Donbass In Perspective

No this is not Ukraine today. This is Donbas in 2014 when the Ukrainian Air Force blasted them.  From the beginning of March 2014, to the aftermath of the 2014 Ukrainian revolution and the Euromaidan movement (Influenced by the Obama, Biden regime when they helped navigate (topple) the political leadership in Ukraine), protests by pro-Russian, anti-government separatist groups took place…Continue readingDonbass In Perspective

We’ll Arm You Now Go Fight!

We, your government, will be hiding in our bunkers. Let us know how it fares in the end. So we know when we can come out. So the leaders of Ukraine are using their jab mandate and booster shot sheep as their new resources to go fight for them in place of the military.  If…Continue readingWe’ll Arm You Now Go Fight!

Now We Have Pariah Gate!

President Biden angrily vowed to turn Vladimir Putin and his country, Russia, into a ‘pariah’ in the eyes of the world. This is said by the man who can magically pass his hand through a microphone when interviewed, and needs assistance when dressing. So as he and the rest of the western world mandate toxic…Continue readingNow We Have Pariah Gate!

Ukraine Explosions – pop~

Ukraine at Maiden Square, live now…looks pretty calm. Everything is in tact. Remember, nothing is like it appears in this Go Brandon game. If this is a full scale invasion… what was the ANTIFA riots? That was nuclear!!!! Now, don’t get me wrong… I don’t want any explosions, I am merely calling out the fake…Continue readingUkraine Explosions – pop~

Discernment and the Watchman

TO COME OUT FROM HER MY PEOPLE…YOU MUST WAKE UP FROM YOUR STUPOR FIRST! YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO OVER AND OVER AND OVER! Oh watchman, tell me is it going to rain today or is the sun going to shine…don’t look at the clouds, do not look at the sky…that would be interfering with…Continue readingDiscernment and the Watchman

Cabal In The Fire!

Putin has EVERYTHING he needs except an honest WORLD COURT. Therefore, the time has come to strike. When the truth comes out, and it will, the people of the world, that is to say the masses of humanity will see for themselves what evil transpired in Ukraine to put it into the clutches of the…Continue readingCabal In The Fire!

Putin Takes Charge, Claims East Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin took full advantage of the golden opportunity to reclaim eastern Ukraine while the idiot Western cabal puppets hee-hawed around doing their usual war “what-evers”. Actually, the truth is they have to be told what to do next by their RESET Oligarchs who call out the “world war” shots. Presently these spineless…Continue readingPutin Takes Charge, Claims East Ukraine

RESET Will Fail But …

…before it does, it will destroy many who want it! It’s in the Bible. Read it and find out all about this mess. The same mess many have been warning others about for the last two years. It’s not new, and it’s been going on for a very long time. We just found out the…Continue readingRESET Will Fail But …

Lessons From The …

life Experiences of Tong, the smallest of Truckers, in the midst of the convoy. Tong, the proud convoy trucker is now the modern-day Jonah. He sits and watches, waiting for God to slay the wicked city who devises much mischief. He does not know that no sign will be given to this generation but the…Continue readingLessons From The …

It’s Martial Law and NWO is RESET!

Ottawa Emergencies Act Vote Live Stream! Canada has been a friendly social democracy. Canadians have told us over and over again they are not a socialist nation, they are a capitalist multi-party state with socialist policies to improve the quality of life for all its’ citizens. Qualities that prove it’s not socialist include elections, economic control, strong private sector…Continue readingIt’s Martial Law and NWO is RESET!