Cruz And His Church Campaign??

It’s one thing to give a testimony, it is quite another to act like a false evangelical money grabbing liar.  You know the kind that tell you if you don’t send money God is going to punish you somehow….and you have to give in order to receive a blessing.  Those that give now will get that new job next year…those that don’t give will have caused all the bad things in the world to continue type of rhetoric!
Well, that is what Cruz sounds like to me in my head, in my emails, on TV, in campaign commercials and on  social media.  He now makes me want to vomit when I see his plastic smile, his fake pauses and poses, his  devious grin, and hear his squeaky voice.  He is absolutely both an ear and an eye sore.
God help the people who follow this guy and believe his every word as though it were the truth. They need to hear the trumpet blow a few times to wake up.  Meanwhile, they send their money, they listen in awe, and have no idea that his campaign stance on the issues is just another false approach to the establishment’s global goals to achieve a NWO.
His stance on the TPA was NWO.  His stance on legalization of the millions of illegal immigrants was a step forward for NWO goals.  His increase in B-1 Visas by 500 percent was totally NWO.  To abolish the IRS and set up a flat tax with no answer to who will collect the money to pay our national debt back…was vague and I am sure the steps of implementation will be right out of the Agenda 21 planning guide. Does he plan for one big giant bankruptcy?  What is his plan?  Just so you all know, the IRS is a private corporation who is trained by the United Nations to collect debts from debtor nations.  So how is he going to get the money to pay our debt?  What new arm of the UN global community does he plan to enact?  What will his new system be?  Has he even mentioned the amount of money he is asking for his flat tax?  Has he addressed how this will effect low income families?
Then there are his big banking and oil industry roots which are very entangled and I will leave it at that.  I don’t want to be accused of attacking his father or his wife.  At least not now.
Most of all, I would love to see how he will end ISIS in the first month like he is now claiming he will.  Is he going to just nuke the world?  ISIS is  everywhere now thanks to the establishment and their puppets Obama and Hillary.
I would call Ted the pied piper or a just another politician full of lies to get votes, but since he is acting like a false shepherd and piously using scripture to seduce Christians, I have to call him out.  It’s one thing for a person to say “I believe God sent you.”  It is quite another to tell the people, “God has sent me to you, please do his will and vote for me.”  That just turns my stomach.
So as Cruz has said, put on your whole armor of God…I certainly have.   If we make it to the election, my vote is for Trump.

Recently we got to see his dishonest approach of coaching his family for testimonials and have them take 1, take 2, take 3,4,5,6,7,8,9, to the moon and back.  The man is not honest, he is not who he says he is and I know the Cruz loyalists will be shouting that I am the liar and not Ted Cruz.  Well, have at it and watch the raw footage.  The man lies.  The man is part of the establishment and he is no outsider.  He just has a hard time being an insider because most all of his fellow congress people hate him. Why?  From what I have read, watched, and heard others say, it is because he is vain, and not trustworthy toward them. He has alienated most all of his peers.  So….like it or not, the man is either a nerd, or deceptive.
The good thing is we each get to vote for our own candidate.  And the real issues, like the policies I mentioned earlier, are what need to be discussed.  Sadly, when you have a robotic Canadian actor on the campaign trail, it’s hard to ignore him.  Or is he Cuban?  Either way he’s a white guy from Texas, so there’s no racial slur here and none intended.
Dianne Marshall
UPDATE:  For those who do not understand that for Cruz to abolish the IRS he will have to figure out another method of debt collecting ….and do not understand that this is governed and controlled through the United Nations….please see link.

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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