Predictive Linguistics?

Twenty Year Deltas? Q’s intention? Basic Training Side Effects? Emotional Crash? Crash Minds to Come To Temple Clues? The War is On! And so the story goes that some were already warning of the systems and some were completely wired into it when the mysterious Q came along… there was a following that had to…Continue readingPredictive Linguistics?

Prime Time From The Other Side…

It’s time for some light hearted “Beaking News!” Yes, that’s spelled right… Beaking! In a recent survey, we found the majority of wildlife are not aware of human programming and make their decisions based on nature and convenience, versus marketing hype. They tend to observe and learn quickly from trial and error. In a recent…Continue readingPrime Time From The Other Side…

What’s The Most Important Thing To Know?

The entire world is fighting a great evil that was set lose to kill, steal, and destroy governed by liar after liar, after liar and the author of it. Jesus our Lord called this one Satan, the devil, Lucifer, Belial, and the Dragon. Those who worship this and seek to bring the god of this…Continue readingWhat’s The Most Important Thing To Know?

Sound The Trumpets…We’re At War- Good Versus Evil!

EXPOSING THE EU, UN, and NATO LIES ABOUT PUTIN’S CRIMEA … Crimea as seen by locals is not the communistic hammer that NATO, EU, and US politicians tell you. What Russia has done is allow them protection so they can live their lives by their own governing. Had they not voted to return to “THE…Continue readingSound The Trumpets…We’re At War- Good Versus Evil!

Schiff Hits The Fan…

He’s so done you can’t even stick a fork in it! Someone needs to tell him that when you are being removed from the House that doesn’t qualify you to run for Senate! You can tell a lot by a person’s eyes. At the moment, Adam Schiff has that look, the one in films that…Continue readingSchiff Hits The Fan…

EU Is Losing The RESET War!

European nations have had enough of the failed Lizard People’s RESET agenda and are sick and tired of the Lizard in Ukraine! Hungary has reportedly blocked the transfer of $544 Million in weapons aid from European Union to Ukraine. This is the third time since last year that the NATO Nation has openly opposed the…Continue readingEU Is Losing The RESET War!

NARA Says Constitution and Bill of Rights Are Dangerous!

In an online statement, the National Archives and Records Administration, or NARA — noted that it provides public access to millions of records, and now states the constitution and Bill of Rights fall into the category of violent views and opinions and is offensive!  NARA states: “The Catalog and web pages contain some content that…Continue readingNARA Says Constitution and Bill of Rights Are Dangerous!

Ukraine, Cocaine, Migraine!

HERE COMES THE BIG BOOT TO THE BOTTOM! Can the dancing President, famous for world go fund me billion dollar tours escape his fate? The show continues and reaches its ultra and we do mean ULTRA (all caps) CLIMAX, as the KM Oligarch appointed (made for TV) president and his fake O’Bidden, I mean Russian…Continue readingUkraine, Cocaine, Migraine!

Was That A Ritual?

Or was that just a mistake? I always wondered what that was about? Did anyone else ponder why Albert Pike’s Statue had to go? June 25, 2020… the only thing I could think of was KKK. But that was too obvious. It had to be something more. Especially when President Trump said to rebuild it.…Continue readingWas That A Ritual?

News Updates and Durham Report Shows Trump Was Right Again!!

Truth always withstands the test of time! See full Durham report below world updates. Stay the course! Stand in faith and be strong! PLEASE WATCH THE DOCUMENTARY “SECRETS OF THE UNITED NATIONS” LINK BELOW…. We know these things for we have been watching all things, seeking truth with the Holy Spirit and discerning between the…Continue readingNews Updates and Durham Report Shows Trump Was Right Again!!