Club of Rome is standing in front of his roadmap to world dominance chart, eyeing it while the committee members take their seats. The think tank leader has a red LED tipped pen and points it at the chart. He highlights “Paradigm Shift” and clears his throat, signalling he is ready to speak. The room becomes silent. He moves the LED light quickly from topic to topic, as he shares the plan…

“The Paradigm shift will take place after enough consumerism trends and the Bioethics team kicks in with Pyschiatry and WHO working as a team. The British Crown will meet with M16 and infiltrate Black Ops. At the same time Skull and Bones will infiltrate foreign and domestic alliances who attempt to dismantle its’ progress and take out a few of their key players as a warning to forego any ideas of future interference. At the same time an artificial supply shortage will be created and consumers will naturally begin to hoard and quit spending. This will be perpetuated by spreading more propaganda, in the form of a leak to the mass media that the markets are about to fall and a massive sell off will cause Wall Street stocks to crash, but…the IMF will do a bit more quantitive easing to insure Vangard isn’t affected and that will give the media time to push propaganda while Big Pharma announces the next virus.

“Simultaneously the Global spiritual new age gurus will push an apocalyptic cyborg society that doesn’t eat meat, that will halt Big Food from all production that will force people to eat human flesh whether they like it or not…that will have people running in circles as MK Ultra signals the psyops to begin a full throttle shock as transhumanism begins with a stream of MK Ultra volunteers.

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“Next we will have the Universities blame the chaos on resisters, and that will have all eyes on climate change deniers and big science. At that point we add HAARP weather modification and cause draughts and dry up the rest of Lake Mead and get Mega Churches to leak that God is angry and wait for it…there is no God it was aliens all along as NASA releases their top secret information and people panic when they find out the earthquakes were caused by the aliens throughout history. Then the people of all religions look for a world leader to rise up as they learn their Bibles were written by mere men to control people.

“He pauses and takes a swig of water. He assesses the committee and states, “I hope you are paying close attention and taking good notes.” The committee people nod and some sit erect and start jotting words down on an otherwise empty notebook. The think tank leader continues, “The people will panic when the next round of biowarfare hits, as thousands at a time are designed to drop dead with 6G. They will be bleeding internally out of all of their orifices and news releases from Reuters will show this virus eats their organs in nano seconds. It will be scripted as the most deadly contagin brought here by the aliens. Your assignment is to make this look real and to present the answer that makes the most believable sense out of the chaos. The goal is to have the people cry out for the government to save them, so future ideologies can easily be implemented.

“The media will push globalization and read confusing scripts of foreign policy failures that collide with reports from DARPA on intergallactic policies that no one knew about. WWIII begins in virtual reality…and the media pushes all the war propaganda that you will create that transpires between the angry aliens and humanity. It is up to you to devise the takeover …be creative. As project moonbeam kicks off and the skies are filled with alien takeover projections, entire major cities will be incinerated before their eyes by DARPA laser technology that they are told and believe are the angry aliens.

image 26

Your job is to take this outline and define the chain of events that will lead up to our desired mind breaking end game based on the data from surveiliance agencies and the archives at Mit. You can get as creative as you want. DARPA and HAARP, with the magic of NASA, Project Moon Beam and Hollywood’s C.G.I. can make anything you imagine look 3D. Now get in your think tank groups and make the future!” End of Club of Rome Think Tank Scenario.

Which bring us to…

Meanwhile, patriots, podcasters, and social media bloggers will be talking about elections, Taiwan, Ukraine and Hunter’s lap top… and the people will send donations and buy survival gear, political hats and t-shirts and some will even pay to attend road shows and buy more hats, t-shirts, books and trinkets. (Totally unaware of the dirty plans being formed by the Club of Rome in secret.)

Everyone speaking their latest reports will have a source, but unfortunately none of these will be able to share their facts due to operations underway. Instead they will speak of Hunter’s laptop, push their latest books and talk about COVID, vaccines and Trump. They mostly all will have juicy info, but just can’t repeat it …yet. Tune in tomorrow and maybe then?

Some will have a different scenario and charts like the one below. These are trying to get a message to Trump or something like that, not really sure? Club of Rome was much more specific and easier to follow. And among the podcasters, some will have a different outline… and different motives…some…not all, but some will be a part of the things on the chart the Club of Rome reviewed.

WHAT IS THIS THING….WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS SUPPOSED TO BE? Looks like everybody wants to zap at Trump here. Why? Who interconnects these darts and arrows?

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The only way out of this mind control boggled up mess is to dig in and discover the world of DARPA, Club of Rome, and most of all THE BIBLE for yourself. Look at the things you trust to be true… and even then… discern all things before the Holy Spirit. Read the Bible for yourself and find where it talks about all the mess we are watching on tv and the events you are paying to attend. Look what it says about how the world will be and what the Bible tells you the world will really be doing in these last days. Then… go down the BIBLICAL rabbit hole and find who the Lord said was behind the evil that has befallen the world, and what can be done to counter it. The Bible foretells this reign of terror and the darkness led by belial. The Lord spoke of it and told you how to call on the Father God through His name and the Holy Spirit will be sent to dwell in you and teach you and give you wisdom, truth and comfort you. The Bible tells us Babylon the great is going to fall and the dark side loses.

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Then ask the big question…..”Who will huff and puff and blow their house of cards down?” Open the Bible and see. Smile.

Beware of the Harlot riding the beast- she is that one world religion controlled by the world systems.

And then there are the churches who all have their ideas and are in the mix of the charts… corporations. Does that fall under Global Spirituality or just plain Religion? They have both in the Oligarchy system. Or is it also included in Conference Culture? Asking for a friend since most all of the Mega Churches love Conferences…they charge up to $350 for their own church members to attend…they love their conferences. It’s all corporate and tax deductible folks! Just like Jesus never said to do it…but hey… Simon Magus had a better profit through prophet idea, and that seemed to trend well.

Ephesians 5:6- Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience.

1 John 4:4 (KJV) Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.

Huddling together with hats, t-shirts and signs isn’t doing much to combat evil now is it? The podcast scripts keep people tuning in, all the while God is calling the people to come out of Babylon my people and return to me. Open the Bible and read how… John 3:16. Then read more and more and more!




By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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