Cruz, Blew It Big League and It's Not Going Away Any Time Soon!

Did Ted Cruz realize how many New Yorkers live in Florida? How many now have moved there to retire? He just shot himself in the foot with not only New York and Florida, he shot himself in the foot with every decent person across the nation that didn’t like watching that smug smirking snake oil salesman.
Oh how confident he was, after all, his campaign did a poll to see what the best question to attack Trump with would be. Somewhere in this poll they chose the question of liberal values of a New Yorker would really get to Trump. What the ones choosing this insulting remark as the ultimate weapon for Cruz failed to realize is that America loves New York and the statue of liberty represents the values of all Americans across the land. Not to mention 911. So whoever chose that as a good line to use, wasn’t thinking, nor were they understanding that the people are already angry at that type of labeling.
Cruz you are not a true American at heart. Your values lie somewhere in Cuba and Canada with a dry sense of humor that doesn’t relate to anyone who can critically think. Pandering is more what you do.
So enjoy your headlines today. Although they may not be the ones you had hoped for. One thing is sure, the time is coming when the media will once again be saying….Trump was right again. Ted Cruz has been sued by the dems.   Either that or they will just say, Ted lost the night he trashed Trump’s New York.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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