Deepstate Versus We The People!


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We are at war and the battle is raging in the house! But the problem is MUCH BIGGER!

It has now been noted by Seb Gorka in the Bannon War Room that “80% Of Republican Voters” Do Not Want Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House. Meanwhile the media skews the “Never Kevin” in the House as 20 votes interferring with the status quo majority, thereby interferring with what the people want. When in reality they are standing up for their constituents and the voice of the people. Not the voice of the lap dog RESET RINO GOP.

So while we wait for the events of the day between the Speaker of the House Saga, and the Supreme Court’s decision on whether or not to try Brunson v. Adams…. here are some great videos on the DEEP STATE, which is what we are battling against and have been all along!

Deepstate history – controlling information, money, and high technology. Trump!

We are fixing the deep state mess and draining the swamp.

International Investments… the Bosch Group, I.G. Farbin, CIA and Deep State

NATZI, Thule, EU and Soros Open Society Foundation…

Russia, Deep State, Dulles and the CIA.

Dulles, CIA, Deep State Power and Budget, how it operates in USA…

Wallenberg family and what really happened to him? KGB and US Intelligence.

Sweden, Berlin, Deepstate…

The Hidden Enemy… a growing beast.

General Patton, WWII, what really happened to him?

Deepstate, Epstein, Ghislaine and the Blackmail Business.

Lord of the Rings and All Seeing Eye…

Money mechanics- How MONEY is created and debt, debt, debt … STAGFLATION!

The Hidden Agenda… Roe v Wade from start to finish. Deepstate truths.

Deepstate modern warfare and voter fraud…

Deep State Denazification and the fake removal… welcome to America.

This is what we are draining and why it is vital to end the deep state beast also known as Babylon the Great!

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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