Disinformation versus Truth – It’s A War!

For anyone who was doubting the CISA program for Jigsaw – “Reclaim The Internet” programming – take a look at this!

We find key evidence of government corruption and election interference in the Missouri Biden Trial! The Twitter Emails are key to exposing the fraud in many elections… and the social media disinformation campaign is indeed a treasonous coup. Homeland Security is infiltrated by those who are out to save their skewed form of democracy. Which includes destruction of the Republic and has no place for the constitution as it was intended to serve We The People.


You will know them by their works! George is a truth finder NOT a script reader! Amen! A good source to go to. Learn to know the difference and the truth shall set you free!

Good minds think alike… as we congratulate George on his viral news and discovering the lawsuit Missouri v Biden, for it is sure needed! I also have to say before he tweeted on Dec. 4th… our own Tammi found a lot of the same sources and connected the dots and passed them forward. Smile. God has many people working together in many unsuspected places, but we are all on the same page! I just had to give credit, where credit was due. Smile. Never under estimate what ONE person sharing can do! It always multiplies and triggers the information another one has… remember it’s like putting a puzzle together… you have a few pieces and another has a few pieces… and boom you find a fit!

You see, on December 2nd, I was working on a blog piece on ‘misinformation and CISA’, which I had touched on in an earlier blog when addressing propaganda and disinformation… at the same time… without knowing what I was writing on and doing, Tammi had found and sent me several interesting pieces on Google and their Jigsaw program….and boom. That was exactly the source I needed to go along with the article I had puzzle pieced together … or connected the dots… and we were off and running and those were the sources needed to verify my dots…to CISA in the blog (Free Speech, Google Disinformation, Mind Control – Where’s The Hacking Truth?).

Which bring us to…Good ‘ole CISA…. See something and say something means what?  It means treasonous activity in the making…

In the lawsuit, “Missouri v Biden”, this case involves multiple states and numerous government officials from every angle (White House, FBI, CIA, CISA, etc) Dr. Fauci and many others have already been deposed and are fighting to keep the depositions sealed from the public. They are getting busted one by one.

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The case involves incriminating evidence that shows the set up of the “disinformation campaign” hatched by cyber think tanks from Silicon Valley and Stanford University and the CISA program from Homeland Security that is designed to push disinformation and hide real truth and facts under the disguise that it is out to reveal truth by you the social media person becoming your own fact checker based on the facts they are pushing.

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No real debate, just a force of oppression of thought from those who are pushing an agenda of global reset and forced vaccines along with election interference that break laws.

What the pages roll out are the facts about the Homeland Security Program CISA where the people become agents to the agenda and some believe they are actually doing good, while others are using the system to initiate fraud on many levels. In this case, election fraud is proven via Twitter and the CISA Program along with other means via email exchanges and coordinated social media outlets with political figures.

The case uses email and social media exchanges from key people in multiple states that are involved in election fraud and the emails make the case how this was done with CISA and government interference with Cyber Security and Stanford University AI teams as well as other coordinated efforts.

Oh my… looky here. Is that Katie Hobbs emails telling Twitter who to censor?

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 Election fraud was performed on both parties, not just the democrats. There are documents showing McConnell received more votes from a county than were registered voters. Specifically in Ballard County in Kentucky, Senator McConnell (R) won by 74.64% of the vote receiving 3,134 votes in a county that only had 2,285 registered republican voters as of 10/10/2020.

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Watch for signs of plea bargains.  The corruption is so entangled and the knots they made for themselves are not going to be easily untangled. These election fraudsters and CISA programmed are caught!  Cyber fraud has been rampant both in the machines and on the campaign trails.  The infiltration has been in your faces and the government has been one of the biggest tools infiltrated illegally.

There are 111 pages of which the link to read them all is: #71, Att. #8 in Missouri v. Biden (W.D. La., 3:22-cv-01213) – CourtListener.com

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Which bring us to Mark Taylor, CISA and the 501c3 churches.

And on that same day, that evening… I watched Mark Taylor on ‘Assemble The Kingdom Network’ and BOOM! Another piece of the puzzle involving CISA, of which I took notes and began to deep dive.

Digging deeper into CISA were found the dots that connected to Mark Taylor’s prophetic knowings and research and recent podcast on the Government and the Churches being called out… which is what triggered me to dive deeper.

