Here we are once again – the COVID LIARS ARE CAUGHT!

The entire planned covid is out in the open and people around the world are awake. They know the entire plandemic was and is a farce created by globalists to break the backs of the people, cripple economies, destroy civilized societies by creating anarchy and usher in their new world order.

It is no secret that China has openly allowed their videos on concentration camps to instill fear of what is coming to the rest of the nations as world leaders follow in lockstep on how re-education is done. Well, America is watching and they don’t like what they see.

After a Chinese state media reporter called Marsha Blackburn, Senator of Tennessee a “lifetime bitch”. Yes they called her that. Well Blackburn then set out to exposed China’s concentration camps and took it to the senate asking or shall we say DEMANDING TO KNOW what the UN’s International Human Rights Organization intends to do about it? Then lays in to proving her case of their inhumanity and rips- heck tears through their evil acts!

China Daily Bureau Chief Calls Marsha Blackburn a ‘Lifetime B*tch’ For Insulting Chinese People

Read article here: China Daily’s Chen Weihua Calls Marsha Blackburn a ‘B*tch’ (

covid liars caught lying again and again remove the cdc fauci birx and gates
blackburn 2

The Rubio gets triggered and comes to Blackburns aid…see story here: Marco Rubio triggered after Chinese journalist calls fellow senator ‘LIFETIME B**CH’ for slurring his country — RT USA News

Meanwhile the only ones who are buying into the CHINESE AND UNITED NATIONS COVID PLANDEMIC are the ones who are in LOCKSTEP to depopulate the world, destroy their own nations so they can be handed over to the one world utopia with promises of fortune, fame and power. The reality is they have sold their souls to the devil for 30 pieces of silver and they are as good as Judas in as far as they will get to spend their money. They can throw their bags of silver back at the beast, but the beast will just pick it up laugh in their faces and hand it off to another. That is how the beast operates and history is filled with story upon story upon story of how this beastly system operates.

birx anthony fauci ac 715p 760w

President Trump is full aware on all of this and more and he is moving his own chess pieces around and I am certain, if Trump’s body language wasn’t loud and clear all along the way, he is anxious for the day to finally remove all the mad vaccine scientists and put them behind bars! He knows the United Nations Human Rights are a shell for inhumane operations!

Meanwhile vaccines are here and being peddled to the elderly first. Shameful.

covid trials
 Philadelphia priest who was part of Moderna’s Phase 3 COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials has died. Father John Fields was the first to volunteer when the University of Pennsylvania sent out requests for people in middle age to early 70s to participate in the trials, according to The Dialog, a publication of Catholic News Service.
The Dialog featured Fields in a story with Catholic News Service November 23, 2020. Four days later, Fields was dead. He was 70 years old. Colleagues said he died of an “apparent heart attack.” Colleagues also said that Fields “never had any concern about the risks of participating in the trials,” and that he told people he had no symptoms or side effects after either of the two injections.
News reports didn’t say whether Fields actually received the vaccine or was in the placebo group.  

So now we aren’t sure if the healthy man just died of a placebo? Which raises questions in and of itself….death by placebo doesn’t sound quite right now does it? But, if by heart attack…well finally COVID pushers will admit there are other forms of deaths in their death count list when it works in their favor. All of this is completely wrong and none of it medically. It is all science performed by biologists, and paper pushing lab rats!

Watch Live: Frontline Physicians Aim to Dispel 'Massive' COVID-19  'Disinformation Campaign' - NewsDesk
Front line doctors speak out on at the Supreme Court to expose disinformation fake media and Fauci are selling to the public. Watch Live: Frontline Physicians Aim to Dispel ‘Massive’ COVID-19 ‘Disinformation Campaign’ – NewsDesk

Real doctors have come forward telling the truth about the entire hoax and have been punished by censorship, removal of licenses, fired, boycotted and even suicided and other strange deaths.

The truth is there are therapeutics that will help people recover and the vaccines are not intended to prevent any illness as admitted by FAUCI HIMSELF! Yet, they are mandated. The real fear is not COVID it is the PLANDEMIC AND THEIR MANDATED VACCINES!


Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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