Written by Flavia Eckholm
LOL! So, after I have tried to tell Cruzbots that we can’t keep fighting, can’t distort the other person’s candidate, should stick to the issues and not make anyone’s candidate a monster for the other side, NOW Cruzbots are actually saying to me that I need to help them unite the party?????
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Here’s what I have to tell you.
You can wallow in your lies, distortions, 20 year old grievances of a man who had the temerity to risk his private business that he has spent a lifetime building to run for president because he thought that to run for office was the right thing to do, but you will do this on you own. You don’t get to lie, cheat and steal from my candidate and then come to me with your self centered, selfish, sanctimonious, self righteous pleading to unite the party, when you have done nothing but tear it apart.
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You can love your sell out St. Cruz and unite with all the RINOs you have fought for the last 7 years. You can sell out with the Bush family machine that is driving over a man who is trying to stop the flood of immigrants from ruining the country; but you can’t put the toothpaste back in this tube. Once you decided to do anything in your power to get a brokered convention and to deny my candidate a fair election, you went with the RINO machine and against everything we have fought for together. This is the place where we part.
Enjoy your new party. I’m sure Mitch Mc Connell will be gleeful you were able to swallow your ethics long enough to give him everything he wants. You have helped the machine destroy what is probably the last private citizen who will ever run for high office because of the dirty tricks you helped use to smear him.
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If you are so blinded and stupid with the power of the open border money driving this push and you are OK with that, then you are not the Patriots I thought you were anyway. You would sell your soul to the highest bidder and give up all pretense of playing to the strength of the candidate and allow the coercive power of the media to thrive.
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You have chosen your poison, so live with that and the consequences of that, but do not ask me to join you. You are doing everything that the RINOs wanted you to do, to swallow all your idealistic goals and to let them get TPP, erase our borders, give the Liberals this conquests, keep the EPA as a control agent. All the goals of the RINOs have just become your own; let the foreign leeches take all our treasure and social benefits meant for our people. If you accept the help of the Romney/Bush/Rove machine, you accept all they stand for.
Live with it. Love it. Goodbye feeble friends. Betrayers can never be friends. I will not stand with you.
By Flavia Eckholm

By Dianne Marshall

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