The cry of the mothers has now begun!

No more child ritual abuse, no more drinking adrenochrome of our children!

Five mothers have found their voice in this song. They cry out about the suffering of all children who experience terrible things. And they sing of courage, hope and of a world that no longer sees children suffer.

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Julianne Romanello speaks about the struggle between good and evil that we face on the earth at this time, and encourages us to embrace the disorientating and oftentimes scary nature of the unknown whilst resisting imposing a system on it. Julianne is a Mother, educator and researcher. She has now become an activist for Truth and an advocate for humanity using her voice for others.

She is fighting to reveal the truth of how the Great Reset and Technocracy are being rolled out through local organizations and educational institutions through tax exempt foundations and impact investing. Her insights on the struggle for life and the right to exist with freedom and liberty has led her to be a strong voice for others. Using it to identify the P20 pipeline as the tool technocrats are using to shape the education and development of children so they may one day fill the jobs that will usher in the fourth industrial revolution.

The one constant through all cultures is the mothers love and need to care for her children. The Reset think tanks have dissected this constant and implemented methods of attacking the mother child unit and diverisfy it into a mechanical method of having it replaced by a societal mindset. Most are not even aware this is being done by globalist think tanks, nor are they aware that the goal is to devise ways to destroy their God given natural bonds of love between mother and child.

The family unit has been under attack and to divide that down and weaken the family further, the war cannons are aimed at the bond between a mother and her child.

Of course Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is behind the funding of such projects that they call P-20 Education Pipeline. It is even more sinister than any of the other blatant plots of his such as depopulating the world through toxic jabs.

It is not a new initiative, it is just one most haven’t heard of or shall I say, it hasn’t been exposed as the mind washing propaganda tool it is designed to be. P-16 and P-20 are system setups to take the educational system into their new Orweillian world. And of course they promote it as the best thing for society and individuals. In the same manner they love you and want to give you and your child a jab, an ID, and all the other restraints they desire to do to herd you as cattle and transhumanize your very existance. The pass it off as a marvelous thing for humanity when in reality it is a death sentence for the family structure, motherly bonds with child, and society as a whole.
It was Katana Edward’s powerful and deeply embodied call and prayer ‘Cry of the Mother’s’ that inspired the name of this event. Here Katana shares the story of the moments leading up to her ‘Cry of the Mother’s’ that was born out of the women and men of New Zealand rising together to protect their sovereignty. Katana encourages us to not lose faith but to allow that which is gut wrenching to guide us in this journey as we reclaim our right to connect to our mother, to raise our children in community and to live with spirit at our side.

They will not be happy until they get humanity pumped out of a society incubator where Pink Flyod’s vision of children as robots become a reality and not an idea in a video. See: What is P-20 Education? | P-20 Education ( More Information on P-20 Pipeline: selected-data-on-p-20-education-in-america.pdf (

P-20 initiatives are presented as support collaboration between academics and workforce training. Many states have initiated this program. Recently more states are selling a bill of goods to their citizens as a wonderful vision for a successful future filled with promise and success when in reality this is the “RESET” educational system of their future. They have been pushing this little by little in Univerisities and are ready to shove it into place. It will look so admirable, especially after a narrow escape of Critical Race Theory and all the other school system scares. It will look so shiny on the outside and like an answer to all of the jobs needed and an answer to all the chaos they have created during COVID LOCKSTEP. People will have no idea this was part of it the same as Swine Flu virus led us to COVID- 19. P-20 Education Pipeline ( That is how progressive Demon-acracy works.

See also: “Regional P20 Councils: Addressing the Education Pipeline through Regio” by Elaine K. Donnelly (

Claire Edwards worked for the UN 1999-2017 and warned the Secretary-General about the dangers of 5G in May 2018. She co-authored and edited the 5G Space Appeal ( and currently campaigns to stop the global coup d’etat taking place under cover of scamdemic.

As part of AEVA’s Cry of the Mothers, Claire Edwards expressed her grief at the scope of the threat that we are facing with the intended future that has been mapped out for us with precision and detail and is currently being rolled out all around us. She shares the solution, as she sees it, for us all to embody the fullness of what it is to be man/woman and to bring our hearts and creativity in authentic response to these times. She says, ” Once you understand the threat, you have no choice but to get involved”.


“For this Cry of the Mothers we came together across cultures and across lands to draw a line in the sand and to say no to the tech no logic take over of our planet. You can view the full event when you sign up to AEVA’s membership at, we’d love to have you amongst our circle. Our members make our work here at AEVA possible as we dream and vision and map our way through these times to rest again on sacred shores.” Cry of the Mothers (

Whereas the “Cry of the Mothers” was brought to my attention by a Tweet, and I have no opinion on the subject as of yea or nay, it is interesting to hear the insights that those who have put their hands to the movement are sharing. I have no expressed opinion of my own on this movement, but present it because it appeared fascinating and is a present activist movement. Now to delve into it deeper to be able to think, feel and choose….support it or decline it…that is always a testing. As a mother and familiar with the psychology of “Women Who Run With The Wolves”, it lent a kinship wind of archetype that signaled a spark of Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D., Jungian analyst and cantadora storyteller. 

Meanwhile….keep on pressing forward – we are winning!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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