Cruz Bear Hugs Won't Protect Us. Vote Trump!

Cruz bear hugs won’t protect us. Trump’s commanding leadership will!
A little fact checking and vetting is always done when a person runs for President.  In view of the fact that the press and the GOP has done very little vetting on anyone other than Trump.  It is high time we look at some Ted Cruz records. I will not go back and dig up what someone did when they were married without children, I will merely take a politician on their own words, and their own record.
Like it or not these are the facts, please take note on his attendance concerning his seat on the Armed Services Committee which is  a committee of the United States Senate empowered with legislative oversight of the nation’s military, including the Department of Defense, military research and development, nuclear energy (as pertaining to national security), benefits for members of the military, the Selective Service System and other matters related to defense policy.
Remember Ted Cruz promised he would be the Tea Party example of what it takes to be a good senator and be there for the important votes to represent all the people.
Fact: Cruz has skipped the vast majority of Armed Services Committee hearings, is below-average in attendance on his other major committees and ranks 97th during the first three months of this year in showing up for roll call votes on the Senate floor.
Fact:  In Ted’s first two years in the Senate, he attended just 17 of 50 public Armed Services Committee hearings for which there are transcripts — the second-to-worst attendance record on the 26-member panel.
Fact:  On two other major committees, transcripts show he only attended four of the 12 Judiciary Committee hearings. His aids say he attended 20 of 40 of the Judiciary full-committee hearings held. On the Commerce Committee,  official transcripts show that Cruz participated in just three of the 25 full-committee hearings during the 113th Congress.
Fact: Cruz  missed 21 of 135 roll call votes during the first three months of 2015, ranking number three for the -worst record among all senators.
Fact: Cruz skipped votes on aid for Israel, student loans and human trafficking, among others.
Fact:  Last month Cruz was asked about his missed attendance and votes of the Armed Services Committee hearings and he dismissed it by saying he’s been busy planning a presidential campaign.
Fact: A  POLITICO review  found that his attendance problems date back to his first few months as a senator in 2013, when he skipped congressional hearings on immigration, the war in Afghanistan and across-the-board spending cuts.
Fact: Cruz’s senate attendance record rates almost as poorly as  Marco Rubio of Florida. Cruz uses the excuse as this is his way of bucking the system.
Fact: Of the 44 bills Cruz has authored most all appear to have little chance of becoming law anytime soon, including four to repeal or defund Obamacare.
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