Mark Taylor emphasized the manipulation of the compromized 501c3 church and the signs of what to look for in symbolisms used by many of them. Mark talks on false prophets and false prophecies. He tells you what to look for so you can be aware and not be sucked into a one world religion and false unity.

image 70

Mark boldly points out that God is not in this. It is witchcraft, and Baal worship. Many are unaware that any of this is taking place and don’t know they are being lied to. Most have no idea that symbols are a form of magic and spell casting. But, most of all most are not aware of the hidden agenda in many of the churches by the church leaders and those who are behind the leaders.

Mark covers the brainwashing pysops done by the false pastors in the church. Mark points out the prophetic psyop that is going on right now in the church using Christianity and the Patriotic movement to achieve their misinformation campaign and herd the masses in the wrong direction.

image 71

Which bring us back to Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), who works with businesses, communities, and government at every level to help make the nation’s critical infrastructure more resilient to cyber and physical threats.  Everyone has a role securing the Nation’s critical infrastructure including what CISA calls Faith based organizations – Houses of Worship.

Of which their quick links include all aspects of society, corporations, social media, news outlets and systems:


image 60

Of which they say:

“The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is committed to supporting efforts to maintain safe and secure houses of worship and related facilities while sustaining an open and welcoming environment. In partnership with the Department of Homeland Security Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships and the Faith-Based Information Sharing and Analysis Organization, CISA provides resources that assist in securing physical and cyber infrastructure.

“CISA aims to provide a first stop for guidance and resources that will inform FBO-HOW security-based decisions.  Included below are numerous resources, including a Guide and Self-Assessment Tool, which provide building blocks for effective safety and security programs. The resources include assessment, training, planning, exercises, and other materials focused on a wide range of man-made threats (e.g., bombing, active shooter, vehicle ramming, etc.) that could be used against the FBO-HOW community.

“Many people spend time in churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, gurdwaras or other places of worship and public spaces. People should feel safe when they gather to express their faith or serve their community.

“As we continue to learn from faith and community leaders on how to improve the safety and security of these spaces, FEMA has identified five ways your community can get started today.”

This is the very same CISA that uses Twitter, Facebook and social media to find who is and who isn’t on board for their RESET programs. It is the same CISA that has created Jigsaw and uses pop up disinformation. Your pastor may be part of CISA? Most all 501c3 churches already are.

Read: SRG Public Assembly (cisa.gov)

Your 501c3 is part of YOUR NEW GOVERNMENT SYSTEM! The one that is behind voter fraud and all sorts of nevarious dealings.

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And where CISA is… so is the FBI. Read: Operation Flashpoint | CISA

image 62


image 63

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

CISA has developed an interactive self-assessment Houses of Worship that FBOs can use to inform grant applications – based on their state guidance.  In addition to this self-assessment, CISA provides security experts around the nation. 

Protective Security Advisors are available to assist with vulnerability assessments and recommendations/guidance for the grant process.  The PSAs can be reached via email at central@cisa.gov (the FBO should provide their contact information and where they are located so they can be matched up to the nearest PSA) and their website Protective Security Advisors

In Short… CISA is part of the FEMA program. It used to be called the “Pastor Program”.

Which include patriotic religious road shows such as Clay Clark’s Thrive Time that is filled with illuminati symbolism and its new script reading podcaster programmer programs.

Which brings us toIndian-American Lawyer Vijaya Gadde Spearheaded Trump’s Ban From Twitter.

image 65
image 67
President Trump was banned from Twitter wrongly by Vijaya Gadde on January 8, 2021.

President Trump was banned from Twitter at 3:29 p.m. January 8, 2021. Was the disinformation campaign involving election fraud and all the censoring Treason? Time will tell what becomes of all of this.

Gadde was later appointed by the Biden administration to an advisory role shaping the Department of Homeland Security’s “disinfo” policy CISA!

The CISA Cybersecurity Advisory Committee held its first meeting on December 10, 2021 where Members were sworn in and afterward they discussed their scope of work, and began to develop a plan for tackling key areas of focus. Due to COVID restrictions, members of the media and public were invited to attend virtually.

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image 69
image 68


image 72

The deep state is at war with God’s children. Wake up and see it!

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image 74

Remember to read: #71, Att. #8 in Missouri v. Biden (W.D. La., 3:22-cv-01213) – CourtListener.com

image 75

Every lie is now being exposed. Pray unceasing and put on the whole armor of God!

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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