Cruz, Rubio Presidential Eligibility Challenged In FL, VT, and MD!

Well, so far complaints involving the ineligibility for Cruz, Rubio and Jindal to run for president have been filed in three states. Florida, Vermont, and MD. It appears all these people have to do is show proof of the eligibility requirements to run for president as stated in the constitution. So far none have, however Jindal has dropped out so it is moot for him. (Citizenship is not the same as the naturalization requirements for citizenship to run for President as stated in the constitution.)
¬†For some odd reason, Cruz has had his birth records sealed. He’ll have to answer the reason why himself. Heaven forbid if we speculate on that one. It does appear very strange especially if he has nothing to hide? He did show his Canadian Birth Certificate and his paper denouncing his Canadian citizenship, but he has not shown any consulate papers. That must be what he has sealed. So if Cruz will just show proof of the proper papers there should be no problem. But, so far he has not and avoids the subject when asked. See Link:
Rubio, will be very difficult to prove as neither of his parents were citizens until five years after he was born.
Read Florida Complaint for Declaratory Judgment and Injunction 50 here:
Meanwhile the GOP is bolstering its commitment to make any new republican voters in Virginia sign loyalty pledges? Even though Virginia allows any voter the privilege to vote for any party in a primary. Is this even legal? Doesn’t this infringe on the state laws and voting rights? Go figure…it gives me a head ache.
Breaking News: Tracy Fair of MD Files Petition to U.S. Supreme Court re Rubio, Cruz, Jindal re Natural Born Citizen Presidential Eligibility Clause in the U.S. Constitution
News: Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio Constitutional Eligibility Legally Challenged in FL [and VT]
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