General Flynn came right out and said, he is not “Q”. The question is, how many will accept this as fact and how many will say…he didn’t mean it because disinformation is necessary? And how many will shoot the messenger?

The prelude to “Q”.

General Flynn referred to American citizens as digital warriors originally in 2016 at Trump rallys. He was refering to Trump supporters and the social media groups. He encouraged digital media followings on social media, one whole year before QAnon was ever presented.

Michael Flynn Met FBI Without a Lawyer, Concealed Interview From Trump

The easiest thing to do is take the nuances of an individual’s persona and incorporate those into a mysterious site to indicate someone elses persona as synonymous with it. In this case it was determined by “Q” supporters that General Flynn was involved with “Q”. Once this happened, almost in a flash, all eyes were on Flynn as “Q”, because of terms used by General Flynn. Once the first person thought of it and the second person agreed, it was forever off and running.

When General Flynn first referred to digital soldiers there was NO “Q” anon. He was referring to those who report the truth and share it on social media. He was not referring to “Q” followers hunting for clues to riddles.

General Flynn became “Q” and he was now in the minds of all communicating with the patriots. Whoever perpetuated the “Q”, knew that when you tell a lie long enough, people accept it as the facts. (Clue number 1. Who uses this maneuver?) Is it not the left Cabal?

At the time “Q” entered the scene, General Flynn was fighting for his life and had no time for games. He had been falsely accused, charged, incarcerated and was in a dire situation. When he did get out, he was bound with restrictions and by gag orders. He would have never jeopardized his case by playing like he was “Q”. Nor did he have time to do so.

November 14, 2016, General Flynn speaks about Digital Soldiers and explains the fake news and citizens journalism. What he called digital warriors who research and share the facts and truth through social media. Flynn warned of socialism then the same as he is today.

But, by suggesting Flynn was “Q”, it created a fire storm of support and revved up. The “Q” would spit out drops that the digital soldiers needed to know and people played all sorts of games going down rabbit holes and trying to figure out what they were being told.

“Q” is a high security clearance held in agencies like CIA and DARPA, and we were told even the Presidency. It now appears it was intended to distract and data collect. It backfired somewhat because it created a patriotic push. General Flynn did not start it but people believed he was with it.

Again, back when they first set out to oust Flynn and charged him for things he did not do, there was no “Q”. He talked about digital soldiers on the campaign trail with Trump to encourage social media support.

Release the Kraken,' a catchphrase for unfounded conspiracy theory, trends  on Twitter. - The New York Times

By the time Sidney Powell had taken over Flynn’s case in June 12, 2019 “Q” had become synonymous with General Flynn. When asked about Flynn and “Q’s” phrase of “Where we go one, we go all”, which was a phrase Flynn had used on the campaign trail, Sidney Powell told the Washington Examiner that Flynn wanted to encourage people to think about being a citizen, and claimed the phrase “Where we go one, we go all” was first engraved on a bell on one of President John F. Kennedy’s sailboats. Which it was. We all watched the rallys. It was never intended by General Flynn to signal JFK is alive when he used that phrase. Far from it. That came years later because “Q” people interpreted it that way.

So because General Flynn likes the same phrase the “Q” used (by design) this is supposed to prove he is “Q”? With that thinking, anyone who quotes a phrase they like can be connected to someone else who uses it? Or maybe if you have a thought and someone else thinks the same thought a year from now…you could be that person?

Meanwhile, we saw a wave of “Q” you tube outlets popping up everywhere and taking over social media groups. At the same time, President Trump distanced himself of Flynn while he was undergoing his long ordeal. Trump was fighting Russia, Russia, Russia, and taking care of business, making history and the fake news was lying about Trump and his international travels, which began right from the start. Few were understanding of what President Trump was accomplishing because after Oct. 28, 2017, almost everyone digital was like the scene from the Pirates of the Carribbean at Worlds End Series. Specifically, “Q” was reminiscent of the scene where Jack Sparrow had everyone following him, running to the left and the right of the ship until it turned upside down.

