Does It Really Matter If The Earth Is Round Or Flat? Does It Matter What We Are Taught? Evolution or Creation? earth img_8221  Psalms  93:1 KJV  1. The Lord reigneth, he is clothed with majesty; the Lord is clothed with strength, wherewith he hath girded himself: the world also is stablished, that it cannot be moved.
Enoch was taken to the four corners of the earth and taught the numbering of days and times and seasons….he notes he went to the ends of the earth of each of the directions North, South, East, West.  At each end of the earth he saw a great and glorious device where he saw portals that allowed the sun and moon and winds to enter.

This matches with the flat earth map and what we call Antarctica always beyond the end of what is north, south, east and west.  Each has the ice wall and the vault of heaven over it. Whatever is true does it matter?  Why not just take philosophy for its’ theories? Why be concerned with what the word of God says or a man who was righteous and the Lord took him up into the heavens?  A man named Enoch was shown all things and the words he wrote were studied by the prophets and Jesus himself.  Many parables visions of Enoch were spoken of by our Lord to his disciples. Therefore, I believe what he wrote.
I tend to believe Enoch was telling the truth and knew full well how to describe what he was seeing.  Especially after all the lies and evil that rules the world.
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1. And from thence I went to the ends of the earth and saw there great beasts, and each differed from the other; and (I saw) birds also differing in appearance and beauty and voice, the one differing from the other. 2. And to the east of those beasts I saw the ends of the earth whereon the heaven rests, and the portals of the heaven open. 3. And I saw how the stars of heaven come forth, and I counted the portals out of which they proceed, and wrote down all their outlets, of each individual star by itself, according to their number and their names, their courses and their positions, and their times and their months, as Uriel the holy angel who was with me showed me. 4. He showed all things to me and wrote them down for me: also their names he wrote for me, and their laws and their companies.
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For those who will say, Enoch described things abstract as he did not know what to call what he saw….it was Uriel who wrote these things down for Enoch and all the proper names, their laws and their companies.
CHAPTER XXXIV.1. And from thence I went towards the north to the ends of the earth, and there I saw a great and glorious device at the ends of the whole earth. (What was this great and glorious device?)  2. And here I saw three portals of heaven open in the heaven: through each of them proceed north winds: when they blow there is cold, hail, frost, snow, dew, and rain. 3. And out of one portal they blow for good: but when they blow through the other two portals, it is with violence and affliction on the earth, and they blow with violence.
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CHAPTER XXXV.1. And from thence I went towards the west to the ends of the earth, and saw there three portals of the heaven open such as I had seen in the east, the same number of portals, and the same number of outlets.
CHAPTER XXXVI.1. And from thence I went to the south to the ends of the earth, and saw there three open portals of the heaven: and thence there come dew, rain, †and wind†. 2. And from thence I went to the east to the ends of the heaven, and saw here the three eastern portals of heaven open and small portals above them.
enoch bb1
3. Through each of these small portals pass the stars of heaven and run their course to the west on the path which is shown to them. 4. And as often as I saw I blessed always the Lord of Glory, and I continued to bless the Lord of Glory who has wrought great and glorious wonders, to show the greatness of His work to the angels and to spirits and to men, that they might praise His work and all His creation: that they might see the work of His might and praise the great work of His hands and bless Him for ever.
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