CRAZY SHOUTS to Bar Trump and Bomb Putin…

Leticia James shouts BAR HIM (President Trump and his children) end their corporations…while Zelensky shouts BOMB HIM (PUTIN and all his ethnics)end Mother Russia!

What could possibly go wrong?

So while the people in the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions are voting to leave Ukraine and woes of nuclear war is sounding because a rattled puppet for the oligarchs named Zelensky thinks he is never going to have any punishment himself for all of his criminal war acts, and all of his acts against humanity… we have another puppet pop up, who is propped up with “dark money” and her defense is to go after a family who operates out in the open with legal funding. 

NY’s AG has some way out accusations as bad as Zelensky…hold on as this show gets more and more like “Tales From the Crypt”.

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We just wrote about the “Chatham House Rules”……

First, here’s a quick refresh from our previous Article “CERN The Modern Day Tower of Babel”….

When you look at the Chatham House Rules and Kleptocrats you will learn how the UK’s financial and professional services have long provided a comfortable home to dirty money. In the video above it explains the rapid deregulation and growth of London as a centre for these services from the 1980s coincided with the end of the USSR and the rise of the post-Soviet kleptocracies which today are major sources of customers for British banks, law firms, and related sectors. You will also make the connection between the recent Attorney General in New York and her calling out Trump on his personal tax and real estate records as she presently sets out to find anything he may have done illegal over his entire lifetime. Good luck with that one as he has always followed the law to the T. However, this road the dems are traveling down will open doors to a lot of those who are involved with working with “Chatham House Rules of the Elite”. My guess is this will backfire on them big time and expose those who are guilty of such things such as the Clinton Foundation.”

And low and behold today …

Others are now talking that Trump will be calling out the Clinton Foundation by this bizarre move done by Letitia James and the tables will be turned to draw out the Clinton Foundation and their corrupt dealings.

Let’s take a closer look at what is taking place….

Soros Funded New York Attorney General Letitia James sued President Trump, his company, and three of his children, saying that Trump falsely inflated his net worth by billions of dollars.

18 U.S. Code § 793 ( the Espionage Act.

18 U.S. Code § 2071 18 U.S. Code § 2071 ( – Concealment, removal, or mutilation of records/documents/items belonging to a clerk or official of the US Governmentt.

18 U.S. Code § 1519 ( – Destruction, alteration, or falsification of records in Federal investigations and bankruptcy.

Letitia James has undermined herself, corrupted her high office, and debased the rule of law! Gregg Jarret at Fox News reports…

Unwittingly, James has delivered to Trump a jurisprudential gift and self-sabotaged her own ability to prosecute.  Beyond recusal, he could demand that any criminal charges filed must be dismissed due to overwhelming evidence of bias.  

“In other words, James has been chasing Trump, not crimes. This is a flagrant violation of his due process rights which are designed to protect citizens from abusive prosecutions.  Her own incriminating words would be used against her.” Read More:  Gregg Jarrett: NY’s AG Letitia James’ behavior is an affront to justice. She is neither fair nor impartial | Fox News

We all know that President Trump, and his entire family, has been gleaned over and over again by the Dems and they could never find anything on him. Trust me all the alphabet agencies and Hillary’s henchmen have tried and came up with nothing. They had to make up their own pack of LIES FOR RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA. Now by opening up an investigation with these potential charges the we will watch and see how this will blow the lid off of the vast majority of all who have used the Foundations with the Chatham House Rules to launder their dirty money around the world.

The spotlight will soon be focused on the Clinton Foundation and Joey Avatar’s arrangements in Ukraine…and we will soon see a list of names of the real criminals who have used this “Royal” method to steal, plan wars, partake in human and child trafficking, bioweapons, and all manner of corruption will come out.

While fake news hypes this NYC Attorney General’s war cries as the end of President Trump…we must all look at the facts.

  1. This is a civil lawsuit from the New York State Attorney General.
  2. Trump and his children are not being charged with any crime.
  3. A.G. James is saying she believes they committed crimes. (This could lead to a liable suit back at her.) Remember this is a civil lawsuit.
  4. James is accusing Trump and his children of overstating his property values consistently for at least 10 years.
  5. James alleges they did this to get lower interest rates on loans. And lower rates on insurance?? Guess she doesn’t understand how business works? She somehow in her fuzzy math believes they saved at least $250 million over the last ten years by overstating the value of his real estate properties.
  6. She wants Trump and his company to give back or pay out that amount she estimated as $250 million to someone…??? That is why Trump said he was looking at making a settlement, but didn’t because he said he wasn’t guilty of doing anything wrong.

So we have a woman who ran her campaign funded by Soros, based on Trump rhetoric to bring him down… like she’s the one smarter than Hillary and all those who went before her to do such a thing… with her fuzzy calculator and made up stories based on her lack of business acuman.

This is NOT ABOUT BANK LOANS, this is about WAR ON TRUMP – IT REAKS OF RESET KHAZARIAN PUPPET MASTERS and the puppets who do their bidding.

We have all watched our property values go up and go down based on the markets. Mostly when they are manipulated… however, each property owner has the right to value their property at what they estimate its’ worth. There is one cold hard fact that Letitia James needs to understand… every bank that loans money for commercial real estate sends out their own appraiser to determine the CURRENT value of the property. They loan money based on the value the appraiser tells them it is worth. In the case of “construction projects” when you borrow money to purchase and to improve the property… banks use their appraisers to evaluate both before and after values. This is very important as money is lent based on the value of the property AFTER said improvements are done. Money is loaned and placed in escrow, and given out at stages of construction. There is a lot involved and it sounds like Leticia and her constituents haven’t a clue how any of this works. But she does understand cheating!

