What is in a name? Do you know what Nur -Sultan means? It means LIGHT KING! What a fitting name for the new Babylon the Great’s Capitol. Or so the planned capitol. Sounds like they are ready to have Lucifer come out into the light and they indeed have built a city fit for such…Continue readingNur-Sultan


J-6 Day Just to check in on the progress of the deep state and how they are all doing with their propaganda. How many are believing their story yet? Has their “gaslit” spell been broken or are you buckling under the pressure of repetition? And now the message they are trying to send so people…Continue readingGASLIGHTING For DUMMIES…

The Secret of Mud Flood Revealed

And now, if you will have it, the secrets behind the illusion and propaganda. The great merchants of the earth didn’t just paper clip key people, they also paperclipped their past. Or at least tried to keep it all secret, but as with all things… eventually you hit a critical mass and then things change.…Continue readingThe Secret of Mud Flood Revealed

Distractions, Who Sinned Most?

A Maelstrom is coming and most are arguing over mere words? If anyone ever doubted that the world is run by men who convince the majority that they have something more going on in their brains than the average Joe, all doubt has been erased. In watching and listening to these individuals rant and rave…Continue readingDistractions, Who Sinned Most?

The Road Less Traveled…

When you find the right path, stay on it! Neither President Trump, nor First Lady Melania ever received the respect and dignity of the office of the presidency. Now, at the time of world war, and when support is needed the most…people jump on the enemy train and shout all manner of blame, as though…Continue readingThe Road Less Traveled…

Fact Checking Globe Facts…

It is very interesting That NASA docs show that the shape of the earth was not known in 1948. They have patents that work based on a flat earth concept, because that is what they believed it was. In 1961 documents they still have missille patents that work relative to a flat non rotating earth.…Continue readingFact Checking Globe Facts…

Ghislaine Maxwell Found Guilty!

Jury Finds Ghislaine Maxwell GUILTY On 5 Of 6 Counts In Sex Abuse Trial JUST IN By T. Grant Benson -December 29, 2021 A jury has reached a verdict in the sex abuse trial of Ghislaine Maxwell. The British socialite was convicted of helping American financier Jeffrey Epstein sexually abuse teenage girls. Maxwell was found guilty on five…Continue readingGhislaine Maxwell Found Guilty!

Musk, Trump, Cern, Warpspeed?

The devil’s tower of Babel in Babylon the Great…what questions should we be asking to find the answers we seek? Most go about proclaiming they want answers… and they want them right now! Yet they want answers to the questions that lead to more deception. This is what makes them susceptable to more propaganda and…Continue readingMusk, Trump, Cern, Warpspeed?

CIA’s Cern Tunnels Quake!

Christmas Eve while we were doing our own things….the earth quaked in France and CERN was hit…why does this mean anything to us? Look and see….. EARTHQUAKE AT CERN!5 seconds before the end of Christmas Eve, an earthquake rocked the earth and sealed the demonic portal at CERN. Or so…this is what is told. In…Continue readingCIA’s Cern Tunnels Quake!

Where Are The Key DS Players?

I keep wondering what ever happened to the likes of Madeline Albright and Kissinger? Where is yapping Maxine Waters? And why is Harris so quiet? She never was before? Why isn’t Nadler loud like he’s been in the past and why are none of the Dems happy? I have yet to see them high fiving…Continue readingWhere Are The Key DS Players?