United Nations Militants Replaced Police In Canada!

UN PEACEKEEPING USED IN WAR IS NOW OVER CANADIAN CITIZENS… SO HOW IS THE FREE WORLD RESPONDING? They have deployed their tanks in war zones…and now they are taking this game to the western world on North American soil and they believe they will be successful?  This is the final blow in the UN relations…Continue readingUnited Nations Militants Replaced Police In Canada!

Trudeau Labels Convoy Economic Terrorists?

The real economic terrorists are the ones mandating who is essential and who is non-essential! The evil game is over! In America the entrepreneurial spirit is strong. Even during covid evil mandates and restrictions, some 3.5 million businesses were started during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. The real economic terrorist is the governments in league to…Continue readingTrudeau Labels Convoy Economic Terrorists?

Trudeau Sets Out To Arrest Half of Canada !

With the whole world watching, what could possibly go wrong? Since Canadian police refused to arrest fellow Canadians for doing nothing wrong, Trudeau replaced them with an Interim Police Chief, Steve Bell and found a crew who would. So now here comes a gestapo dressed in riot gear set out to get the grannies, kids,…Continue readingTrudeau Sets Out To Arrest Half of Canada !

Highlights of the Beast of Babylon Show!

THEY ALL KNOW THEY’VE BEEN CAUGHT! Joe Biden exposed in Hillary Clinton spy scandal! So now Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about Joe Biden’s connection to The Durham Report exposing the Hillary spying scandal. The Hillary Clinton spying scandal continues to grow. Neustar Information Services, the tech company at the center of the…Continue readingHighlights of the Beast of Babylon Show!

Judge Jeanine Pirro Presents

WHO IS HUNTER BIDEN? The Poet, the Princeling, the Pornstar, the Painter…. The ‘HUNTER Act’ was introduced by house republicans to STOP federal distribution of ‘Crack Pipes’. Why was this even necessary? Because we have an out of control usurper in the highest seat in the land which is the seat of the President of…Continue readingJudge Jeanine Pirro Presents

Pres. Trump Opens SPY GATE – 2016

It’s not simply election fraud, it is perpetrated, preplanned espionage, and TREASON to the HIGHEST DEGREE! It all started with the coup that we now call “Spy Gate 2016”! We now have an out of control usurper in the highest seat in the land which is the seat of the President of the United States.…Continue readingPres. Trump Opens SPY GATE – 2016

Robert Durham…could it be-

Robert as in Chief Justice Roberts who dished out all 11 FISA court Judges who WikiLeaks showed us were responsible for the illegal spy ring? Lin Wood seems to believe so… and it sure makes sense! He posted this on his Telegram page. John RobertsJohn RobertsJohn Roberts Do the research.Connect the dots.Draw your own conclusions.…Continue readingRobert Durham…could it be-

Clinton Finally Indicted!

What else have they all lied about? It is coming out now and it sure smells like treason! Trump was right! The Clinton foundation and Hillary Clinton has been officially indicted by Prosecutor, John “the punisher” Durham. Hillary Clinton is being accused of spying on the White House the Trump campaign and Trump Towers these…Continue readingClinton Finally Indicted!

Trump Spying Equals Treason…

Durham Probe is picking up speed. Watch for names, some say lots of names within the government itself to come out in indictments and arrests. THEY CAUGHT THEM ALL, EVERYONE OF THEM! So now this makes things more interesting … what shall the outcome of this mess be? Where is this going? So while the…Continue readingTrump Spying Equals Treason…

Of Tyrants and Kids…

I had to get up and jump and cheer with these kids!!! Give them a whoo hoo!! Well that was the good news…the rest is not so cheery. Here is a brief update on just a few of the things taking place in our upside-down world. The tyrants are pushing their bullying way too far!…Continue readingOf Tyrants and Kids…