Just because criminal minds all blame others for what they do… we have to look at this as a mental illness of sorts…

In December of 2017, when Letitia James was still just a “Public Advocate”, she made the news for taking $750,000 in public money that she didn’t need for her campaign and spent $500,000 of it on Election Day itself — dumping money she’d otherwise have been obliged to return.

The New York Post wrote: “Her gaming of the system is arguably worse than Mayor de Blasio’s: He at least faced a credible general-election challenger. James’ little-known Republican rival, J.C. Polanco, raised just $26,000. Which means she outraised him by 4,000 percent — yet still got a bath of taxpayer funds. Read: How Tish James shamelessly milked the public (

Leticia James and her George Soros funding connection….coming for your guns!

The State of New York’s Attorney General, Letitia James (D), who was aided in her election bid by groups funded by George Soros, is receiving some push back from Attorney Generals across the nation in her effort to dismantle the National Rifle Association (NRA). James filed suit against the NRA on August 6, 2020, asking the courts to dismantle the National Rifle Association!

James based her request on outlandish allegations of financial irregularities and self-dealing among the group’s executives.

“We are seeking to dissolve the NRA for years of self-dealing and illegal conduct that violate New York’s charities laws and undermine its own mission. The NRA diverted millions of dollars away from its charitable mission for personal use by senior leadership,” James stated in the suit. Read: Attorneys General From 16 States Push Back on Soros-Funded New York AG’s Plot To Dismantle The NRA – National File

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Trump has followed all of the shennanigans of this bunch so fear not… he has their number and has been dealing with this puppet for a long time now in earlier law suits. It is us who are just now seeing this part of the show. So hold on…Trump was not hit from the behind by a puppet like the fake news is shouting. Trump is well guarded and very prepared to battle this corrupt pawn. He will have her lead you to her groomers hiding behind the veil.

Back to Trump’s civil suit for appraisals, Leticia doesn’t stop there, she has a list of other perceived crimes in her lawsuit that she is sending the IRS on him for. Her puppet masters thought up this scam of tax fraud and other potential lies…and she’s also calling on the Justice Department to believe her other criminal accusations. I do hope this goes to a federal level where they look at hers. She truly believes she is Pelosi, Schumer, Joey, and Roberts all in one lump. But, what she is doing is bringing a lot of attention to those who are behind her and have helped her to do illegal things like her own campaign money laundry schemes… remember she knows all about how to do that. She has been groomed to play all the games.

image 258
image 259

Read the 220 page lawsuit here: Document List (

Leticia has presented her exhibits of proof by color coded alphabet letters dotted on every suspicion she could imagine…and then filtered them onto pages and pages of ideas where he may have or could have implemented her imaginations. I visualize her and her think tank sitting around someones patio having drinks shouting out ideas and laughing like hyenas as they wrote them all down.

The color coded blue K is precious…”increasing the value of a property by a fixed percentage to account for Trump brand value.” Good grief… doesn’t she know the difference from buying a name brand versus a knock off? Has she ever attended a celebrity auction and see what a dress worn by a famous person goes for? That is what branding is all about – it adds value!!

image 260
image 261

This sets a new presidence for civil law suits. If you are bored and don’t like your neighbor, just sit down and write everything and every motive you imagine they may have done or thought when they bought their home, car, and any property and what you imagine they thought when they mowed to close to your property line. That pretty much sums up her lawsuit. There is page after page of a variety of imagined exhibits. It is sheer fiction.

Meanwhile earlier this September, Nikki Haley went after Leticia James in a lawsuit for breaking tax laws by leaking the list of donors to her conservative not-for-profit advocacy group.

The New York Post reported that Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has an overwhelming case that the state Attorney General’s Office illegally leaked confidential tax documents ID’ing donors to her nonprofit, Stand For America, Inc. Haley’s lawsuit aside, AG Tish James has a duty to find the felon working for her.

Harboring a criminal who abused power for nakedly partisan purposes is a very bad look for New York’s top law-enforcement official.

The proof: Politico’s article listing the donors, which shared unredacted pages of Stand For America’s 2019 tax filing, clearly marked with the AG’s official stamp.

SFA is a political-advocacy outfit (barred from candidate advocacy as a nonprofit) that plainly serves to help promote Haley’s ambitions, including a possible 2024 prez run. That makes the info prime fodder for Politico, which got the doc from Documented, an activist group that claims to target “dark money” in politics. The felon in James’ office presumably gave it to fellow-believers. Read: NY AG Letitia James must find the felon in her midst — pronto (

So to go on some wild sort of defense… Leticia is fisciously asking to bar Trump and his adult children from having any Corporations in New York. War on Trump has once again been declared. This war is is in the civil courts. We shall see how this ends up. I see a counter civil suit coming that may boomerang and compromise the new A.G.’s elected position as more and more suits fire back at her in her face of corruption. She has both hands deeply embedded in the cookie jar so full, she can’t pull them out.

The real question is…who is behind Leticia James?

The writing is on the wall – Leticia is up for a HUGE AWAKENING… and now… who will do a civil lawsuit to look into a few foundations…?? Like any Joey Avatar has…and Clintons? Rockefeller? Ford? Gates? Oh this can become very interesting.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!

The battle is growing fierce!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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