Here we go again, and this time it’s Liz Cheney. For those who can’t stomach CNN or watching these wrap up smears designed by liars, to support liars, and deceive the people who will hear the propaganda they vomit I’ll just brief you. You don’t have to watch the videos. I’ve never seen such evil…Continue readingCHENEY IS OUT TO START WAR IN THE STREETS – BLAMING TRUMP AND HIS SUPPORTERS

BOOM! Arrests Were Made In November 2020- GITMO Barge FULL!

Text messages from Virginia Thomas show arrests were made in November 2020 including Biden and his crime family! Conspiracy or truth? Those of us who have been shouting about doubles and an empty White House, and empty chambers in Congress sure look like they are about to be validated that they were reading all the…Continue readingBOOM! Arrests Were Made In November 2020- GITMO Barge FULL!


GAME ON…GAME OVER… CHOOSE WISELY! When we stop and look at the economic structures that have been put into place on a world scale, we see how little by little all the industry giants have coordinated their strategies into the nations, it is eye opening and criminal. This was never devised by presidents and nation…Continue readingWORLD DOMINATION – DON’T BANK ON IT?

President Trump Rallys Georgia!

SAVE AMERICA – TRUMP OUT TO SAVE GEORGIA FROM THE RINOS! If you missed it, here is the video. Another great rally was held Saturday, March 26th in Georgia with President Trump drawing crowds that spanned out as far as the eye can see! Trump jabbed at the media who always take what he says…Continue readingPresident Trump Rallys Georgia!

Gold Standard and Fiat Money

FIXING A RIGGED AND OUT OF CONTROL MONETARY SYSTEM First of all what is Fiat money? Fiat is a Latin word that means dictate. Fiat dollars are paper notes that dictate what the money is worth that is written on the paper. Fiat bank notes are used in place of carrying bulk amounts of silver…Continue readingGold Standard and Fiat Money

Follow The Yellow BRICS Road!

THE BRICS STORE IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Remember when we talked about the Bricks store?  I do. Well here comes India getting ready to “ruble” and they are going to be up and running as early as next week. The shift in events has turned out to be a new opportunity for India to export…Continue readingFollow The Yellow BRICS Road!


Connect The Dots…. Test Your Sleuthing Skills… At the press conference in Brussels, Biden said, “Ukraine must decide for itself whether it needs to make any territorial concessions in negotiations with the Russian Federation.” Why would Biden be saying something that sounds like it’s from the Trump Administration? Especially after all of his sanction rhetoric…Continue readingWORLD UPDATES – THINGS ARE MOVING FAST NOW!

Operation Lockstep Foiled!

ARE WE HEADED FOR A NEW GOLD STANDARD? Schwab’s RESET WORLD ORDER Is ALL BUT OVER! The (fiat) US Dollar, issued by the Federal Reserve (CENTRAL BANK AIR PAPER DOLLAR), honored all over the world, is recognized as backed by the full strength and credit of the so called wealthiest nation in the world, the…Continue readingOperation Lockstep Foiled!

Go Brandon Self Destruct Mode Is Now Activated…

And he’s off to Europe to drool in their cups! How long do Americans have to look at an empty White House, and a walled off Capitol Building while the lying fake media pretend that there is actually a functioning government and not a bankrupt DC, INC.? The real war is mind control and the…Continue readingGo Brandon Self Destruct Mode Is Now Activated…

Albright Dead While New World Order Lives On…

Or is it dying too? Madeline Albright is dead at age 84. Best known for saying the killing (MURDER) OF 500,000 CHILDREN IN IRAQ WAS WORTH IT. Even though there were no weapons of mass destruction and even though the USA, Inc. preempted the attack and Iraq was not threatening us. The cowardly efforts to…Continue readingAlbright Dead While New World Order Lives On…