It’s Show Time!

“BREAKING!!! The 9th Circuit just awarded Trump $121,962.56 in attorney fees from Stormy Daniels. Order just released. This in addition to the roughly $500k she already owes him.” Eric Trump. Does this action undermine the indictment? Eric Trump said on Truth Social, “Alvin Bragg has shut down the entire city, called up 38,000 NYPD police…Continue readingIt’s Show Time!

No One Is Above The Law, Except The Lawless Ones?

STOP RIGHT THERE! Not so fast! There is a Military that takes over when the government is being overthrown by lawlessness! With the left wing banana republic shooting from the hip, it may appear that the law is dead… but guess what, President Trump said, “It’s Time”, and that means the LAWLESSNESS is going to…Continue readingNo One Is Above The Law, Except The Lawless Ones?

The Pit Is Deeper Than We Thought! The More We Travel Down it…

… The More We See It’s Bottomless! Joey avatar’s script is getting old and worn out. I guess they have to keep reminding us what they did, what they planned, and even some of the things that foiled those plans that they rolled out anyway. And of course… the stuff the EU is still pushing.…Continue readingThe Pit Is Deeper Than We Thought! The More We Travel Down it…

Trump at The West, Putin at The East…

Historic events are unfolding. We are inside of the show called, “Come out from her my people!” It’s time to be an OUTSIDER! There are many nation leaders working together in an alliance of outsiders who desire sovereignty of nations. The two most talked about and the two leading the way are President Donald J.…Continue readingTrump at The West, Putin at The East…

Is This Check Mate?

BOOM …HERE WE GO… Trump said this one was first!!!! So Alvin’s going down, Trump said he’s first to go, even though I’m certain he’s already gone?? The facts are coming right out of his own mouth, he’s told on himself over and over. And after him it’s Joey Avatar…. He too has been gone…Continue readingIs This Check Mate?

President Trump INDICTED by NYC Grand Jury … But –

It’s set to be announced in the coming days! The felony indictment was filed under seal by the Manhattan district attorney’s office, and is set to be announced in the coming days, four sources familiar with the matter told the New York Times. So, a lot can happen in this show, but one thing is certain……Continue readingPresident Trump INDICTED by NYC Grand Jury … But –

What Are They Telling Us?

Everything Trump does has a meaning. So, why did Dan Scavino show us the inside of Trump Force 1? And why did he mention it was departing WACO, Texas? What clues can you find inside the cockpit of Trump Force 1? Is that a Trump figurine on the dash? Or do they call it a…Continue readingWhat Are They Telling Us?

Fake News, Rumor Mills and Truth…

There are many ideas floating and drifting and grifting out there… somewhere inside it all is the truth and the truth will set you free! Is Blackrock and Vanguard falling, falling? We know assets on paper are now worth a few flushes and they aren’t the royal kind. By now most all are aware that…Continue readingFake News, Rumor Mills and Truth…


FEDERAL RESERVES, IRS, NEW WORLD ORDER, BIG IDEAS… It is said that in 1999 – the National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act, also known as the National Economic Security and Reformation Act – came about from a 1993 ruling of the US Supreme Court after 30 years of lawsuits by the Farmers Union. In that…Continue readingFACT CHECKING NESARA

Stay Focused Avoid The Wolves!

It’s too late to follow the rabbit, and Alice is out of time… the storm is here, and there’s no going back. So while they have us chasing a ground hog that may or may not see his shadow on Tuesday… watch out for the wolves! Meanwhile other things taking place in March… the FAA…Continue readingStay Focused Avoid The Wolves!