45 Knows Everything!

Which wascally wabbit do we chase? Holmes or Maxwell? Theranos Trial Is Underway and Elizabeth Holmes is slated to take the witness stand in her defense on Monday Nov. 22, 2021. Meanwhile: An Investor Who Poured $96M Into Startup Claims He Was Duped! Brian Grossman, a manager for the investment firm PFM Sciences, testified that…Continue reading45 Knows Everything!

“Patriot Purge”

Tucker Carlson’s documentary “Patriot Purge” exposes the truth behind what took place on Jan. 6! Which that truth is what most every patriot already knows, and that is that the event was infiltrated by organized thugs and it was an inside job. The film exposes the coup by the Deep State apparatus to re-direct the…Continue reading“Patriot Purge”

Who Is In Charge?

CONSPIRACY OR CONNECTING DOTS….YOU DECIDE! Remember Satan rules the world and he works both sides of the war….he has his minions every where. The Lord told us he is like a ravenous wolf among he sheep. He also told us to be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove…..for he sends us out…Continue readingWho Is In Charge?

Wrap Up Smear At It Again!

TODAY STEVE BANNON TURNED HIMSELF IN TO THE FBI IN WASHINGTON, DC. for an alledged MISDEMEANOR charge that fake news pushed out as though it were A CLASS A FELONY. Can theses people get any more ludicrous? The word is the subpoena Bannon did not show up for, and or refused to cooperate with, was…Continue readingWrap Up Smear At It Again!

American Rights At Stake!

The Kyle Rhittenhouse case is not just about a 17 year old boy defending himself, it is HISTORICALLY THE BIGGEST CASE FOR THE RIGHT TO DEFEND ONESELF FOR ALL AMERICANS! KYLE’S OUTCOME WILL AFFECT EVERY AMERICANS FUTURE RIGHTS! Sheriff David A. Clarke Says…. “I served nearly 40 years in law enforcement with 15 of those…Continue readingAmerican Rights At Stake!

Rittenhouse Is Innocent!

At the time this occurred Kyle was a 17 year old defending his very life against armed gunmen. He lived through it and now has to defend why he didn’t just let them kill him? I’m sure his PTSD is off the charts reliving his fight to survive. Let this soak in, an 18 year…Continue readingRittenhouse Is Innocent!


Here we go….. So what thoughts do you have on this? What are they up to now that they are all caught in the Durham Investigation? Summary of the Terrorism Threat to the U.S. Homeland The Secretary of Homeland Security has issued an updated National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) Bulletin regarding the current heightened threat…Continue readingTERRORISM BULLETIN ALERT

Durham Unrolls-Arrest #1

Igor Danchenko,  a Soros Connected Associate of Lying Schiff Star Witness Fiona Hill – Trump dossier source, arrested in special counsel Durham inquiry! We now have a domino pushed and Igor Danchenko, an associate of former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele has been arrested. Finally, after a long awaited process, the Trump dossier source from…Continue readingDurham Unrolls-Arrest #1

Sidney Powell – Hold Fast!

Sidney Powell Update: What the Fake News is not telling you… Events are moving quickly as many people are pushing back legally on the horrible Biden vaccine mandate.   Sidney asks you to please share this news with others! Dear Patriots, “We are sharing news you may have missed over the weekend.  “It is understandable that…Continue readingSidney Powell – Hold Fast!

Expose The Beast System!

From head to tail the beast system lies, owns, controls, and limits humanity! Now they have gone off the rails with their schemes. They are about to lose all of their little scams due to their own greed and lust for power. Like the true gluttons they are, these rich parasites have played their hunger…Continue readingExpose The Beast System!