If there is any lingering doubt in anyone’s mind as to Cruz being one of the lowest self absorbed  traitorous life forms roaming the planet – this should end all the doubt! He not only LIED, CHEATED, and committed FRAUD throughout his entire campaign…when he lost and ran out of money he turned to the Democratic National Committee for funding to ruin the GOP Nominee Donald J. Trump! Emails have been released by WikiLeaks implicating the weasel who is about to pop!
And just why would Cruz do that?  Because he is NOT  a man of principle, NOT a man of his word, NOT a man you could trust, NOT a legal immigrant, HE IS Anti-American and pro new world order!   He is a globalist snake with a lethal venomous bite who can never be trusted.  His records were sealed because he is paid for by the establishment who owns him!

WIKILEAKS Releases 20,000 Hacked DNC Emails…
The news about the DNC emails just gets better and better. A few things we are seeing so far:
1) Ted Cruz asked the DNC for MONEY to help fund his delegate fight in Cleveland.(specifically: Eric Bennett to and from Ken Cuccinelli, R-Virginia working with Ted Cruz and the DNC to undermine the delegate selection before the convention. Working to push through rules changes in the rules committee and working to flip bound delegates against the rules and state law. All co-ordinated with the DNC.)
2) Jake Tapper of CNN colluded with the DNC. They gave him questions to ask his interview guests.
3) Chuck Todd of NBC was also colluding with the DNC and put pressure on others at the network to go easy on Democrats at the DNC’s request.
4) The New York Times co hosted parties with the DNC. This is against the law by the way.
5) Hillary Clinton setup a slush fund through the DNC to launder donor money.
6) The DNC actively colluded with the media to work against Bernie Sanders.
kaine tim-kaine
Hold on to your seats folks, this is about to get beyond real as the evil ones are exposed for the minions they are and always have been!
This is certainly the election of the last generation…one between good versus evil!  I stand on the side of law and order for Trump – the only choice for the GOOD of ALL AMERICANS!  Hillary is not for America she is for One World Order and you are nothing to her!  No one is!  If she is allowed to get away with all she has done and is doing – YOU ARE ALL DOOMED WHO VOTE HER IN!
rnc trump-898e18f8-dc55-4379-bf87-42582d33c656
There is only one way to vote in this election for a free America – that is VOTING FOR DONALD  JOHN  TRUMP!

Leaked Emails Show DNC Chair Told Chuck Todd Negative Coverage ‘Must Stop’

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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