That is what happened. People learned to research and a lot of truth was discovered…but when “Q” would disappear everything stopped and or got rehashed. That is when the numerology took over, like Darby putting dispensations in the Bible. It was fun to watch all the different new thousands of tubers have their own interpretations. Some close and some not so close. Some way out there and some closer. But one thing everyone learned that was to never be done…NEVER SAY “Q” IS A LARP. AND NEVER SAY “Q” IS NOT REAL. That will get you blocked, censored, cursed, and banned forever from the patriot movement.

This right here is why they wanted rid of General Flynn….he knew where all the bodies were buried.

I often wondered what Trump thought of all of the self pushing prophecies? It did instill patriotism… and it did hit a few home runs. When the people got the hang of researching, it bore more fruit than DARPA/CIA desired. It built a strong bond of serious “Q” patriots. That would never ever deny “Q” wasn’t what Trump and Flynn desired and they were all in the know. A field of patriots ripe for the picking for any new drop. They had a leader…a mission…goals….and they awaited orders.

They are still awaiting orders and now Flynn has come out and stated we are at war. He told the people he is not “Q” and Patriots need to realize that this nation is about to shift to socialism, Marxism, and Communism if we don’t get involved with standing up legally for our rights. He stressed people needed to be sharing information that showed others how to stand up for their rights, get involved with their communities and also run for office to make a change.

What it sounded like he was saying is…stop playing games and waiting for drops and get up and save the nation from the propaganda pushers!

When you stand back and look at the big picture you will see that the entire “Q” intel was a scheme from the start to set up General Flynn, and all Digital Warriors which are Trump supporters.

In a recent article by Sarah Westall, it all but confirms what many have been suspecting and some have known. And that is the entire “Q” anon was a baited trap to create the narrative that patriots and Trump supporters are the real terrorists and not the Cabal and their street paid recruits.

It appears “Q” has been a DARPA Black Hat trap....designed to label all Patriots as enemies of the state who should be rounded up and locked away or sent to re-education camps. The camps they have threatened us with. And so the first step was to censor them, kick them off and keep their intellectual property and then…the next step if they continue to spread patriotic truth is to round them all up. But all of it was supposed to provoke anger and have patriots take to the streets locked and loaded. But, patriots did not take that bait. Their plan was to provoke to anger so they could legally take care of the likes of General Flynn, Trump, Powell and every one of us who stand for freedom. It would turn all freedom and truth seekers into enemies of the state. They began this attempt with rhetoric that truth was bad and January 6th bussing in their own crisis actor paid rioters and blaming patriots. It will not work and they will fall instead.

But….these digital warriors are fighting back in a major law suit. Pray that they press and press hard to expose the corruption of all the Pelosi, Schumer, Biden regime…or whoever they really are.

In essense, we were never supposed to STOP AND WAIT for the next “Q” drop. We were always to put on the whole armor of God and press forward in the name of the Lord and use the laws God has given us that are in our Republic!

Sarah Westall | How President Trump is Combatting the Election Steal

Journalists Sue Google/Youtube Charging Government Collusion in Censorship


A group of journalists with large media followings who were censored and deleted from Youtube, are suing the parent company, Google, claiming government collusion and breach of contract. Their lawsuit contends that they were “unceremoniously ‘deplatformed’ by defendants Google and YouTube shortly after the House of Representatives passed a resolution urging Beg Tech to suppress the Internet users who discuss Qanon.”

Not all of the journalists in the lawsuit reported on Qanon, yet all have been publicly charged with this “crime”. The lawsuit challenges the Qanon narrative as being fabricated for political purposes and cites the suspicious timing only a few weeks before the 2020 election. Specifically the suit states:

  1. Google and Youtube argue that QAnon-related speech is wrong, bad, and dangerous. Yet the Chief of FBI testified before Congress that the FBI has not “seen lethal attacks including that kind of motivation and unequivocally stated that QAnon ‘ideology’ is not a subject of government investigation.
  2. Congressional disfavored speech reflects an alarming trend in favor of censorship and in opposition to the foundational freedoms of our republic. Read full story and filing documents below.

Journalists Sue Google/Youtube Charging Government Collusion in Censorship – Business Game Changers with Sarah Westall

See full filing document below

We the People Against Google by Sarah Westall on Scribd


Stay Strong and Press Forward – share facts on how to stand up for your constitutional rights and sue those who are breaking the law forcing mandates and vaccines!

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