Apple Eve Not Realized?

Are they talking about a car or something else? Apple Eve Sports Car is a concept car that appears very real on paper and CGI, but they are saying it will never be realized. So even though we see it visually in their photos and videos, at this point it is an idea, a big…Continue readingApple Eve Not Realized?


Why does this photo look so staged? Where have we seen such staged photos before? And what is Dan Scavino telling us here in his #Where’sBiden? This is not something Dan would normally post unless there is something to it. So what is he telling us? What is it that we are supposed to figure…Continue readingNOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS

Missing Trump Yet?

The left is going crazy and are desperate to bring Trump down to their pits. So far they have failed on all fronts. But the insane ones keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results. So….now they are throwing chewing gum at the wall hoping at least some of those wads…Continue readingMissing Trump Yet?


If Generals are more interested in fighting Tucker Carlson than they are fighting the Taliban and even exposing the lies of the CDC which is a private corporation and not a Government branch, then we are indeed in need of questioning why? If they are more interested in shoving more deceit in our faces instead…Continue readingTREASON OR STUPIDITY?

Cyber Symposium LIVE…

The show will go on regardless of the evil Cyber attack to delay Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium! We are under attack and the censoring continues to be brutal. The voice of the people will not be silenced and the truth shall prevail! Watch it live below! Mike Lindell says at 7:00 PM Central Time they…Continue readingCyber Symposium LIVE…

Mr. Email Raves at Trump?

Dr. Shiva represents himself in Court and proves violation of his first Amendment Right. The show continues… Now his twitter problem is Trump’s fault? Good grief…does he even know how he sounds? Where has he been lately? Dr. Shiva includes President Trump among those of not telling people to do a bottom up movement of…Continue readingMr. Email Raves at Trump?

Bio & Propaganda Warfare

IS PRESIDENT TRUMP TRYING TO TELL US SOMETHING VIA WARPSPEED COMMENTS? – FACT CHECKERS CANNOT SAVE THOSE GUILTY OF BIO-WARFARE! It’s been gaslighting on steroids with fact checkers trying to save the BIO-warfare killers from facing justice. But it is too late! THEY ARE ALL BUSTED! Trump has repeatedly stated that it would have taken five…Continue readingBio & Propaganda Warfare

Kraken & The Election Fraud

Message From Sidney Powell, 7-27-2021 “The truth, this is a global fight for freedom…..entire populations have been lined up in bread lines for decades like North Korea for example…. entire populations have been treated like slaves….. this is not just about the USA, it’s about the world. The Deep State is attempting every trick in…Continue readingKraken & The Election Fraud


IF GOD BE FOR US, WHO CAN BE AGAINST US? The true art of war is when you have God’s divine protection and his Powerful Host of Heaven watching over you, standing guard. They are at the ready 24/7 and strike on God’s command! Fear not. You belong to God and no body and nothing…Continue readingDIVINE PROTECTION…


BE PATIENT AND BEHOLD THE GLORY OF THE LORD…. Everything is in the hands of The Lord our God for his purpose, in his timing, for his PRAISE, HIS GLORY and the MAJESTY OF HIS SON, OUR LORD AND SAVIOR, JESUS THE CHRIST. Not mans. Trump entered the political ring for President with a mission.…Continue readingTHE WAR IS WON