COVID War Is Real…

But Not In The Way CDC and WHO Present It!

It is a war to depopulate!


The war is against God and God’s people throughout the world. The enemy hates humanity. The goal appears to be to depopulate, I mean it’s written in their own Agenda 21 for sustainable development, so it’s not made up. Why those who want to control everything want to do that must have only one conclusion…they don’t like the good folks. They also have designs to destroy the human family structure as God purposed it and have their own form of upbringing from cradle to the grave, all government controlled. So let’s face it, the ideals of those who seek their one world disorder are far away from God and His people.

They hate us, therefore they kill, steal and destroy. They don’t hide their distain for humanity. Just look and see, watch as they jab us and now want to jab our children. The enemies worker bees are in lockstep and together have denied medications that will work to help a person get well and are willing to allow people to suffer in the hospital. They chart our loved ones progress, which is mostly down hill and collect their pay. The effort to make sure that family don’t sneak into their loved ones rooms, and to make sure that no one sees them is greater, or so it appears, than the effort to help the patient recover.

I mean what do you call it when no one is allowed inside, and the patient is denied to have medications that have been FDA approved and have been proven to help others? We have watched some very prominant people die for these very reasons and so…they are not seeming to be a respector of persons in this at all….except for congress and Senate, they have made sure that any of the rules they have made for us do not apply to them. They are exempt.

Meanwhile any doctor who says no to the insane jab mandate protocols are threatened to lose their licenses. When this boil comes to a head, and it will, these same doctors who are going along to get along….will be losing their licenses. Trust me, they pretty much all will. Unless they come away now…with all the evidence pointing at a murder mandate (legal phrase of Sidney Powell) …there will be no excuse.

So that is the sad state of the Union at this time. We have many people talking of this and frankly the videos are depressing to watch but the stories must be told. The news is depressing to hear from family and friends who are going through these nightmares right now. This insane lawless disrespect for human health is a breech of all facets of medicine. Those involved in doing these things need to be added to the list of those involved with violating the Nuremberg Code. WHO, CDC, and Fauci et al would not be able to do their evil without the cooperation of all the hospitals and doctors and that is a fact.


At the time Moses led the people out of Egypt, even after God miraculously parted the Red Sea, many still mumbled and blamed Moses for their calamity. The time came when Moses went into the mountains to talk with God and was gone many days. The people complained because they got tired of waiting for Moses to return. Divided in spirit, they stirred others to follow them, even though God had performed many miracles, including sparing their first born in the Plague. Instead, they returned back to the gods of Egypt to save them and made a golden calf, of which even Aaron erred in making it for them. What they did not know in their delight to take charge of their own lives, in their own way was that God saw what they did and was angry. So angry he was ready to strike them all down. Moses interceded for them and God agreed to let him handle the people. And so he did and all who did not turn from their ways and stand with the Lord were slain with the sword. All of them!

Crossing the Red Sea | Bible Story

So who will be the Moses to stand in the gap for the medical field who has gone along with the group who wanted to do an evil thing? Is there one? I have a feeling there is no one coming to save these who have partaken in the evil act of mass genocide. The window of time to repent of this and walk away from it and return to what is right is narrowing. There is but a crack left open to escape what is coming, If they don’t turn from this evil and get out now….they will never be able to escape what is coming for them.

The propaganda zombie doctors (as Stew Peters calls them) are on notice. The clock is ticking.


It is not us the Global Cabal is afraid of – IT IS OUR DESTINY!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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