Biden Type O’Crazy!

Could all the crazy be getting more crazy to distract from the pedophile crazy? From Kids in tunnels crazy and from messed up kids crying out for help crazy stuff? OR IS IT JUST ALL HITTING THE FAN AT ONCE? Now that is voter fraud in your face and definitely needs addressed with a bit…Continue readingBiden Type O’Crazy!

Where Is All The Money Going?

Everyone must have a money tree, right? Everywhere we turn, someone is needing your last dime to save America, in someway, somehow for someone….yet, NOTHING IS APPEARING TO CHANGE except YOUR CHANGE IS DWINDLING. We have ads now pushing what to buy, buy, buy….and politicians out the wazooo….begging for dollars to make some cha’ching change….and…Continue readingWhere Is All The Money Going?

United Nations New Statue…

The Visitors Plaza outside the United Nations Headquarters now has a guardian fitting for the misguided representation it has taken over the years. We no longer have to wonder what this organization really stands for and what its’ agenda 21 goals really are. They really never have hidden anything, people just denied the truths they…Continue readingUnited Nations New Statue…

Smollett Found Guilty!

Smollett Found Guilty on 5 of Six Charges…Guess which one he’s not found guilty on? Facing “six counts of class 4 felonies (which are the least serious felonies in Illinois – surprise, surprise?), Smollett found guilty on 5 of them. They fell under disorderly conduct under a subsection of the law that prohibits false reports to…Continue readingSmollett Found Guilty!

J6 Pelosi Psyop Falls Apart!

Pelosi outdid herself this time…or the C.G.I. or rubber masked double…whatever it is? John Eastman’s Lawyers Just Destroyed the Jan 6 Committee and Its ‘Subpoenas’. Lawyers acting for constitutional law professor John Eastman have picked apart the raison d’etre for the January 6th Congressional committee, as well pointing out the potential for abuse of power and breaches…Continue readingJ6 Pelosi Psyop Falls Apart!

Are Psyops In Full Swing?

With all the crazy headlines and things that are looking so scattered and fuzzy regarding January 6, 2021, let’s go back and recap what took place on that day. I took a deep dive into the archives to glean some of the facts presented at the time in the Marshall Report. There are some big…Continue readingAre Psyops In Full Swing?

Gordon Rose Calls Out Flynn…

Gordon Rose unveils General Michael Flynn’s Associate and former body guard as a “Child Sex Trafficking Customer”…. meet Robert Patrick Lewis! WHAT? EXPLAIN THIS ONE MIKE! Robert Patrick Lewis, a Child Sex Trafficking Customer caught and arrested for doing so, is with Flynn running the circuits WHO IS SUPPOSEDLY OUT to crush child sex trafficking….which…Continue readingGordon Rose Calls Out Flynn…

Sidney Powell Speaks Out!

” Unfortunately, not everyone who seemed or may seem to be on our side—the side of Truth, Justice, Righteousness, and Courage—actually is.” Nancy Pelosi’s “Wrap up Smear” is Playing Out Before Your Eyes: “It’s a tactic” the Left “likes to use.” By Sidney Powell Watch the explanation, delivered only as Ms. Pelosi can. When backed…Continue readingSidney Powell Speaks Out! Enjoy!

Thank you to JJ Smith for passing this BREAKING NEWS along….HERE IS THE FULL WIKILEAKS FILES OF EVERYTHING FROM EVERYONE FROM OBAMA, HILLARY TO MANY NAMES WE NEVER HEARD OF! Index of /file/ ( Have fun digging while it lasts…..dig, dig, dig…..! The first thing that came to mind was a soccer ball? Anyone else?…Continue Enjoy!

Deepstate Infiltration

Deep State covert agents continue to infiltrate, manipulate, deceive, and destroy reputations! We saw and still see how it has been done to President Trump and now we are seeing how it continues in the Lin Wood versus Dave Handcock infiltrate, divide, and conquer fiasco that has now caused other roaches to scamper as the lights turn on.…Continue readingDeepstate Infiltration