DEMS Bear False Witness Before God and Countrymen!

On January 6, 2021, the Trump Supporters were gathering to hear the President Speak arriving when the gates opened at 7 a.m.. The photo below was taken at 9:51 a.m. The people were happy and waiting as more and more joined the crowd in the designated spot that the event was to be held. Photos here being taken and cell phones were filming live in the VIP area in front of the stage.

image 44

The trolls put out a video later that day, showing the happy team inside the white tent watching people gather at the VIP stage, and falsely stated that President Trump and the team were watching the Trump Supporters break into the Capitol laughing at the event.  This was a bold face lie. If you watch the videos you will hear the song “Gloria” being played in the background and see the VIP section of the stage and the happy crowd standing in front waiting.
Watch and see how they lied.

The event was supposed to start at 11 am. ET.   President Trump was late and it did not begin until 12:30 pm ET and some say even a little longer after that. His speech, including his intro and his ending where he danced and applauded the crowd time length was one hour and seventeen minutes or so long. You can watch on the Rightside Broadcasting link below.  You will see that when he spoke, it went longer than it was planned to go.  This brings us to 1:47 p.m. ET. The breech had already taken place while the speech was being held.

After President Trump’s speech he announced that he was to lead the crowd to the capitol where he would give an account to the evidence of voter fraud. Sadly, that never happened as planned due to the wickedness preplanned by those who oppose President Trump and obviously now it appears, who also support the insurrection. I’m not sure what else one could call it. The entire fiasco is as lawless as it can be.

MAIN STREAM NEWS IS MAKING FALSE CLAIMS AND REPORTING DOWNRIGHT LIES ABOUT THE EVENT. No one is showing the footage of the Presidents remarks that he will meet them at the capitol and the secret service will escort them.

fake news again


NEWSWEEK REPORTED: “Trump began speaking at around noon, according to USA Today, and the first rioters began clashing with police at the Capitol at around 1:10 p.m., after Trump’s speech was over.”

See full false witness bearing article here:

It has now been reported that the capitol was breeched at 1:15 p.m., On January 6, 2021.  Footage of the DC Police show a busload of ANTIFA gathered at a barricade on the opposite side of the Capitol jeering to get in and the DC Police open the barricade and let them through at this time. They did not go through the check in point that the Trump Supporters went through. All supporters had to have their belongings checked before entering.

image 46
This ANTIFA/BLM Swarm was taking place while Pres. Trump was speaking and continueing as the patriots were walking to the Captitol. It continued on and on as the people who they wanted to blame it on were late arriving.

Remember, President Trump was over an hour and a half late in starting his speech. Attendees were told by President Trump that the secret service would escort them to the Capitol where he would meet them and tell them of the voter fraud evidence.

The Trump supporters peacefully began their walk to the capitol. As they walked along, eye witnesses in the crowd (all of the crowd) heard shots and wondered what was going on. They heard shouts and shots. By the time they got to the Capitol, the President had released a message for them to leave but they were filming live and most all of the people did not know the President issued a message to leave.  You Tube and Twitter took the message down.

These are the real Trump Supporters and patriots. Note the white tents behind the stage. This is where the Trump Team was situated watching the people arrive. They were not watching the Capitol building being invaded by ANTIFA/BLM an/or crisis actors.

After the event, social media censored the President of the United States placing the nation in grave danger at a time of Emergency and threats of war between Iran and China. At the same time they busied themselves censoring key figures and law abiding Americans in the same manner. They went so far as to take down an entire alternative social media site – Parler. The same media techs have allowed hate speech, death and other terrorizing threats to go full throttle across social media and news sites against innocent Americans.
image 47
White House has all the videos of people, places and times.

President Trump and the Trump Team have access to Capitol surveillance footage and know the Capitol was breeched before patriots reached the Capitol lawn. He knows that the entire breakin was a set up by the deep state swamp, assisted by DC Mayor, and DC Capitol Police. They also know that because patriots had not arrived on time…that the invaders posing as patriots had to stay in the Capitol much longer than anticipated IN ORDER TO BLAME IT ON THE PATRIOTS

INFILTRATION within the government at the Capitol Building is out of control. They have contrived an evil thought and put it into full action. They have stolen both the peoples vote and the peoples honor by bearing false witness!

I won’t even go down the list of how many of the ten commandments of God they have breeched against His people domestic and foreign. God is watching all things and he is not mocked.

Pray for the people who have partaken in the mob action for they know not what they do. Pray for the people to have strength, faith, and patience as God moves throughout this land and the entire earth sifting the wheat from the tares. For he shall not abandon his people. Amen.

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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