Dance All The Way To Freedom!

OPEN YOUR EYES AND SEE! This war is one for your mind – for your free will, it is a Spiritual Warfare and this war is ancient! Spoiler Alert…God already won!  What is left is to usher in the Kingdom of God which the Lord said didn’t come with observation like here it is or…Continue readingDance All The Way To Freedom!

News Update-MAGA

PRESIDENT TRUMP SPEAKS IN ALASKA! Sarah Palin speaks out about things Trump did for her you may not know and where America is going! Saturday night July 9th President Trump received a big Alaskan welcome! Trump said that MAGA was the biggest political movement in the history of our country. We knew that! The reasons…Continue readingNews Update-MAGA

Is The Sixth Sense Biblical?

What is Sixth Sense? Does Jacob seeing God’s Face tie into the sixth sense in some way? Genesis 32:30 “And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel: for I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved.” Where does the name Pineal come from? In knowing our ideas and names for…Continue readingIs The Sixth Sense Biblical?

God’s Kingdom Is Coming…I Can Smell It!

The sense of smell is one of great importance to the Lord God.  His portion of the sacrifice was that of the aroma of sweet savor. God’s Love  and Aromatic Sense of Smell – We are connected…Does smell go directly to God? The sacrificial sense….to God it is those who have perverted it…it is…Continue readingGod’s Kingdom Is Coming…I Can Smell It!

The Power Behind a Pea Size Part of Your Brain!

Who’da thought we had such built in power? When in harmony we truly can do anything! It’s not what we’ve been told at all! If one person has the power within themselves to end the evil of this show in their own life, imagine what could be done if we all discovered this power and…Continue readingThe Power Behind a Pea Size Part of Your Brain!


THE WISCONSIN SUPREME COURT RULING MEANS HE WON IN 2020! Will Wisconsin turn over the election to the actual winner who is President Donald J. Trump? There is no doubt that things are in motion….the collapse of the mule driven ballot box that Trump calls “corrupt, scandal-ridden Scam Boxes” has sent the Dems rolling and…Continue readingPRESIDENT TRUMP SAYS

RESET, Russia, Biden, a Bear, and a Hunter…

Now Showing – Sneak Preview –Season 3 Episode 668! This season the Joe Show takes a radical spin and anything goes as the left Khazarian puppets throw the kitchen sink at conservatives who love America and want to make her great again. Here’s what some show critics are saying… Judge Jealine: “I thought I had…Continue readingRESET, Russia, Biden, a Bear, and a Hunter…

President Trump Speaks In Las Vegas!

President Donald J Trump spoke to an energized MAGA audience – HUGE – LIVE from Las Vegas! As usual, Trump delivered a great speech loaded with facts, this time the focus was on his MAKE AMERICA FIRST POLICIES! Friday July 8, 2022. Listen to his great speech and his advice to go forward! GOD BLESS…Continue readingPresident Trump Speaks In Las Vegas!

Japan Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Assassinated

Assassination – 67 year old Shinzo Abe was assassinated in broad daylight while giving a speech in the city of Nara, Japan at around 11:00 local time. He was in the process of making a campaign speech ahead of an election to be held on Sunday for the House of Councillors, which is the upper house…Continue readingJapan Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Assassinated


The Khazarian blueprint for their new world order is all a self fulfilling prophecy made by a man who channeled the underworld for his direction. His name was Albert Pike. From this blueprint, other wicked men have worked and plotted to bring about the visions by contriving and plotting all manner of evil to accomplish…Continue readingRESET SPOILER ALERT