Nothing is as it appears. To find the truth we have to take the show apart and the only way to do that is to see what they are showing us in the show and look behind the veil. That veil has a history. A secret past that is filled with a pattern and a…Continue readingEXPOSING THE BANKSTERS

Fall of The Babylonian Debt Slavery…

ARE THE OLIGARCHS FINANCES DWINDLING? IS THAT WHY THEY NEED A WAR? WHAT HAPPENED TO COVID? DIDN’T THEY PROFIT ENOUGH OFF OF THAT? One would think that if Oligarchs that ran the western world were having their puppet leaders of nations go out to raid homes, villa’s, yachts, bank accounts, expensive cars and other property…Continue readingFall of The Babylonian Debt Slavery…

World War Z Update…

It’s all in play. Where do we begin … so much spaghetti being thrown at the wall and it’s all sliding around with a few strands sticking. First of all, I will report what appears to be the truth and am not responsible for anything that isn’t accurate for nothing is as it appears. You…Continue readingWorld War Z Update…

We Are Watching A War of The Oligarchs!

The same corrupt leaders who are shouting, the people, the people…the poor people of Ukraine, are the same ones who are shouting you will be jabbed, you will take boosters, you will not be able to do anything without your vax passport and we tell you how many jabs you will take or you will…Continue readingWe Are Watching A War of The Oligarchs!

They’re Back – The Great Reset / Transhumanism Agenda

They love their games of distraction and reaction! And now, just like that Joe Biden Called Trump Supporters Domestic Terrorists! WAIT!!! LOOK A SQUIRREL ON WATER SKIS! Wow… now that was something you don’t see every day. Now where was I???? Oh, Go Brandon decided today to try a bit of Ukraine strategy and call…Continue readingThey’re Back – The Great Reset / Transhumanism Agenda

What Did Graham Just Say?

Oh He must have been indicted…this is political suicide. What do they have on this one? Wait…is that a black eye? How does this sort of thing happen? Or was it a blast from his evil past? Seems like he was in this from the beginning! Why is his voice so low today? Why is…Continue readingWhat Did Graham Just Say?

Cabal Will Lose Everything and They’ll Not Be Happy!

When the meek wake up at the same time it is all over for them! Come out from her 7.5 billion… it’s time to wake up and see! No matter what the fake news tells you, the truth is the leaders all know exactly what has taken place and those with boots on the ground…Continue readingCabal Will Lose Everything and They’ll Not Be Happy!


People have asked to hear more on Tesla and President Trump. Especially with fake news shouting Trump is part of the Oligarch Schwab mess that has struck humanity like a fatal disease and it is. I pulled out from the archives a story I wrote in May of 2021 which was gleaned and added onto…Continue readingTESLA EXPOSED The CABAL In His Work…Who Knew? TRUMP KNEW!

Putin On The Ritz!

This Show Has Fallen Apart! The Real War Is The NWO Oligarchs “Cult” Versus Humanity! America and the BRICS are in the way! PUBLIC ATTENTION HAS BEEN SWITCHED…. WHY IS THAT? IS THERE ANOTHER TRAP SET? David Icke points out the same things we’ve been seeing in Ukraine and warns of why it is going…Continue readingPutin On The Ritz!

Aliens Are NOT Coming!

It was a NAZI INVASION HIDDEN IN THE BUSHES… THEIR ORDER OF EVIL SHALL NOT BE RESET! Man has been trying to take all the patents of Nicola Tesla and recreate his inventions to rule the world. Hitler’s spy’s George Scherff Senior and his son George Scherff Jr. stole a lot of these. Who happened…Continue readingAliens Are NOT Coming!