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Cruz is desperately lying again. Accusing the Donald of personal bankruptcies and bulldozing down a woman’s home….both which have been proven false and the woman today is now trying to sell the building that Trump allegedly tore down. Give me a break. This from the man who is still refusing to admit that he weighed in on his senate campaign as one having liquidated all his earthly assets and Heidi in 60 seconds agreeing for him to “dang gone it “….just wipe us out and go for it.
The real hard truth is, his Heidi helped arrange Goldman Sachs and Citi-bank loans, borrowing in total over 1.2 million dollars to finance this launch of love to the senate seat. He also failed to mention that he in turn, he loaned the borrowed money to his campaign and failed to report this one little unethical incident to the FEC, and did not break his crazy liquidation math down on his Senate campaign report properly that he keeps repeating that he so did. To top it off, in the interview from the link below, he arrogantly in the highest nasal tone possible, told the masses…he always pays back his bills….but he failed to state that this 1.2 million dollar 3 % bankster campaign loan was later paid back to the banks through his own (donor driven) campaign funds. Nor did he mention at what interest rate he charged his campaign for the generous loan to support himself.
He is now misrepresenting Trump and his business ventures, claiming that he owes $480 million dollars in a manner that resembles that Trump is on the verge of losing his shirt. This goes to show that Cruz is either a hideous liar or has no business acumen to understand how business investments are financed and carried on the books for good business management.  In the same breath he boasts of always paying his bills, as though there is any comparison in paying your light bill and maintaining sound corporate business structures.  Good grief.  He fails to mention he is not good at always telling people all of his income sources or admitting to his own off shore  Jamaican private equity firm investments and offshore accounts.   See link:
So Miry Cruz is wallowing in more venomous viper lies ….will he crawl back under the Canadian rock he slithered out from or will he just continue in the senate to promote, but not promote, but in the end promote open borders for illegals and Islamic refugees and agree to give billions to Cuba?
Either way, he has already pompously shamed the good people of Iowa with his ethics violation of sending them a fraudulent notice of voter violations, of which the Iowa States Attorney has expediently reprimanded him for, sighting Cruz campaign wrongfully  impersonated the government and wrongfully obtaining personal voter records….of which a suit may be following shortly? But as a social media person said it so eloquently and succinctly, in response to his “No apology for sending the flunking and humiliating voter grade reports out to citizens with a threat of a follow up grade …. “This coming from him, who routinely misses votes as senator!”
And may I add to that….this coming from an uninformed Cruz who fails to realize that thousands of Iowa caucus ‘would be voters’ get turned away each year when the Fire Marshall says the room capacity is full. What an idiot. Or is he just showing his true sociopathic, Marxist characteristics.
What’s next? Will he start shouting “God dam America” when he loses?
Dianne Marshall
One more tidbit coming out of the Texas Teaparty… several senators who caucused for Cruz in his senate run, are urging the people from Ted’s own district, not to caucus for Senator Cruz this time around. They have written honest reports showing he has used his seat as nothing more than a political instrument to promote himself by pushing legislation that fails to pass and making political grandstands on issues he has no senate or house support for.  They are urging voters to take a look at his real record which is full of double talk and votes that go against the good of the people of Texas.  They site specific issues that cannot be argued.  So…there you have the real Cruz as witnessed by those who actually caucused for him when he ran for senator and now regret their failed naivety in believing  he was telling them the truth.

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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